First Look: Frank and Oak Style Plan – Environmentally Friendly Clothing

It is nice to be able to purchase good quality, beautiful clothing while knowing that it has a minimal environmental impact.

Good morning beautiful humans, I am sharing something extremely exciting with you all today and that is the Frank and Oak’s Style Plan! It is a monthly subscription service where you fill out a quiz about your style, and from there a stylist from Frank and Oak picks out pieces that you can receive in a box. This was my very first time ordering from their store period, and also my first Style Plan Box so I wanted to share the entire experience with you because I have never been more happy with a service. Seriously, for my first purchase from Frank and Oak it couldn’t have gone any better.

Frank and Oak were also kind enough to provide me with a discount for you guys who want to try out their Style Plan! You can:

Get $25 off & the styling fee waived on your first box!

Code: SAVE25

I am sitting here currently in a cafe typing this wearing the jeans I got in my box this month and I have been wearing them non-stop. Before I get into the actual pieces themselves though, I am going to walk you through Frank and Oak as a company as well as the Service itself.

Frank and Oak is an environmentally sustainable Canadian brand that is based out of Montreal. Their primary focus is minimizing their impact on the environment by increasing the use of recycled materials and trying to reduce waste in landfills. Frank and Oak are continuously improving this process by implementing materials and processes that lower their impact even more.

Most notably, Frank and Oak’s hydro-less, rivet-less denim caught my eye as it uses up to 79% less energy, up to 50% fewer chemicals, and 95% less water than standard methods while making the recycling process easier by the removal of the rivets. This is important because I feel like denim is one way the majority of the public switch up their style, and with so much denim production comes a lot of waste. The more that we can recycle old clothing to either re-work or re-make clothing, the better. As I discuss further down, the fact that these are an amazing pair of jeans just goes to show that all brands COULD use these methods to make more environmentally friendly clothing, but do not currently. I am hopeful to see brands switching to processes like this in the future but for now, Frank and Oak are doing such an amazing job.

There are so many more amazing things Frank and Oak are doing currently to minimize their environmental impact, it is fascinating. Being aware of the implications the clothing industry has had on the earth is important to me as a consumer and if I am in any way helping to support a more eco-friendly way of producing amazing products, I am all for it. If you would like to read more, all of Frank and Oaks environmentally sustainable methods can be viewed on this page of their website. Innovations, Frank and Oak.

Now, not only is this brand amazing in an eco-friendly sense. The products I have received this month are AMAZING. I mean seriously amazing quality, fit, styles, everything. The Style Plan allows you to choose up to 6 products each month from the stylist’s selections; this month I only purchased two because of my budget…which brings me to why this service is also amazing!

A Frank and Oak stylist picks three main pieces they think you will like in your box “preview”, this will happen on the same day every month; from there you have 48 hours to decide what you want (along with the 3 main choices, they provide you with approximately another 10 you can choose from) so if you don’t have a ton of money one month and only want a t-shirt that is possible! If you want to completely skip a box one month because you don’t like anything, don’t need new clothes, or it’s just not in your budget you can do that for free also. Amazing right!! There is a styling fee though if you do end up ordering a box and send the whole thing back, it is only $25.00 though which is fair because the stylist did take their time to pick the pieces out just for the box.

The pieces I ended up picking for my box this month were the Stevie High-Waisted Non-Stretch Jean in Light Indigo and the Long-Sleeved Camp Collar Blouse in Black. I was actually shocked at how well each piece fit, especially for just hoping my regular sizes would work – they definitely did. Remember when I said that Frank and Oak made beautiful jeans !? Just look at them, they are perfect; slim fitting through the hips and bum and just the perfect amount of loose tapering through the legs. Not to throw any shade, but these are essentially identical to my Topshop Mom Jeans, and these far surpass the fit and style of the Topshop ones.

| Stevie High-Waisted Jean | Camp Collar Blouse |

Another bonus is that these jeans make my bum look ah-mazing, which is important for jeans and sometimes overlooked; sadly, I completely forgot to take a photo of the back of my body but I will share soon enough I am sure-as I said, I am obsessed with them. That is another problem I have with my Topshop ones, they always sag out in the bum and the pockets are too large, not flattering. These Stevie jeans though, have perfect pocket placement and are tight enough in that area that they flatter me even after stretching a bit; easily a 10/10.

Not only are the jeans amazing but this blouse is absolutely perfect as well. I picked this piece on a whim; I really like the pattern, non-perfect polka dots always get me and as I said in my last post, I have been trying to add more business-casual pieces into my wardrobe. I am so, so happy with the fit of this blouse as well.

Bigger chested girls will understand my life-long struggle with button up blouses…gapping, button popping, non flattering pulling…you name it, I have witnessed it all. This top does not do a single one of those things; it has a button right where your average button up blouse usually gaps, genius. It is amazing to be able to wear a button up blouse without worrying that if I bend the wrong way a button will fly off. Also, the V shape of the neckline is deep so it is flattering but also thinner so that cleavage stays nicely tucked away; perfect for the office.

As you can tell, I have loved everything about my first Style Plan Box and have loved even more being able to find amazing quality clothing that are being made in a more sustainable, eco-friendly way. Not only that, but I forgot to mention, when you sign up for the Style Plan, items you purchase can be up to 20% off! Such a nice bonus, especially if you shop their store often.

Don’t forget to take advantage of this amazing offer if you are at all interested in trying out the Style Plan, it seriously is amazing; I would highly recommend you check it out.

Get $25 off & the styling fee waived on your first box!

Code: SAVE25

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