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Winter Monochrome

Hello beauties !

Remember that one time I thought the snow was gone ? Lol…. well I was very wrong. We have been having snow storms all week and it has been on average about negative 5 (aka. freezing). I keep seeing gorgeous spring outfits on other blogs and I am practically crying inside. I have picked up so many new spring pieces that I have been waiting to style but I guess those looks will have to wait until the snow is at least somewhat gone. This look was taken after the first snowstorm of the week when it was still relatively warm out (for Canada anyways) and so I wasn’t freezing my bum off.

Monochromatic Winter Look

There is something you may notice about this outfit that is a first for me on the blog, which is wearing sunglasses haha ! How funny right, I realized as I was looking over these photos that I have never posted a look wearing sunglasses before. This isn’t just a coincidence, I usually put quite a bit of effort into my eye makeup when getting ready and so covering that up feels slightly wrong but I just couldn’t not wear these with this look, they were the perfect cherry on top ! I remember seeing them for the first time on ASOS a while ago and absolutely fell in love with them for two reasons : A. They are marble (duh) and B. I think mirrored sunglasses are amazing. Continuing with accessories, to keep me a little warmer where a real coat and pants are lacking I decided to add my all time favourite faux fur pom pom black toque that I wear all the freaking time in the winter. You have seen it before in this post, so I won’t go on and on about it, but it just goes with everything and I like the way the faux fur pom accents my hair.

Mirrored Marble Sunglasses

This lace up long sleeve body suit is still one of my favourite items in my closet. I love the way it adds a bit of sexiness into any outfit without showing too much, don’t get me wrong you definitely could if you wanted too (I tie little knots so that it doesn’t stretch open completely), but personally I just like the detail the lace up adds to the look. What I like about this one specifically is how deep the lace up detail goes, it adds a nice vertical line in the middle of the look which then makes your eye go up and down. That combined with the vertical line the vest creates in the middle of my body creates a very streamlined thinning effect. I added the vest overtop of the all black pieces to add some variation in length to the entire outfit, a longer jacket with a mini skirt is one of my favourite looks at the moment – actually I am on the hunt for a long grey jacket, so if you have any recommendations please let me know. I love how black and white contrast each other so starkly, they always work so wonderfully together and I think this look is a perfect representation of how they can be the stars of the show rather than the base for colour to pop through.

I haven’t worn this little black mini skirt too much since I purchased it last year because the waistline is actually way too big for me. You can’t really tell in these photos because of the vest overtop but it could use some taking in and I just haven’t done that yet because I suck. I still really do love the skirt though and found that it went beautifully with this outfit to add a little contrast in texture to the otherwise basic black pieces. Leather is always an easy way to dress up a look and make it a little more edgy as well, something I am a huge fan of.

Staying with the monochromatic, minimalistic look of this outfit, I wanted the other accessories to be very basic and just complete the look. This little folder over clutch is the saviour of looks where I just want a very understated bag and this was no exception. Of course my Knee High boots were the boots of choice not only to add more length to my legs but also to keep a little warmer on the bottom. I am honestly so sorry about how often you see them haha, I swear some new boots are on the way !

Outfit Details 

| Vest Zara Similar | Bodysuit Dynamite Similar Similar (love this one) | Skirt ASOS | Boots Forever21 Similar |

| Sunglasses Quay | Hat Topshop Similar | Clutch Indigo Similar |

I can not wait to show you guys all the new things I have gotten for my spring wardrobe ! I have been loving all the trends and pieces in store for the season and just can’t stop myself from picking up a lot of gorgeous pieces ! Hopefully I will be able to show you them soon, let’s hope anyways. Also, it is St. Patrick’s Day already next weekend – time flies, it’s crazy ! Stay tuned for a fun post about that coming next Monday ! I hope you all have wonderful weeks.

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