Gingham Bell Sleeve Dress

Blue Gingham Bell Sleeve Smock Dress

Hello Darlings !

Remember how I posted a sneak peek of this look on Instagram last week and said ” it will be up tomorrow “… yeah well unfortunately I lied. If you don’t know what I’m talking about you should check out my Instagram here as I often do sneak peeks of my outfits ! I planned on having this post up the day before we left for our trip but apparently prepping for camping takes a lot more time than you think ! That is why I have been MIA this week, I was out enjoying nature in Algonquin park ever since Tuesday and although we got back yesterday evening.. I was pooped and couldn’t use my brain long enough to write even a sentence haha. So, you are getting this post now !

I hope you will enjoy it, this is one of my favourite dresses ( and purchases ) of the spring thus far and I am sure you have seen it before since it seems to be everywhere haha ! I love it so much I plan on buying it in red too…. I know I’m nuts. This post took a ton of time to edit because I was silly and we took these photos on a super sunny day right at noon and I wanted to take them by this garden and not in the shade. This was a horrible idea. The grass made my entire face and body bright yellow green and so getting the correct colour balance was a nightmare… but I think I did pretty well considering. The photos are still a little bit on the blue side but they had to be to counteract the bright yellow green haha. I hope you don’t mind !

Ruffle Smock Gingham Dress

Crab Apple Blossoms

Jeffery Campbell Lace Up Sandals

Gingham Smock Dress

Sunnidale park is so beautiful at this time of year, the gardens are so gorgeous and everything in bloom makes me so happy. I have been to the park quite a few times since it has warmed up this year and each time I am just as happy being there as the last. This day was an amazingly sunny warm day and what better way to spend a day like that than wandering around a park looking at the flowers… stopping to smell the roses if you will. It only felt fitting to wear my gingham dress there to snap some shots ! Gingham screams spring 2017 as you can see it everywhere this season and I am completely head over heels with it.

Tulip Garden

Rebecca Minkoff Bucket Bag

Spring Outfit Gingham Dress

This dress specifically though has won my heart over completely. Not only is it pretty but it is so super comfortable too, it is going to be perfect for summer days when I want to stay cool but still look cute. The smock style of it hangs gorgeously as well and the ruffled detail down the dress actually makes it super flattering somehow even though it’s oversized. One thing I will say is to size down in this dress because it can be a little tenty otherwise. My favourite part of this dress though it the sleeves ! Ugh, there’s something about a 3/4 length bell sleeve that is so elegant and dainty, it elevates this dress so much and I think and is one of the main reasons I was drawn to it. The blue in this gingham print is so pretty as well, I have found that a lot of gingham I have been seeing lately is either red or a dark inky type navy blue but I love the bright true blue colour of this one. I recently bought a boat hat that I am super excited to wear with this dress even though it will probably be a little over the top French feeling, but whatever haha… stay tuned for that – it may even be with the red version lol !

Blue Gingham Dress with Ruffle Sleeves

Apple Blossoms

Blue Check Dress with Bell Sleeves

Gingham Smock Dress


Jeffery Campbell Lace up Booties

I totally just remembered this is the first time I am showing you these lovely little shoes I picked up for spring a few months ago ! I am sure you have seen these everywhere as well because they are a very popular shoe and for good reason. I was not expecting these to be one of my most comfortable pair of shoes but they definitely are ! The sole is so cushioned and just lovely to walk on (which could just be a Jeffery Campbell thing, I’m not sure) and because they go up the ankle at the back they support you perfectly. The also don’t rub in the wrong places which is a problem I find with lace up shoes sometimes but these are amazing ! I love the colour as well, I went for this lovely taupe and they go amazingly with everything. Overall I am super pleased with these and want to pick them up in more colours as well ( look at me wanting everything in multiple colours haha – ugh I am a loser ).

Blue Bell Sleeve Gingham Dress

Rebecca Minkoff Pink Bucket Bag With Tassels

Blue Gingham Dress

Of course I had to pair this cute little spring combo with my pink bucket bag because it goes together so perfectly haha. Seriously though, this combo is my favourite thing ever. I didn’t realize when I bought it as I said before that blush would be such a neutral but I am super glad because it adds a slight pop but also goes with everything so win win ! I also forgot to mention that this day was also super windy in the exact spot I wanted to take photos so of course a wind blown photo was necessary !

Spring Gingham Dress


Outfit Details

| Dress Zara | Bucket Bag Rebecca Minkoff | Lace-up Booties Jeffery Campbell | Necklace Tiffany & Co. |


Is anyone else as obsessed with Gingham as I am… I feel like everything I want at the moment is Gingham and I can’t stop it. I always feel like I don’t buy into trend hype but I think I have been lying to myself ! Either way, I wear what calls to me and this dress does a whole lot of calling ! If you guys have any Gingham pieces you have been eyeing up or have purchased recently and feel like I need in my life please let me know because I need more ! Anyways, sorry for my little rant and sorry again for being so MIA ! I had so much fun camping and I can’t wait to share the photos with you … I have quite a few haha so I might split it up into different posts but maybe not.. we’ll see !

Thank you so much for reading, hope you are having a wonderful night <3



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