The First Pumpkin Patch of the Year

Hello darlings !

We are just going to ignore the fact that I haven’t posted anything in the last few weeks and just accept that I suck. You know what I did manage to do this year though … GET A PUMPKIN POST UP BEFORE HALLOWEEN ! I know you may not think that is very exciting but considering I am always late to post holiday things I am pretty happy with myself. This is going to be the first of many pumpkin patch posts as well because, if you know me or have been following me for a little while now, you know that I am pumpkin obsessed; actually just holiday obsessed. October-December is easily my favourite time of year, so far I have been to 3 pumpkin patches and visited once twice… if that’s not saying something I don’t know what is ! To further prove my point, I am currently watching Hocus Pocus for the third time… so you could say that I have a problem. Anyways today I am sharing with you this one time Jay and I decided to go to the pumpkin patch in 30 degree weather, not the best idea in the world as pumpkins are heavy and you have to walk miles to find the perfect one but hey it was still a great time !

The pumpkin patch we visited this time was the closest local one to us which is called Chappell Farms ! It is great because along with the pumpkin patch they have tractor rides, a petting zoo, corn mazes, a great shop with loads of halloween/fall decor, food to purchase and so much more. Not only this but they are open on weekdays unlike a lot of the other pumpkin patches around which makes it much easier to visit. We went super early this trip (literally at the end of September) so the pumpkin selection was freaking amazing, not picked over anddd there was hardly anyone there ! I always thought even early October would be too soon to get pumpkins so they wouldn’t be rotten by Halloween but actually all of the ones I have picked up throughout the month are perfectly fine… so now I think I am going to go early every year.

It was on a whim that this trip actually happened. I was thinking ahead (like I never do) and just decided that we should get some Halloween post photos taken so I would actually get them up in time and guess what – it worked obviously ! Now that I have visited many pumpkin patches I have a few pumpkins that I am going to carve this year and I can not wait, carving pumpkins is easily one of my favourite Halloween traditions. I usually have some idea of what I am going to carve but I have no ideas yet so actually I would love any suggestions ! Physically picking the perfect pumpkin to carve takes me a little while because I am super fussy about it being a particular shape and size. I personally like shorter fatter ones rather than perfectly round or tall ones. Each year I feel like mine is the hardest to find but I always manage to find one that speaks to me and I definitely found a few this year !

As it was 30 Degrees outside, I of course wore summer attire to the pumpkin patch. This red floral cropped top has been one of my favourite purchases of the summer, I love the small floral print and how vintage it feels with the button up front and tie at the bottom. I also love wearing red but don’t own much of it so that makes it an instant fav. In a few of these photos you will notice that the tie is actually undone and that is because when I picked up the pumpkin the first time it untied my shirt and Jay didn’t feel like he should tell me lol… he literally said ” I thought it was fashion “… oh boys. I paired the top with my trusty denim skirt, which I swear has become the most worn thing in my closet because it is so dang comfortable and I also love the light denim with bright red so it was a perfect match. Lastly, to finish off the outfit I added this straw boat hat I picked up from Forever21 a little while ago which I feel was the perfect accessory for the occasion; people seemed to agree with me too because I got quite a few compliments of people saying I dressed perfectly for the activity so, win.

Outfit Details

| Top American Eagle Similar | Skirt Topshop Similar | Hat Forever21 Similar | Necklace Tiffany & Co. |

| Booties Aldo Similar |

After searching for awhile I settled on this pumpkin that is in my hands in the above photo, which isn’t the most perfect pumpkin ever that I have picked but I loved the bright orange colour of it ! Jay went for a more tall super large pumpkin which is lovely as well. I can’t wait to carve them up this week and share with you what I end up carving !

Are you guys excited for Halloween !? I know I am, I am going to have a ton of posts for you guys this week so stay tuned ! I am going to try to make a costume post again this year which may have to go up after Halloween but a lot of you seemed to like it so I think it’s worth it but we shall see !

Thanks so much for reading guys and Happy Halloweek <3



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