Its Really Fall !

Oh my lanta it’s actually fall in these photos ! Finallyy, yaaay, this
was October, so I’m getting closer to now yeeehaw. P.S. I have found
that this is the perfect spot to take photos so expect a lot to be here
from now on. Just a heads up. This is also the first OOTD I have done wearing my new boots and scarf too ! Other than that it is pretty simple and fall-ish. A long sleeve top (or sweater) and leggings has become my fall outfit almost everyday and this is just one variation of how I wear it.

I don’t bust out these green leggings as much as my black, that’s for sure, but I still do get a lot of wear out of them because my tops are usually neutral anyways, and they are a definitely more exciting than my black ones too. I also really love the scarf with this outfit, I don’t know why but it feels very London to me…probably the hounds tooth and black boots… I don’t know, I just know that is it classy and makes me feel good. I feel somehow older in this outfit too, I don’t know I really just think its the hounds tooth.

Yep, I’m Five. It’s fine I like to play with leaves… don’t judge me. Lol, I should do a post on all the failed leave throwing photos I have, there are lots… I may just do that, it would be funny.

I love how this scarf is really thick and warm but it’s not too long… which I usually like about scarves also…I guess I like both lol, but I like this one because it can be worn with higher necked tops because it covers most of my chest if that makes sense. I don’t like wearing scarves that leave an opening where you can see the high neck of the shirt underneath ? I will show an example one time because I really can’t think of how better to describe it but I know it doesn’t make any sense in writing lol.

 And to finish off here is a close up of my boots and the side detailing again.. They are so perfect aah I love them so much.

 Outfit Details 

Scarf: Forever 21 $15.00 CAN

Top: Brandy Melville $18.00 CAN

Leggings: Zara $40.00 CAN

Boots: Shoemint $129.99 CAN

Necklace: Tiffany’s 

But see I told you there would be fall posts soon and its official now as you can tell by all the leaves in these photos. I am almost caught up, if I keep at this pace it should be in no time at all ! But that is all for now, I need some sleep. I love you whoever you are and I hope you had a marvelous day <3

-Jess <3

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