What I Got For Christmas 2017

Hello my lovelies !

Happy New Year ! I am behind the ball a bit aren’t I haha, but I decided to take a little break over the holidays and a little bit into the new year just to recharge and refresh, sorry ! I have a few posts ready for you guys now though so yoo-hoo ! One of my resolutions was to stick to a blog schedule this year and I am really going to try to post once a week for you guys starting now the day I will actually be trying to stick to is yet to be determined because I have to see how my school schedule plays out but I will let you know. I at least have posts for 3 weeks so I guess I will zone in on a day at some point soon. Even though it is a little redundant now I am doing a What I Got For Christmas post today. I thought you may still be interested in what I got, especially one gift that you may have spotted in the photo above already so here it is late and all !

This Christmas my presents definitely had a theme to them, and the theme is technology and super cozy things. I am not mad about it at all because I have been using the crap out of everything I have gotten and I love it all so much ! The first thing I want to share with you that has been super cool is my HP Sprocket printer I got from my mom which has been such a nice little thing to have. I have been hemming and hawing over getting a polaroid camera for a bit now and as nice as it is to have spur of the moment don’t know what you’re going to get photos I wanted to be able to print out ones that I already love to display and the Hp Sprocket does just that. It is wireless, bluetooth connected and so simple to use. The paper that you put into the printer is also super cool because it has a sticker back ! Whatttt, I know so cool right. I don’t exactly know what I would put sticker photos on just yet but if I ever figure it out I will let you know haha. As of now though you will see below that I picked up a set of string lights with photo clips to display my photos on and I am loving it, not only are fairy lights amazing but it creates a nice little area for people to see all of the photos I love.

This is the thing I am sure a lot of you are the most excited about for me haha as I am assuming most of you are bloggers reading this as well ! I finally got a new camera. Yaaaaay ! I am so in love with it and have loved playing around with it so, so much. It is the Canon Rebel T6i as I am sure you can read on the box in the photo above. Now I had been looking into getting a new camera for quite a little while now and had pretty much decided on the 70D because it made me feel better that it was advertised as being an “intermediate” camera vs. a beginner;  but actually I am so glad I didn’t because after comparing them this one is actually a lot better and it costs less. My old camera although it was doing the trick, it didn’t have all of the best features anymore and was just in need of replacement. This camera is 24 megapixels; and it wasn’t until after getting this new one and my friend asking what megapixel my old one was that I even ever thought about it; so get this… my old camera was 10.1 !!! Isn’t that nuts, this new camera is literally double the megapixels plus more ! I was shook when I realized that haha, but it did do the trick for years so I am not really complaining that much. Jay kindly got me this camera for Christmas and I wasn’t expecting it at all so it was a lovely surprise to receive and I am so thankful !

For some of the gifts I have categorized them based on the type of thing they are. For example these are some of the accessories I got from various people, so just know there was a method to my madness when putting these things together. Like I said this year people got me things that were pretty spot on and I think people are understanding what colours I like to wear more as well and this photo is a perfect example. Greys, creams, beiges and light pinks are probably my favourite colours to wear at the moment and so all of these things go perfectly with my wardrobe ! The pom pom hat and cream scarf underneath as well as the mini melts (my favourite treat ever, I have been savouring them), the macaron ornament as well as a few more things I got from my cousin. I have already worn the crap out of all of these things ( I am literally sat in a coffee shop right now wearing the scarf on the right haha ) and absolutely love them. The beige beret and the multi-coloured check scarf I got from my mom and once again have been loving everything !

My dad got me these diamond stud earrings as well, another thing that was very unexpected ! I love them so much, they are super cute and just my style ( I really only ever wear studs and pretty plain ones at that ). The only thing is… I am kind of scared to wear them lol ! I know that sounds crazy but I don’t want to loose them because well I have lost a ton of 10 dollar studs in my day. I am going to wear them on special occasions of course and maybe that will then lead to me wearing them more often but until then I am holding them captive in their box. I have never owned real diamond studs before though so I am super happy to say that I now have some.

