Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween Everyone !

Look at me getting a post up actually on Halloween – who would have thunk it ! I hope all of your days are super spooky so far and to those going out I hope you have a fabulous time, I had my Halloween celebrations on Saturday already (post on my costume coming soon) but I am still trying to convince Jay to go to a pub later. As soon as I write this whether I am going out or not I am going to turn myself into a skeleton just for kicks, I am super pumped about it. For those of you reading this with children or younger siblings that get to go trick or treating I am so jealous ! Even those of you who have kids come to your door trick or treating I am super jealous; I practically live in a field so unfortunately no one comes to my house. That is okay though, I am just going to enjoy some Halloween movies until then and hope that Jay actually wants to go out tonight. Oh yeah and we have to carve some more pumpkins, duh ! What would Halloween be without pumpkin carving ! Anyways, as for this post I am sharing with you my trip to Downey’s Farm Market – the most amazing pumpkin filled place I have ever been to in my life.

If you guys are from the Toronto area I am sure you have seen millions of photos from Downey’s Farm and for good reason…it is epic. Once I saw Sydney Hoffman’s Instagram posts about this place I knew I had to check it out for myself because I am a little pumpkin obsessed as I have said before. Now, because I was already heading that way for Thanksgiving we decided to head there that weekend and it was probably one of the worst mistakes ever… but also not. It was a bad idea because there were probably about 100 people or more gathered in this small area where all of these pumpkins were, but it was a good idea because at least I got to experience it and actually managed to get a few photos where there weren’t too many people in the way. It was definitely worth the trip there, but in the future I would definitely try to head there during the week so you could actually enjoy it more.

The pumpkin pit as I like to call it is only the very front of the farm and the only place we visited this day because we were going on a pretty long hike after this (another post coming on that soon) but Downey’s Farm Market actually has a lot more to offer inside the farm ! One thing I did want to do but didn’t get a chance to was the straw jump, I have never seen this done at any of the other pumpkin farms I have been to and it looked super fun from the photos I saw people posting. They also sell loads of delicious treats, have a petting zoo, a huge corn maze, wagon rides and much more ! Overall it was just a super cool place that I am definitely going to make a point to go to again next year and spend some more time there.

There was definitely no shortage of amazing pumpkins at the farm and picking out the perfect one was super easy. I was staying at my mom’s place that weekend and they were babysitting a super, super cute puppy named Cooper who by the end of the two nights I was there was my best friend ! Honestly, it made the trip a lot better because well, dogs make everything better duh ! As for my outfit, I finally got a chance to wear this Zara dress I picked up earlier in the month and am absolutely obsessed with. I saw it on a few bloggers and on the website before I picked it up and just knew that it would be one of my favourite pieces of the season. I LOVE how lovely the satin looks with the delicate shape and frills on the dress, it is so feminine and easy to wear. The other thing I love about this dress is the mustard yellow accents that are on the birds and flowers. Usually I am not a huge print person but I absolutely love this one to bits and I have no clue why ! I wanted to keep the focus on the dress for this outfit because I love it so much and so I just paired my knee high black boots with it, which gives it that extra little little fall touch.

The last little accessory I wore with this outfit to finish it off were my new faux tortoise shell glasses ! I know a few of you are going to be all like ” why wear fake glasses ” but I love how they can change your outfit so easily with different shapes and styles ! Funny story about these actually, I have been wanting some fake glasses for a while now but all of the ones I have seen in stores like Forever21 are just too big and weird looking – not what I was looking for at all. Flash forward to the beginning of the month while in a costume store I spot these “nerd” glasses. Not only were they exactly what I was looking for, but they were $6.99 so how could you go wrong. Now the reason I wasn’t wearing them in all of my photos are because since they are so cheap and not good quality at all, they are super, super shiny and reflective to the point where you can’t see my eyes in most of the photos I took with them on. Saying this I do want to get a similar pair that is much better quality, so if you know where I can find these please let me know !

Outfit Details

| Dress Zara Similar Similar | Knee High Boots Forever21 Similar | Faux Glasses Party City |

I would highly suggest checking out Downey’s Farm Market either tonight if you are close and have time although I am sure the pumpkin stock is down low or next year if you can’t get to it tonight ! As I said in my last post, I still have a few pumpkin patch posts that I will probably still put up even though now it’s a little late ? I know for sureĀ I will be sharing with you another Halloween post either later tonight or tomorrow with my costume, Billy all dressed up and some of my Halloween Decor so stay tuned ! If you would like to see more of my other pumpkin patch adventures though let me know and I can make that happen ! Otherwise, HAPPY HALLOWEEN, stay safe, eat a ton of candy and have a wonderful night <3

Thank you so much for reading !

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