Halloween Extras

Hello my lovelies !

So I know Halloween is over, and unlike Christmas the very next day people want nothing to do with it anymore so this post is kind of late. I have some super cute photos to share with you of my dog that I know you all want to see though, so I am posting it anyways – I also still have two pumpkin patch outfit posts that may or may not still be coming…we shall see what happens haha ! So today along with photos of Billy, I am also sharing with you my Halloween costume, our pumpkin carving and some of my favourite Halloween decor you can see in the photo above. I hope you all had wonderful Halloweens, getting to snack on all of the candy and binge Stranger Things while doing it (am I right); that is what my day mostly consisted of anyways along with carving our pumpkins which is always a fun time.

This year Billy did not have a costume because it is super hard to find anything that will fit him ! He is a huge boy and they just don’t make costumes for bigger dogs, so frustrating. Instead while doing one of my Halloween store cruises, I saw this cute sparkly pumpkin bandana and knew he had to have it… like how precious ! I think for next year though I am going to have to make him something because I can’t resist putting him in a super cute outfit for Halloween, I think it would be too cute !

As for my costume this year, I decided to go a little non tradition route and go as a character from a book with my own spin on it as well. The character I based my costume off of is from the book series A Court of Thornes and Roses by Sarah J. Maas, easily one of my favourite book series. Sarah J. Maas in general is one of my favourite authors, her other more well known series Throne of Glass is freaking amazing as well, I don’t know which one I prefer to be honest but I would definitely give them a read if you like YA novels. Anyways, the character I dressed up as is named Feyre, she is a human who later turns into a Faerie (sorry for the spoilers) in a magical world. She ends up living in a night court, think gorgeous stars and glittering black and that is what my costume is based upon.

I took inspiration from the cover of the third book as well as different descriptions throughout and put this together. I added my own little flair to the look by adding the wings (which she can summon but doesn’t have all the time) and some elven like makeup just for fun. Overall I am really happy with how it turned out, the dress is actually my second last minute pick as I had ordered a different one but it didn’t come in time. I am actually really pleased that I ended up wearing this one though as it is more similar to the cover art. I am going to insert a photo below so you can see kind of what I am talking about.

Here are the pumpkins Jay and I carved this year ! I also did a tangled pumpkin of Flynn and Rapunzel in the boat with all the lanterns, but that photo isn’t good quality at all haha so I am not going to share it with you (it may appear on Insta some day haha so lookout). As for these pumpkins we did though, I did the moon and stars because I wanted something pretty easy to do and Jay did the Tinkerbell which turned out freaking amazing ! I freehand drew the Tinkerbell following a photo for him but he did all the rest, the fairy dust ended up being so cool !

On the Saturday before Halloween we went downtown for some drinks and Halloween festivities and it was super fun. I did end up taking my wings off by the end of the night because they were killing my armpits but while I had them on we had a ton of fun flapping them at people ( don’t worry we didn’t hit anyone haha even though it would have been nice to make space ). It was crazy busy as Halloween always is but that is half the fun ! I made some jello shots which turned out to be super delicious and overall it was a very successful night.

Decor DetailsĀ 

| Pumpkin Candle Holder: Homesense | Terror This Way Sign: Michaels | Trick or Treat Sign: Michaels |

| Candy Corn Garland: Homesense | Jack-O-Lantern Candle Holder: Dollarama | Plaid Throw: Marshalls |

| Mini Hay Bale: Farm | Skeleton Candle Holder: Walmart | Spider Web Table Decor: Dollarama |

| Cast a Spell Decor: Michaels | Sparkle Pumpkin: Winners | Books & Skull Decor: Michaels | Witches Brew Cup: Michaels |

Costume Details

| Dress BCBG Hudson’s Bay | Wings Spirit Halloween | Choker Forever21 | Earrings Claire’s | Shoes Sam Edelman SimilarĀ |

| Billy’s Bandana Party City |


Overall I had a lovely Halloween this year and I am so excited that it seems to be getting better and better each year. Next year I want to go out at least twice because I want to have more than one costume ! Dressing up is just so fun I want to take advantage of the Halloween season more haha. As I said before I hope you enjoy these little Halloween extras and had lovely times. I would love to hear what you were for Halloween too, I need ideas for next year !

Thank you so much for reading and Happy beginning of Christmas season !

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