Get To Know Me: 5 Things I Love

When I sat down to write this post today, I really didn’t have any particular topic in mind. I have spoken a ton about my recent personal growth, business ventures, mental health and generally how my mind has been working lately but I haven’t really told you guys much more about myself recently. I want you to get to know me, the little things that make me who I am, so I thought I would share those with you today. For some of you, these things will not be new to you, but as there have been a lot of new followers and people visiting my blog lately I thought I would give you the down low! Also, these aren’t in any particular order, I am just doing to write them down as they come to me.

1. The Outdoors.

You might have figured this one out by reading my last post, checking out my instagram or if by scrolling back a few pages here on the blog. Surprisingly, I am quite an outdoorsy person. I love being outside, in nature, surrounded by the smell of pines and the sounds of birds chirping… but I also love fashion and putting my best outfit forward. That is why I have slightly heeled hiking boots (don’t worry I finally got new ones), curl my hair before going on hikes, and wear a full face of makeup on a kayak adventure. My love for nature and fashion go hand in hand and actually, incorporating both of these things into my activities brings me so much joy… no matter how many strange side eyes I get.

I am going camping this upcoming week, so stay tuned for the camping outfit post coming to a blog near you! Honestly, putting outfits together for camping is easily one of the highlights of my year! I would easily swap these boots for my hiking boots and head out onto a trail. Are my outfits the most practical? No. But that’s what makes it fun.

Top Tip: One piece swimsuits as bodysuits are perfect for hiking as they absorb sweat and keep you feeling cool!

2. True Crime.

I am OBSESSED with true crime. Podcasts, books, movies, documentaries, shows… literally any media form + true crime is a win in my books. When I was younger, I was obsessed with CSI and wanted to be a forensic scientist… Joke’s on me, I am HORRIBLE, I mean horrible at math and science; I kissed that dream goodbye a long time ago but not my love of forensics. I recently picked up a book called forensics actually, I am super pumped to read it and to learn more about how crimes can be solved by dirt specimens or maggots… not everyone’s cup of tea but mine for sure.

My love of true crime was partly why I went into a legal field of study, I would absolutely love to work at a criminal law firm one day – that is the new dream (on top of being a successful boss lady entrepreneur). Not only has my love of true crime shaped what field I went into but also my outlook on life? If that makes any sense? I feel hyper-prepared for any and every situation… the world is a crazy place and you can never be too careful.

Top Tip: My Favourite Murder, Up and Vanished and Casefile are some of my favourite podcasts.

3. Fitness

I have a love, hate relationship with fitness. I go through seasons of obsessing over it or doing nothing at all… and currently I am obsessing. There was a time when I was going to the gym everyday, meal prepping, counting macros and doing insane amounts of cardio and that was fun, but not really sustainable (obviously). Recently I have been doing weight training (essentially just dumbbells/resistance bands), very little cardio, eating what I want but being mindful of what I am consuming and using supplements to retain muscle gain. I am more focused on building muscle and less focused on loosing weight, which has helped me a ton with sticking to a schedule/plan!

I am currently doing arms, legs, rest day, repeat and it is working out super well for me. In the past I had done more of a 4 day on 1-2 day off split and it was working, but that is only because I wasn’t needing to allow my muscles to rest as often (I wasn’t pushing them to their limit every-time I worked out). I can tell you that I have seen WAY better results this time around and have been a lot more consistent, which just feels amazing. I am actually really happy with where my body is at and the progress I continue to see which fuels me to keep going! Cardio Shmardio!

Top Tip: I get a lot of my workouts from Instagram fitness pages, save them on Insta and refer back to them when I am stuck on what to do!

4. Plants

It’s funny, I saw a TikTok recently that was like “at some point in your 20’s you are going to be the kind of person who buys a plant…f**k it you’re going to buys lots of plants, and you might not realize this but it comes from a need to have, ya know, life around you, because you’re, ya know, dead inside” and it is A. So funny and B. TRUE. Honestly though, I think plants have some sort of pheromone they give off or something that makes you want more… just a theory. Either way I have been obsessed with plants, they are so pretty and add so much life to a room (literally); the bigger, the better!

