Graduation, No Longer A Fashion Student

I did it ! I graduated college.

 I have been waiting for this moment for what feels like forever. I am officially a graduate of the Humber College Fashion Arts program and have a diploma in Fashion Arts. What does this even mean you ask ? Well it means that I actually know what I’m talking about when it comes to fashion for starters, and it also means that now I may actually be able to get a job doing something that I love. I will have to look for a job for a while I’m sure but hard work will hopefully pay off eventually; I will at least try as hard as I can to make it happen someday.

As much as I love blogging and would love to make it a full time job and spend as much time on it as I possibly can, I also have some other job goals in mind and I wanted to take this time to let you know about them ! I have never really talked about it too much before so now is the perfect opportunity.

The Back Story 

Ever since I was little I have been in love with fashion. I have enjoyed shopping as long as I can remember, loved picking out different pieces that I loved and couldn’t wait to wear them with other pieces already in my closet. I also remember always having tons of magazines laying around, I cut out things I loved and wanted to recreate and pasted them onto various things (notebooks mostly). So I always knew that fashion was one of my main passions in life. When I was deciding to go to get a secondary education and what I wanted to do, right off the bat I knew I wanted to do something in fashion, it was a no brainer. Saying this, I knew I didn’t want to design clothing, it was never something that interested me… sure I would design random outfits in notebooks all the time but when it came to actually making clothes ( I tried to make a skirt around grade 7 ) I didn’t know what to do and got bored of trying very easily. Funny story though, I did make purses from old jeans and pants at one point and sell them to my friends, they were pretty mediocre and just were a pouch with a strap but they bought them so whatever. So I knew designing was out of the question, but the business side of things… that was something that appealed to me. 

When I was looking into different colleges, and visiting their orientation type things I realized that a lot of the fashion programs focused mainly on buying and selling clothing for different companies, and that also didn’t appeal to me… I am more of a creative person and doing math and crunching numbers in order to sell a certain amount of these tops to someone is something that I  just don’t want to do  ( keep in mind that if I found a buying or selling job tomorrow I would take it just to get into the field ). So it wasn’t looking too promising, but then I found Humber, and they have classes like Trend Forecasting, Colour Theory, Styling, Visual Merchandising and as soon as I saw that and visited the school I knew it was the one for me. 

Goals and Aspirations

So, what do you actually want to do ? You’ve told us what you don’t want to do but you haven’t gone into what you do. Well, my ultimate goals would be to become a full time fashion blogger as I had mentioned but that would require a lot more money than I currently have to afford amazing clothing that I need ( all of the big name fashion bloggers have mostly all designer pieces ), which is pretty unfortunate but until I actually have another job that pays me well I don’t see that happening. I also would love to be a stylist, freelance or even for a big company such as Forever21 for example to work on their online website. I have always liked pairing things together and making outfits as I have just pointed out and styling is always something that I have been interested it ( it doesn’t always show because my wallet doesn’t support my love of things ) so I would love to do that. 

Also, to work on a magazine as a stylist also or even editorial would be another thing that I would love to do… now in order to do that I would need to go back to school for some writing classes or something, but that is something I am considering anyways. I have always pictured myself working on a magazine, ever since seeing Jennifer Garner in 13 going on 30 I was like ” yep… she has my perfect job”, the Devil wears Prada is also another very motivational movie for me. I have also toyed with the idea of opening my own business, fashion consultations and personal shopping or something along those lines but I’m still iffy about that. 

For now though, anything that gets my foot in the door is what I will be looking for… of course I will look for these things as well because you never know but for now I am just focusing on getting into the industry and keeping up on my blogging doing as much as I can to make it more appealing and interesting to look at so that eventually my blog will be where I would like it to. 

About The Actual Day 

Now that I have already rambled on for a good amount of time, I am going to ramble a bit more and tell you about my actual graduation day. Because I graduated a year after my class ( I had to redo a class which I had to wait a year to do because it wasn’t offered as soon as I was done everything else… yes a bummer but I’m over it ) I didn’t really know anyone I was graduating with. All of my friends that I had gone to school with had already graduated so it was a solo mission for me, which is kind of sad because I would have loved to graduate with them.. it is supposed to be a celebration to be had together but it was still just as nice to do it alone. The good thing about going not knowing anyone, is that I kind of sort of made some friends at graduation ! I wouldn’t call them actual friends because I will probably never talk to them again unless we run into each other somewhere else but I got to know some lovely people and it was nice to talk to complete strangers who were opening and accepting and just happy to talk. 

The whole ceremony was pretty slow, we were close to the middle going onstage so we waited about an hour, went on and then waited another hour for everyone to finish. I am happy we went when we did because nearer to the end all of the graduates were up walking around itching to leave and the people on stage got like no recognition and I felt really bad for them. The on stage experience was pretty fast. As we were walking up we took a photo before, walked across and shook hands, got an envelope (which had nothing in it), got off stage, exchanged our envelope for our diploma, took some more photos before heading back to our seat. No one really took photos while we were on stage ( the audience members weren’t allowed to get up and take any, which I understand but is kind of sucky. My mom and Jay came to the ceremony as you will have seen in the photos above. My dad and grandma and grandpa were going to come as well but they couldn’t make it. So it was just a simple little celebration that went by pretty quick. Afterwards we went to Earls and got something to eat and I had a Sangria as well which was delicious ( I had delicious chicken tacos to eat as well ), then we went back to my moms for a little bit and hung out for a few hours and then Jay & I headed home.

If you have read this far I’m going to let you in on a little secret, in about two weeks my blog will be undergoing a major makeover and I think it will be spectacular and a lot more amazing than it is right now. I love the way it looks, the template is beautiful but I have decided that it looks maybe a little bit too non professional ? I don’t know I just feel like it needs a more simple look to it and the thing I have planned for it is extremely beautiful so I am excited for you to see it ! 

Outfit Details

| Cropped Top (Similar) | Skater Skirt (Similar) | Shoes (Similar) |

For as short as the day was it was actually really fun just to hang out with my mom and Jay and celebrate my accomplishment. I got to keep my stripes ( I don’t know exactly what to call that thing ) which I was pretty excited about because I had no idea we got to keep them and it also made the photos of my outfit a lot more interesting. I also got a pin that says Humber Alumni which is pretty cool as well. I am really proud of myself, although it is only college and some people see it as a lesser accomplishment than University I think it is well worthy of being proud of. I spent countless nights studying my butt off, finishing projects all night not getting any sleep, and just spending days and days at school working on things that if I wasn’t proud it would have all been for nothing and what would be the point you know ? I will miss Humber, I didn’t live on res or spend as much time there as I would have liked but I did spend a great amount of time there and I did love being there a lot. Hopefully I will go back there again for some writing courses or something along those lines ( I do plan on it ) and I know that I will always cherish my time there and the knowledge I gained, the people I met and the friends I made. 

If you are thinking about college and live in Ontario, I highly recommend Humber, it is an amazing atmosphere and the teachers and classes are wonderful. I’m sure you would love it and have an amazing time, I know I did ! 

Thanks so much for reading all of this if you did haha, this is a bigger more in depth post that I thought it would be, but I think it also lets you get to know me more than any other post I have done so far ! If you enjoyed it let me know so I can make more personal posts like this. I hope you enjoyed reading. Have a wonderful week ! 

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