I don’t remember how to do this.

Hey. It’s Me.

Been a long time, huh?

My life has changed quite a bit and yet not at all since the last time I sat down to write on this blog. I am a licensed Paralegal now! What, crazy right…that schooling thing that took all of my time away from you kind of paid off. Studying for the P1 is something I will honestly never forget, it brought me a great deal of stress and anxiety that I did not know existed up until then. In saying that, I passed!

It was definitely worth all of my sleepless nights and empty green highlighters.

I have also made some really amazing moments, memories and friends these past few years. I was lucky enough to have travelled to Fort Lauderdale, Florida and onto a Caribbean cruise ship December of 2018. We took a Holland America Line cruise ship which was gorgeous. The spa was amazing and saved us from a lot of seasickness as the sea was pretty choppy for a few days.

We stopped in Nassau, Bahamas – had some tasty food and drinks and dipped our toes in the white sand. It was kind of cold actually, so no swimming. Also, unfortunately we didn’t get to doc at the second stop Half Moon Cay, Bahamas where we had a stingray excursion booked… ya I know, imagine the content. I’m mad too.

On the way home we stopped in Miami, Florida which is gorgeous by the way. The beaches were exactly as you’d expect – everywhere you turn there is a stunning, extremely fit, fitness guru type couple sunbathing or running. I felt like a potato, bland and boiled, but that’s alright it was great. I would love to return to Miami.

I was also lucky enough to be able to visit Dublin, Ireland in April… and it was everything I have ever dreamed of and more. I am going to do an entire post (or more) dedicated to Ireland because I am in love and need to go back, asap. I was only there for 4 days but managed to see and do a ton in that small amount of time.

THE. CLIFFS. is all I am going to say about that for now… but omg. AMAZING.

Other than that life has been generally the same! Still working at that job; still dating that amazing, kind, funny, tall boy; still living in the same place. We got a kitten! His name is Alfred, but I call him Alfredo, and from there Fredo. So he is Fredo to me and will be to all of you too – that or Fredo Bean. He is a menace to society, but super freaking cute so it’s okay. Billy is still thriving, besides a skin allergy which comes and goes – we still don’t know what it is (has been happening for about 2 years now also).

I think thats about all you need to know to catch up with where I am in life. The only other thing that is new is this again! Woohoo – I think I am going to go all in this time…. so get ready for content out the bum. Thank you for having me back, I hope some of you are still reading this.

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