My plant hunt is a never ending one. Currently I am on the hunt for a Monstera (beautiful) and also a string of pearls because they too are stunning. There is something about hanging plants that just scream cozy to me… so therefore I need a bunch of them! I recently got a Dieffenbachia ‘Panther’ plant that is a pretty good size and it is just so stunning! He was looking kind of sad at the greenhouse (his leaves were a little broken) but he had a lot of new growth already so I took a chance on him and he is THRIVING. So glad I picked him up!

Top Tip: Succulents, Snake Plants, Spider Plants, and many others are super easy to look after and don’t require a lot of water! Choose these if you are new to plant owning.

5. Skyrim

Yes, Skyrim… “isn’t that game from like 2011!?” YES IT IS, OKAY. Listen, if you haven’t played Skyrim you are missing out… have I played it that much? No. Do I want to? Yes. Do I prioritize working on my business, blog posts, and everything else in between before allowing myself to play Skyrim? Yes. That doesn’t mean I love it any less. Guys, I hate video games… well, not all of them; N-64 games are lit, and so are arcade games, Spyro was fun and I loved me some gameboy games (hello Pokemon) BUT “now” games just aren’t for me… except Skyrim. Why is this you ask?

Well, my cousin decided she wanted to play Skyrim eons ago, and as such I tried it out… and fell in love. BECAUSE, you. can. do. whatever. you. want. You don’t HAVE to follow the story line, or even the trails…actually, one of my favourite things to do in the game is just climb mountains and look at the pretty views. I have gotten pretty good with my bow though, and it is becoming even more fun the better I get. I will probably be playing it forever, and I am okay with that because there is so much you can do in the game! We literally only have our PS3 so I can play it hahaha. If you haven’t played it 10/10 would recommend.

Top Tip: If you don’t play any games like me, just know, if you decide to become a Skyrim wanderer like me sometimes you run into “villains” that are a much higher level than you and you won’t be able to kill them no matter how hard you try. Just walk away and go back to them (yes this is super hard for me to do, and yes I always spend too much time trying to kill them anyways…but I always end up leaving).

We have once again come to the point in the blog where I will finally talk about my outfit! That is why you are here isn’t it, you don’t care about my interests!? Just kidding, but for real, I always try to jam the most important bit in at the end haha.

As you can see, I am still obsessed with oversized graphic t-shirt dresses, and as such, I wanted to share with you another way that I style them! A trusty flannel is always my go to when an outfit doesn’t feel complete, and in this situation is works out perfectly. I love the little extra grunge 80’s/90’s feel it adds to this vintage looking distressed Guns N’ Roses dress. Now I know some people aren’t much into mixing patterns, but I am obsessed with how these booties and the rest of the outfit compliment each other so well. The colours in all of the pieces flow flawlessly and I think it gives the look an entirely unique, interesting spin.

As I said in my last post, you can see that the dress is perfectly wearable without the bike shorts underneath (although I do have some shorter shorts as it is still pretty short). The flannel tied around the waist is also a nice way to make sure your bum is covered, as it is a little bit longer than the dress (I do this over shorts a lot so that I am positive my cheeks aren’t hanging out). This outfit is perfect for those super hot summer days where you want something loose and comfortable but also stylish and easy. I will most definitely be wearing this t-shirt dress a ton this summer and into fall as well!

| Urban Outfitters Guns N’ Roses Oversized T-shirt Dress |
| Urban Outfitters Aries Necklace | Topshop Flannel Similar |
| ASOS Booties Similar Similar Similar|

I hope this post helped you get to know me a little bit more! It was actually super fun to put together and I think I will do a few more of these soon so that you can get to know me a little bit better… once I started going I kept thinking of more and more things to write about haha, but they will have to wait. I don’t want this post getting too long!

If there is anything else you guys would like to know about me or have been curious about please feel free to drop it in the comments below! Also, if you would like to see more ways of styling oversized t-shirt dresses let me know as well because I have a few more ways I am going to wear them and I would love to share!

xoxo jess

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