Faux Leather & A Huge Scarf

Hello everyone, long time no talk !

 How are you all, I hope doing well. I am so sorry I have been missing for literally about a month, but for some reason I have been not only super busy and exhausted but also unmotivated to blog (which I’m sure is partly because of those two reasons I just mentioned). I’m not sure why exactly, I was just lacking inspiration and didn’t feel like writing anything but now that I am (right in this moment) it feels amazing. I forgot how much I love flowing thoughts out of my brain, down my arms, out my fingers, onto the keyboard and into words, it is very almost relaxing and rejuvenating somehow ? I’m not really sure, I just know that I love it and had somehow forgot that. I love that this is like my own personal little journal of memories and I can write about whatever I am feeling or currently being inspired by; in a fashion sense or just life in general and am able to share those thoughts and feelings with whoever decides to read this. Anywho, enough with my rambling ! This outfit is a great example of my classic fall style, a lot of knit, browns and blacks, leather and a huge scarf… simple, easy, extremely comfortable while still being chic and put together.

Of course for my first fully fall post I  had to include my all time favorite sweater, the one that has made appearances again and again on my blog already, my trusty beige Aritzia Asymmetrical knit. I have talked about this sweater way too much but it is perfect, amazing, love it to death, you need one in your wardrobe (they unfortunately don’t sell the same one but one very similar), the end. Another piece that you see constantly is my Michael Kors Large Selma… I have tried switching to other purses but I just always go back to using this one because it is so perfect and beautiful… literally the most perfect bag. I love this purse so much that I plan on getting one almost exactly the same ( the Dillon ) except it is more square and in black ( I wanted to get the exact same one in black but I think that would be crazy). 

All of the other things I am wearing are new pieces that I have purchase for this fall season and have been wearing constantly. I had been on the hunt for a good pair of faux leather leggings that fit perfectly, don’t look too fake, and that I absolutely love since last year, as well as a massive black knit scarf, and thankfully, by hunting again this year I have managed to find the perfect ones ! Firstly, the scarf is pretty standard, super warm, very nicely made and it was way less than I thought it would be which is always a score ! I have worn it a bunch already because believe it or not ( I took these photos about a month ago keep in mind ) there is now snow on the ground… yes winter is back already and it kind of feels like it never left, but hey what can you do. It is easily the warmest scarf I have ever owned, and I think that is because it is so large and thick, and also the knit is smaller and so there are less gaps in it that a larger knit ? If you know what I’m saying haha. 

The leggings I was even more excited to find because I literally tried on like 10 pairs from different stores throughout the past year and they all seemed to fit a bit wrong, or looked cheap or something was always wrong with them. I saw these online first actually, and kind of knew that I would love them before I tried them on. I think mostly because they were high waisted (which I pretty much only wear high waisted things ever) and because they didn’t have any zips or anything so I figured they would be super comfortable and I was right. They are super stretch and fit so well, somehow they stretch without looking like they’re cracked (I have seen that before aka. looking cheap). They are also super soft inside and very warm, so they are perfect for the winter time ! Now, they weren’t the cheapest pair of pants I have ever bought, in fact I think they are the most expensive, but for how versatile they are and how great quality, and how often I will wear them I think it was completely worth it. 

Lastly, the booties I have been wearing almost everyday are these ones here, they are from H&M were very affordable,and are also super comfortable and go with absolutely everything. I have worn them mostly everyday since I got them. You can’t really see them too well in these photos (I ALWAYS forget to take detail photos of my shoes etc. I’m sorry) but they are just your standard black  faux leather bootie with a chunky heel but with silver hardware, a zip on the outside of the boot, and a faux suede back half as well. The only downside to these booties here are that they are really large. I am always a size 7 (US) so naturally I just bought a 7 but in these I could honestly gone down a whole size. It’s fine and I still wear them all the time but I just have to wear thick socks and my foot still slides around a bit but I love them so much that I don’t really mind.

Outfit Details 

Sweater | Leggings | Scarf | Booties | Purse |

Now I promise I will be posting more these next couple months, especially now that I have gotten back into the swing of it and am loving blogging again ! I already have photos for about 3 posts I think so keep a look out for those. Once again I am so sorry I took such a long break but it shouldn’t happen again anytime soon ! P.s. can we talk about how gorgeous the fall time is, I am so sad that it’s already gone… ugh snow. 

If your reading this I love you for sticking around and hope that you enjoyed this look !

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