France / British Airport Haul

Finally I am posting my France / British Airport Haul ! Now let me just start off by saying I didn’t buy that much at all. I spent most of my money of food and made that my main priority lol but I did buy a few things to bring home, mostly food also… I only bought two articles of clothing ( weird right ) but that is because I didn’t really find anything I loved and when I did it was too expensive or I just plain forgot to go back and get it lol, we actually didn’t do that much shopping. Also, I was saving my money for a particular item that I wanted hella bad but ended up having to give money to Jay so he could get a new suitcase so that failed miserably… I’ll tell you what that thing is at the end of this here post ( and no I still haven’t got it yet *sadface*).

Firstly ( also the first thing I bought to bring home ) is this wonderfully delicious sea salt. My mom and Marina actually discovered this a day before I went and bought it but I had to get some because I tried hers and it was delicious and I thought it would make nice presents for people back home who enjoy cooking which ended up being my cousin, Jay’s nanny and my grandma. The thing that makes this sea salt super special though is the fact that it has Provence herbs mixed in with the salt which is super delicious and makes it different than your average sea salt and whenever I eat it reminds me of France (we used it practically every night in our pasta). Also, the blue one on the far left is just plain sea salt which I thought my grandma would enjoy more because she loves just eating salt haha.

Also, while in France one of my main goals of the trip was to go to L’Occitane which is a brand that we do have in Canada but because all of the products are made in Provence using ingredients also from Provence, I thought that I should pick some up while there. ( P.s. not sure if I mentioned this in any of my previous posts about France, but Provence is the whole southern region of France so Nice, Cannes, Marseilles et. are all in Provence). The lady that worked in the shop was super nice as well , she spoke English really well and was very interested to hear where we were from and chatted with us a bit which was really nice, I hope she is still working there when we go back eventually… even though I doubt it; she also told us her favorite place to eat which we sadly didn’t end up going to but once again hope to go there someday.

This is just the usual Shea Butter hand cream that I always use, which was a lot cheaper in France as well so instead of getting the usual little tubes I opted for the huge one. I also use this cream on my face when it is feeling super dry and it helps a lot. The girl also gave me three samples which I tried and loved as well, especially the face cream which is in those green packets… it is amazing and I plan on buying the full size soon. I have also tried the divine face cream and it is even more amazing but it is pretty expensive and I can never justify buying it but I probably will some day because it’s that good… as my mom was saying while we were there sometimes it’s just worth it to splurge on skin care. French women all have beautiful skin because they indulge in amazing skin care products and it really does make a huge difference.

Before I left for France I watched a whole bunch of videos on French drugstore beauty products because they do have some of the most amazing skin care brands. All of the products I went out looking for I did not find but I did find one product that has changed my skin for the better since using it. I had heard things about it before and wanted to try but never got around to it until I saw it in this shop. It was a lot cheaper than in Canada as well so I thought I would give it a go.

That amazing product is Caudalie Grape Water. Holy cow this stuff is like heaven in a bottle. I bought it mainly because I had heard great things about it but also because I thought that it would be great for the plane ride home and for keeping my skin hydrated. I bought it probably on the fourth day we were there so I got to try it out for about half of the time we were there and fell in love. I wish I bought more while we were there but that’s okay I bought more just recently once I ran out. 

It works as a toner as well as a moisturizer and a makeup setting spray. It is literally so great in terms of the price and all of the uses (5 Euros in France and $11.00 in Canada). I use it before I put on my moisturizer after cleansing in the morning and at night and also after I am done applying my makeup (and throughout the day if my face is feeling dry and drab). I absolutely love it and didn’t think it would do anything for my skin except make it feel more hydrated like water would but it honestly makes my skin overall look and feel so much healthier and gives it more of a glow. I also noticed that when I wasn’t using it ( which was about a month between it running out and me purchasing more) I was breaking out a lot and my skin just didn’t look as healthy as it had while using it… overall it is just amazing and worth every penny.

Right across from our apartment was a Lush, I mean literally right across I could see it from my window lol so of course I had to get some bubble bars ( which came in handy in France as well the one night I was super sore from all the walking I took a nice relaxing bath and it helped a lot).

 I got two, one limited edition for Easter which was a bunny that was
very cute and then one Lavender one which I thought was only sold in
France because France is known for it’s Lavender fields and is sold literally everywhere
but I checked online and it’s sold here as well. That bubble bar will now forever remind me of that bath in Nice and of Nice in general so I am glad that it was not only sold in France, I can forever relive being there by popping that baby in the bathtub.

