Frank and Oak Style Plan Box #2 – The Wrap Blouse

How many of you have been living in sweatpants and topknots? I know that I sure have been, but I want to start making a conscious effort to wear clothing that makes me feel good. Not everyday, I mean sweatpants and topknot days are necessary, like today, I haven’t even showered yet…shhh. It is important to feel your best at times like these though, make little things like putting on makeup special again. For my blog posts, I try to put together well thought-out, interesting outfits that make me feel and look my best. That usually entails some curls, skirts, and false eyelashes – because I feel my best when I am wearing (or sporting) these things. I can tell you that it makes a world of difference, while taking these photos I felt like myself again and it was such an amazing feeling.

Just for context, I also want to give a shoutout to my amazing partner, my rock, and my photographer – this lovely man pictured below. He played with lighting and angles while taking these photos so you can thank him for a majority of the different looking shots. I usually set up how I want the camera and say, stand here please, which works…but he actually loves taking photographs so it’s nice to let him have a little bit of creative freedom sometimes, and it pays off apparently. I should really let him do it more but I know that a specific type of photo is what I usually end up using…but I will try to change that.

The two photos of him were too good not to share, he looks to natural and cool; I have a bunch of these photos because he is always my pre-photo model, I want to do an entire post featuring some of my favourites so if you would like to see that please let me know. Also, I was thinking, I am going to get Jay to model for me and do a Men’s styling post featuring a Frank and Oak’s Men’s Style Plan Box because I know there are some men out there who might be interested in seeing what they have to offer.

Anywho, my goal is to get “dolled up” if you will, at least once a week during isolation. Maybe not full lashes, if I don’t feel like making new content – but the effort to look presentable is going to be there. In saying that, I am also trying to style my loungewear different ways so that I still feel like I got up and got dressed and am not hanging out in my pj’s all day (some days this is 100% what I am doing). I have even purchased a few new things because, well, my loungewear is lacking exponentially. I got my first pair of joggers this Christmas, other than that I just usually stick to leggings- which is great, but I have realized how much more comfortable joggers are and so – voila.

This was the first day that I decided to actually get ready, ready and take some blog photos, and boy did I feel amazing. It’s funny how a little bit of makeup can change how you feel about yourself but it really does (in my case anyways, not everyone likes wearing makeup and if that makes you feel amazing – you go girl). This outfit is composed of two pieces from my second Frank and Oak box, which was an amazing one. This Brown Wrap Blouse and these Grey and Black Stripped Socks were 2 out of 4 pieces I received this month and I love both of them so much. Also, if you purchase your first box right now this code is still good until June 30th!

Get $25 off & the styling fee waived on your first box!

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I wasn’t actually sure about the blouse at first, with the top button done up it just doesn’t flatter my body the way I want it to but unbuttoned it did just the trick, and I actually love it a lot. The billowy sleeves add a nice feminine touch to the top and the crepe fabric adds to the feminine vibe as well. The side of the top has two buttons also to make sure that it stays fastened and a tug of the string won’t leave you hanging out for the whole world to see which is nice. I love a good wrap style personally, I think it flatters most body types very nicely and does a good job of adding shape to anyone’s body.

This skirt, although not from my Style Plan Box pairs beautifully with this blouse. The colours work together gorgeously and I had bought them both separately only to find that they are a perfect match. I usually don’t wear pencil skirts, but because the buttons are placed down the front, it creates a vertical line through the middle of your body making it more flattering than your average pencil skirt. I also love that it has a slight wrap over also because it just adds extra interest. The length of this skirt is also really nice, it is not too short and not too long – this one I can see myself wearing with tights to the office, and it works just as well with a more casual everyday look as well.

As I have stated in a previous post, I am obsessed with socks right now – and what’s nice about these Frank and Oak ones is that they are technically reversible. I am not sure if they are meant to be, but they definitely can be. This pair came in a two-pack with a mustard yellow pair that I am even more in love with, I have another post featuring them coming to a computer near you. These are nice though because they are pretty basic and very versatile, they look great with booties, but can also be worn with sneakers…even heels if you want to go that extra mile.

|Frank and Oak Brown Wrap Blouse | RW&Co. Plaid Pencil Skirt (Similar) |
| H&M Necklace (Similar) | Frank and Oak Stripped Socks |

Don’t forget to check out Frank and Oak’s Style Plan and use this code while it’s still available (who doesn’t like saving money).

Get $25 off & the styling fee waived on your first box!

Code: SAVE25

Isolation thus far has been a very interesting, challenging but rewarding experience and I am so happy to be able to spend it with my favourite person. I am gushing a little bit but I just want to share how amazing and kind he is and how much he has been there for me over the past month and a half.

He is amazing… you are amazing Jay if you are reading this! It was also his Birthday approximately a week ago, which was an interesting experience haha, we did have fun though (and he had a ton of fun playing video games as per usual) – my birthday is in 2 days and I am excited to see what we come up with to do… stay tuned to find out more!

xoxo jess

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