First Snowfall

Hello Beauties !

Happy December ! Can you believe it is here already ? I sure can’t, even though my Christmas spirit started as soon as Halloween was over haha… I live for the Holidays though so I am always ready. How better to celebrate the beginning of the season than with a snow filled post from the first snowfall we got here a few weeks ago ! As much as we all come to hate snow eventually each season I feel like it is so magical and lovely it is hard not to awe at during the first few weeks. I can usually handle snow for about a month before I am over it and it turns into dirty slush that no one likes. I do enjoy winter sports as well though, so it is kind of a catch 22… I want it but I don’t haha – I am sure some of you can relate. As you can imagine and I am sure a lot of you feel the same about this as well, the first snowfall is always my favourite; I am not taking about that snow that falls and doesn’t stick for more than 30 seconds, but the real first big snowfall. So naturally me being me knew that I had to take some photos while it lasted and where better to take the photos than my favourite forest where I took very similar photos in this post last year. I have to say also, the snow stayed on the branches so well this year that it looked even more magical than the last.

My winter bucket list this year has gotten so, so large and a majority of these things are Christmas related so you can imagine how busy my schedule will be these upcoming weeks. I have already been to the Christmas Market once this year thankfully ! I am glad I got to get one trip in early so I can actually get the post up before Christmas haha… I am actually almost done editing those photos so that post should be up next week sometime. I am also going again on December 12th with a friend so prepare yourself for Christmas Market overload… but it is just so good. A few of my friends and I are also doing a craft day this Wednesday making Ornaments, I also have to go get a new family photo ( Jay, Billy and I) with Santa done, more shopping and wrapping than you can shake a stick at and also want to go skating at some point ! The reason I am telling you this is because a lot of these will turn into posts for you and I just wanted to let you know that you will get your Christmas fill very soon haha.

Now lets rewind for a second and talk about this outfit ! Funny story about this look here is I actually put it together and took some blog photos of it before the snowfall, in this same forest when it was covered in leaves ! It was too dark out and the photos turned out not so great though so when the snow fell and I wanted to take some photos for the blog I decided just to retake them in the same outfit and these photos turned out much, much better ! So if you were looking at this outfit thinking it was more of a fall look… you aren’t wrong haha ! I think there are enough cozy layers here though that it is still winter appropriate as long as it isn’t too cold of a day – but if it is a colder day add some tights, a scarf and hat and you’re good to go !

This faux fur jacket is easily still one of my favourite pieces in my closet. I have worn it a few times this year already because I am obsessed. It is super, super warm and perfect for any day where you want to be comfortable but also glam at the same time (so literally everyday). Even though wearing it adds about 10 pounds because it is so fluffy, with tighter fitting clothing underneath it balances out so you don’t look all around bulky. However, for those times when I am already wearing something thicker underneath or want to add another cool element to the look I just throw it over my shoulders and it still gives adequate warmth but you are able to see your shape more so you don’t get too lost. There is something so chic about throwing jackets over your shoulder… anyone else love how it looks !?

Although the jacket is the loudest piece in this look the item that I actually styled it around were these cute crushed velvet pink booties I picked up randomly one day at Marshalls ! I saw them and fell head over heels in love with them ! Pink is my favourite colour as you may know if you have been following me for a while and the velvet adds such a cool texture to these that I needed them in my wardrobe. Surprisingly they are also super easy to wear and pair with things, it gives such a nice pop to otherwise boring outfits – I have been switching out my everyday black booties for these and have gotten so many compliments !

I wanted to keep a clean simple base for these special pieces to shine and so I went for one of the most worn items in my closet, this grey sweater/sweater dress (depends on the day). I love this sweater dress so much I wish I had gotten it in all the colours when it was still in stores. Not only is it EXTREMELY flattering on my figure, skimming over all the right places, but it is so freaking comfortable. Not going to lie on a day to day basis I just pull it up and wear it with some jeans or leggings as a sweater because it is so soft and cozy that I want to wear it as much as possible and on a casual day that is usually how I dress; any occasion I can think to wear it as a sweater dress though I do. The batwing sleeves are what make it so special as well, it adds a nice little statement and keeps it looking oversized as well.

To finish off the look I of course had to wear my Rebecca Minkoff pink tassel bucket bag because it just goes so well with these booties… I think they were actually made for each other. I am sorry in advance because I have a feeling you will be seeing this combo a whole lot in the future. Last but not least I threw on my Tiffany necklace overtop of my sweater just to add pop of shine.

Is it just me or is this year the hardest year ever to find Christmas presents for people ? I am struggling SO HARD and I have no idea why ! I think its because for the past few years I have gotten people all of the things I love that I know they would love as well and I have run out of things. Sure I could go for a generic candle or something but honestly most of the people in my life don’t even like candles, and same goes for all the other basic gifts ! I am sure I will figure it out eventually but I have now walked around two different malls going into every store and still have no clue. If you guys could let me know some gifts that you think everyone would love this year (men and women) please let me know ! It is getting quite hard to keep resisting all the things I want ┬áto get for myself when I can’t find things for anyone else haha.

Thank you so much for reading, and I hope you enjoyed the first instalment of my Christmas/ Winter posts ! If there is anything you would like to see that is Christmas/Holiday related please let me know, I am always looking for new ideas !


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