Grey Marl Sweater Dress

Happy weekend beauties !

I hope you are all doing well, I personally am not. Not as in my life isn’t great, because it is, but I am sick… again. I feel like I have gotten sick more this year than any other year and I am hating it so much. Other than that though, I am doing wonderfully ! I had a few exciting meetings this week about some things I am going to be sharing with you very soon, so of course that made my week amazing. It makes me extremely excited that people are actually interested in my blog and I have been able to work with some amazing companies already. It really shows you that the more effort you put into something the more it pays off. Even if it didn’t though, I love writing, I love everything about blogging really; it is such a great outlet for my creativity and I know I would do it anyways just for me because I just truly love to do it. Enough rambling though haha, let me tell you about this day. 

Earlier this week when we took these photos the weather changed drastically and it became extremely warm ! All of the snow is practically melted now and even the ice on the lake (as you can see behind me) started to thaw. With this of course came the urge to be outside, to enjoy the beautiful weather and so that is exactly what we did. As I said in the last post this parking lot that we happened to take photos in during our last shoot was the place in mind for these photos. It made the location even more perfect as we could enjoy the weather while taking them. There were a lot of people out and about on walks et. and there was even another photo shoot happening on the bridge we shots photos on last week as well. This look was perfect for the day, I wasn’t cold and I wasn’t hot, which is always a win in my books as I don’t like being too much of either. 

This grey marl sweater dress from Banana Republic is one of my favorite articles of clothing in my closet. I know that I posted practically this exact same look in the fall, minus the gloves and I was wearing a different bag so I was debating on posting this one but decided I would. It is a completely different surrounding and this dress is just as perfect (even more so probably) for winter wear, plus I actually wear outfits more than once so why not share it again right ! Although I am only wearing a sweater dress, which doesn’t sound like it wold be extremely warm, it is. The thick merino wool of the knit makes this one of the warmest articles of clothing I own, it is actually usually too warm to wear inside most places (which kind of sucks) but sometimes I suck it up and wear it anyways because I love it. The huge turtleneck also does a great job of keeping my neck nice and warm so with the added warmth of my knee high boots to keep my legs warm and some finger less gloves to cover the rest of my arms, it was perfect.

For accessories, I just wanted to keep it simple. The finger-less gloves are the star of the show and so just to add a little sparkle I wore my rose gold bow ring that I got for Christmas which also just plays up the feminine vibe my nails had going on. I wanted to keep the look monochromatic as well, and as much as I wanted to use my new Michael Kors purse, I figured you were all sick of seeing it 3 posts in a row and so instead I went for my basic black clutch.

Can we also just talk about how much I have been loving these boots this season ! I have worn them so many times, they just literally go with everything. I still haven’t gotten a pair of over the knee boots but as soon as I do I’m sure those will replace these because they cover even more skin (perfect for skirts) and I can just see myself never taking them off. Once again I am sorry if you are sick of seeing these but if you have a pair of over the knee boots I’m sure you understand. Although these sit below the knee they almost give the same effect and I don’t seem to want to wear any other shoes !

Outfit Details

| Dress: Banana Republic Similar | Knee High Boots: Forever21 Similar | Clutch: Indigo Similar |

| Gloves: H&M Similar | Ring: Pandora |

What do you guys think about repeating outfits ? Do you do it, or do you try to switch it up every time or at least style it a bit differently ? I like to do both, but when I find a combination that I love, I want to wear it again and again. I think it’s good to have some go-to looks that you can just throw on and you know you look amazing. 

Anyways, there will be some exciting posts coming up soon, so check back soon so you don’t miss them ! As always, thank you so much for reading it means the world to me <3 

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