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Winter Style Turtleneck


Hello lovelies !

I hope your weeks have been going splendidly, mine has been pretty busy creating a ton of content for you ! I love that I am finally getting on an actually schedule of posting haha ! I have decided I am going to post every Monday from now on – Monday’s just seem like the best day for me and I have already posted on a Monday twice this month so I am going to stick to that as it seems to be working. In other news, I have mastered the half up top knot…I know that doesn’t seem like a huge feat, but I have been playing around with how to do it the best way for quite some time now and I think I have finally got it down to a science ! As you can see, I am rocking it in these photos so if you would like a tutorial on how to do this just let me know and I will be sure to post that.

Half-up Topknot

Grey and Pink OOTD

Snow Winter OOTD

As for the outfit, I wore this last week on a day where we weren’t doing anything particularly exciting but we were also out and about so I wanted something comfortable enough to lounge around in but also put together enough to leave the house. You see, when we were just hanging out at home I had on leggings but that felt a little too casual for my taste so I just threw on this mini skirt, some knee high tight/sock things I made ( more on that in a moment ), some booties to make it a little more stylish and voila !

This grey marl turtleneck sweater I picked up from Topshop a few months ago has quickly become one of my favourites for many reasons, so when I realized I hadn’t shared it on my blog yet I could hardly believe it ! If you know me, you will know that this sweater is a mixture of all things I love: a turtleneck, grey, super comfortable and extremely versatile. What I love the most about this sweater though are the little details that make it different from any of the other sweaters I own (although it is quite similar to this sweaterdress I must say).

Pink Mini Skirt

Topshop Marl Sweater

The black trim on the sleeves is a little detail that adds so much interest to what would otherwise be a plain grey marl sweater and is one of the main reasons I bought it in the first place. It also has slits up the side which you actually can not see in these photos because I did a side tuck into the mini to let the zipper detail show through, but I don’t have any sweaters with slits so that is another interesting detail that sold me ! What is also nice about the slit is that it makes it much easier to tuck. because it doesn’t add as much bulk and sits a lot nicer.

Black Detailing

Marl Turtleneck Sweater

One of my favourite trends of this season has been my favourite colour suddenly becoming popular… pink ! Pops of pink are everywhere and this little pink mini I got for my birthday last year along with the matching coat has been one of my new favourite pieces to add into my look for a little pop of colour. The only thing that I dislike about this skirt, is that is it EXTREMELY short. I am sure those of you who do not have a large booty wouldn’t find this to be so, but unfortunately on me it is almost too short haha. Thankfully I am the type of person who no matter what wears shorts under skirts so it isn’t that big of a deal for me but I just wanted to throw that out there incase you’re thinking it looks too short on me haha.

What I love most about this look is all of the small black details that tie the entire look together, from the trim on my sweater to the zipper backing on the skirt and finally with the clutch, socks and shoes ! This colour combo has always been one of my favourites and so that is another reason why I will be wearing it a ton. Now, as I said earlier I am going to explain the sock story to you haha ! If you remember way back in April, I had just bought these lovely new tights from ASOS that I absolutely loved and was super excited about wearing again. Well, as my birthday was approaching, I decided to wear these out to the club  for my birthday celebration… bad idea. As drunk humans often do, I wasn’t careful when pulling up the tights and practically ripped the tight part from the sock part if you know what I’m saying haha. So recently I decided to cut them and wear them as knee highs instead and I think it worked out pretty well !

Grey Turtleneck Sweater

Outfit Details

| Sweater Topshop Similar | Skirt Zara Similar | Clutch Indigo Similar | Booties H&M Similar |

| Tights turned socks ASOS |

I am sorry this post was quite rambley haha but I hoped you enjoyed this look as well as my story about the sock/tights. I think this has got to be another one of my favourite looks of this season and I can not wait to create more looks using pink pieces (I have seen a bunch in stores that I am lusting over); I already have one thing that has just been delivered that I plan on using for one of my Valentine’s Day looks so stay tuned for that !

P.s. Can you believe Valentine’s Day is next week ! Crazy right, this year is just flying by *sigh*. Thank you so much for stopping by I hope you enjoyed <3

P.s.s. Do you have any exciting Valentine’s Day plans ? I am currently trying to plan something super fun to do so let me know if you have any wonderful ideas ! Thanks again,


xoxo jess

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