See what I mean about categorization ! This photo here is what I am calling the cozy corner because these are some of the pyjamas and socks I received ( don’t worry there was more but they were dirty ) and I have also worn all of these already so win ! These were all gotten for me by various people: the onesie was from my aunt, the sock monkey socks were from my other aunt, the car/tree pj set and both other pairs of socks were from Jay’s grandmother and the last pj set on the right was from my cousin ! Once again do you see what I mean about people finally understanding my aesthetic haha. Honestly though love all of these so freaking much… what even is Christmas without pyjamas ? Am I right ?

This was one of those presents that wasn’t super exciting in the sense that I have always wanted this thing and now I have one but more a necessity. It is a 2TB external hard drive woop woop ! All you bloggers out there may understand how badly this really was needed in my life because oh boy those blog photos take up all of the room on my laptop ! I also never let myself shoot in RAW before because it just took up way too much space and so now I finally have been and it is amazing… how I went on before this I will never know.

Sweaters and candles, two of my favourite (and I think most people’s) things ! These too were purchased all by various people ! I finally received the Harry Styles merch sweater I had been wanting since it’s release (literally) and have been wearing it to death. My cousin got it for me in a large so it is super oversized and the most cozy thing to wear ever. The other sweater I have also been wearing the poop out of because it is so soft and cozy as well but a little more stylish and put together. Jay got that one for me and I am so glad he did (I may have hinted hard that I wanted it). As for the candles I got my favourite Christmas candle in the world Tis the Season from bath and body works for my aunt (she somehow remembered I loved it so props to her) and the love candle from my other aunt and it smells so lovely and I have been burning it now because its a good not holiday scent haha !

These few other things came from my mom and Jay. Jay got me the Naked Heat palette which has recently replaced my Anastasia Renaissance palette, but that one is still my all time fave. This palette is a close second though and I love all of the colours so much – they all look great together so its a very easy way to do my eyes in the morning. The Jouer lip creme and gloss plus the sponges are both from my mom. The lip colours are lovely, the darker pink is a liquid lipstick and that amazing super sparkly amazingness in a tube is a gloss which I freakingggg love – the consistency of both is gorgeous too super smooth and moisturizing ! As for the sponges… I knew I wanted a beauty blender at some point in my life because everyone and their mom and their dad and their dog raves about them but I didn’t realize how amazing they would actually be. These sponges are Sephora own brand and they are amazing so if a beauty blender is even more amazing I don’t even know how I have lived this long without one. I will update you when I get around to getting one !


| Canon Rebel T6i | White Hp Sprocket | Seagate 2TB External Hard Drive | String Clip Lights | Hickory Farms Mini Melts |

| Grey Bobble Hat | Cream Knit Scarf | Rose Pink Scarf | Slipper Socks Winners Similar | Parkhurst Beige Beret Similar |

| Diamond Studs Similar | Ribbed Sleep Henley | Floral Pj Shorts Similar | Reitmans Pajamas | Dear Santa Onesie |

| Oversized Lace-up Sweater | Harry Styles Merch Sweater | Tis The Season Candle | Love Candle Similar | Naked Heat Palette |

| Jouer Lip Cream French Kiss | Jouer x Jeffree Star Lip Topper Sweet Tooth | Sephora Makeup Sponges |


Like always I am so, so grateful and thankful for everything that I got and again am not trying to brag in any way I just wanted to share with you all because I am always super curious about what other people got ! Thank you so much to every single person who took the time and consideration to get me something it is so appreciated and I love all of it. Of course there are a few other things I had received that either were in the wash or I just forgot for photographs but I honestly am so thankful for everything I got.

I know that this post is super late, literally mid January but as I said I just needed to take a little break but I am back and promise to be a better blogger haha. Thank you guys so much for reading and I hope you are having an amazing New Year so far !



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