This is what the Lavender one looks like and a close up of the lavender itself because it’s so beautiful. Also, in Canada this one is called French Kiss which I guess is what poutoun says even though I tried to translate it and it doesn’t have a meaning apparently lol ? 


The only clothing store I purchased things from Zara ! lol and yes we had these exact items in Canada too but they were cheaper in France so that is my justification… I also almost went back and bought a coat but once again Jay needed my money so I couldn’t (and no that is not the thing I was waiting to buy). The Zara that we went to though on Jean Medecin was amazing and beautiful; it had a main level that you walked into and then at the back of the store there was a set of stairs going down (only about ten) and then two sets going up to a little perimeter platform on either sides so there was like three levels and you could see everything… it was stupendous and I found so many things I loved but nothing in my size it was sad.

Like I said I only picked up two things… which was going to only be one but I saw the sweater at the last minute and grabbed it on the way to the cash lol.


This top is one of my favorite tops now because it fits me perfectly and goes with any bottom. I have worn it with skirts, leggings, shorts and because it is black it goes with every color. I love the back of it as well, it has ruffles that sit on your bum with a little cut out mid-back, just a little slit and it just looks super chic. It is made of silk as well so it looks more dressed up and luxurious with whatever you pair it with. I was trying to find it in other colors in France but they’re wasn’t any, but yesterday I was looking online and I saw they now have it in a orange-red color and a mustard yellow as well so I am going to be buying one for sure very soon.

Here is what the back looks like.Also, can we talk about how perfect this set-up is for taking clothing photos… I need a mirror / table like this in my life.

Here is that sweater I was talking about that I just grabbed on the way out lol. I loved the color it is like a lilac-pink pastel mix and is just a good fitted knit sweater with a 3/4 length sleeve. The color is what drew me too it and I asked Jay if I should get it ( I also tried it on over my clothes lol ) and he said it was ” very me ” so I got it haha, it’s good to get clothes that embody you sometimes lol. 

The last stop on the day before going home was to Pierre Herme which was in the Galleries Lafayette and I had tried the first day we went in there (I got three) and they were amazing so I decided to get more. I really wanted to go to Laduree which was in the Nice airport somewhere but I never did find it and I wasn’t sure if I would before we went home so I picked up a 12 pack from Pierre Herme on the way home.

On the way home they all got squished in my backpack (sad) but I’m glad I took photos of them when they were still pristine and beautiful. I love the packaging for them as well even though it’s not that amazing it is very simplistic and chic. This 12 pack was kind of expensive at 26 Euros but it was completely worth it, it was the most indulgent thing I think I have ever eaten and they lasted me around 3 or 4 days so you know, C’est La Vie.

Unfortunately, there is not a store currently in Canada which makes me very sad but incase some of you are ever in Europe I will tell you which flavors are which starting from the top left corner going up… I was going to say which my favorites were but I’ll just put a star next to the best ones :

*Pistachio x2, *Praline, Pistachio & Raspberry, *Banana, *Creme Brule, Chocolate, Lemon, *Salted Caramel, Coffee, and *Cheesecake

As you can see all of the sweetest cake-like ones are my favorite lol. 

Also, by accident I almost got one that had Fois Gras in it (duck liver) and the kind English speaking woman working there warned me what was in it and I thanked her very kindly and steered clear of that one. 


Lastly, in the British Airport we had a two hour stop over on the way home so we obviously did a little look around / shopping in the tea section ( my mom really wanted to bring home British tea and so did I honestly. So I ended up picking up this Fortnum & Mason little set of their most popular teas which are Royal Blend, Earl Grey Classic and Afternoon Blend. I have drank all of them and they are all amazing. I also got the tea biscuits to go with the tea and they are the most amazing cookies I have ever eaten. They have real tea leaves inside of them so when paired with the tea it is just like heaven in your mouth (I also bought it because it’s a tin so I can keep it forever and it’s super cute… and it matched the tea tins so I had to.

And that is it for my France Haul ! As I said I didn’t buy that much but I had an amazing time and had amazing food and amazing experiences. I did buy a France mug from Starbucks though that I didn’t take a photo of and I plan on collecting those from everywhere I go from now on. I am sad that this is the very last of my travel posts and I am now going to go into a post-travel depression but hopefully it won’t be too long until the next one !

I miss France a whole lot, and London which I wish I got to see more of and will be back as soon as possible !

I have also bought a ton since coming back so more hauls will be coming I think about 3 and some outfit posts as well haha so stay tuned !

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