Fall Haul #1

Suprise, suprise I went shopping again and got a few new things for fall. This is kind of a collective haul ( two shopping trips and some things I ordered ) I still need to get a few things for this season but this is what I have purchased so far.

(P.s. I thought I posted this like a week ago haha guess I was wrong)

What’s weird about these past few shopping trips is that I have found a few pairs of pants that fit really well, which is weird because usually I hate pants and can never find any. Because of this I actually bought two pairs of the exact same skinny pants from forever 21 ( which I have figured out they have pretty good pants ) one beige pair and one army green pair. I didn’t have either of these colors in pants and have been wanting both for a while, so it was perfect that I found both for under $20.00 and they fit great. 

Forever 21 Skinny Pants: $18.50 CAN each

I also found these really great jeans from American eagle which happen to be jeggings again but this pair is actually high waisted and they fit perfectly as well. They are super comfortable and because they are high waisted, I don’t have to worry about pulling them up all the time which equals a happier Jessica. They are also slimming because of the lighter wash down the center of the jean which actually makes the leg look smaller and more streamlined. Overall these have quickly become my favorite pair of jeans, plus they were on sale when I got them.

American Eagle High Waisted Jeans: $29.99 CAN (on sale) 

One thing I was set on getting this shopping trip was this eyeshadow. It is Mac Sable and it is a warm auburn brown shadow that is perfect for fall and actually looks really good on my skin tone. It also brings out my eyes some how as well. The reason I went hunting for this is because one of the youtubers I always watch was wearing it and it looked really gorgeous on her and so I had to have it. I have been wearing it a ton already and it has become one of my favorites really quickly. 

Mac Sable Eyeshadow : $16.50 CAN

In the colder months I love wearing knit circle scarves, they are just easy and can make a simple outfit look more put together very easily. I found this one at forever 21 and I love it because it is black and white so it can go with practically everything; also the way it was stitched makes it look almost hounds tooth. It is also very warm and practical on top of being super cute which is always a bonus as well.

Forever 21 Scarf : $15.00 CAN

These booties ! I’m in love with them and I knew that before I even bought them because I already own them in black ( the booties I wear in every outfit post) …well last years version anyways. I raced out to get the black ones last fall because I saw them in a magazine and I have never worn a pair of shoes so much in my life. They are the most comfortable, practical shoes I own and so I thought a beige pair would be the perfect addition to my closet and thankfully they came back out with them this season ! I was so excited when I saw them and scooped them up quick before they sold out.

Aldo Taupe Booties : $90.00 CAN 

Candles ! Fall is candle season and so I had to pick up a few of the new ones as soon as they came out. I ended up picking out sweater weather and pumpkin carrot cake which both smell amazing but are very different from one another. Sweater weather smells very perfume / cologneish and is described on the website as being ” an aromatic blend of eucalyptus, juniper berry and fresh sage that celebrates the arrival of sweater weather “. Pumpkin carrot cake smells exactly as the name suggests, very cake like with a pumpkin spiceiness to it as well and this one actually isn’t on the website for some reason. They are both amazing and I am going to pick up more very soon. 

Bath & Body Works Candles : 2 for $25.00 CAN

Now these boots I am obsessed with. As soon as I saw them online I knew that I had to have them, and not only because they are beautiful and I needed black boots, but because they have a stretchy panel down the entire back half of the calf so I was positive they would fit my bigger calves. What I also love about these is the gold metal detailing on the back; it makes them especially trendy for this season and adds an extra little oomph to a plain black pair of boots. What I have also noticed is that there happens to be a pair almost identical to these by Tori Burch called the Jess Boot (coincidence I think not) which made me even happier about these because I didn’t spend a fortune on these ones but they literally are almost identical… So in other words, if you are planning to get the Tori Burch ones you should just get these ones from Shoemint (if they are still in stock I’m not too sure about that). But anyways I love them to death and already have gotten a lot of wear out of them. 

Shoemint Britt Riding Boots : $129.98 CAN 

Also with my boots I got three free gifts. The first is this clear purse with gold studs and a black handle. I actually really like this purse. It is really cool looking but a bit impractical because everyone can see inside your bag and I feel like that is just inviting robbers to take what they like lol. It is really good quality too, I will definitely be using it sometime ! It is really nice, especially for being free lol.

Clear Studded Shoemint Purse: FREE !

The other two gifts were pieces of jewelery from Jewelmint which is a sister company to Shoemint, part of the “mint” brand. I was actually so surprised at the quality of the jewelery and how nice it is considering it was free ! I was expecting something little and simple but the two pieces are actually in my showroom and are on the website for anyone to buy for $29.99 each, crazy right !

Jewelmint Jewelery : FREE !

Here are the two pieces, a necklace and a bracelet. The necklace is called the Draco and is meant to resemble a Chinese dragon. Personally I think it looks like an amulet of some sort but I absolutely love it. It is so unique, pretty and interesting and makes a real statement. You can see how it looks on in the picture below as well. The bracelet I have actually worn a few times and I love it, it adds sparkle but it isn’t too fancy because it is black so it can be worn with practically anything. 

This stunning Michael Kors top I actually found at Winners of all places. I saw it hanging on the rack and knew I had to have it as soon as I saw it. It really reminds me of something Blake Lively or Serena Van Der Woodsen would wear which first drew me to it because of the draping but then I saw the leather buckle strap and fell completely in love ( which actually reminds me of Blake even more). It looks so chic and unique on and gives a sexy but not trying too hard vibe.. lets just say I am obsessed with it. I wore it out for my moms birthday (as you can see below) and it was so perfect I plan on wearing it plenty more, styling it different ways before the fall season is done.

Michael Kors Top : $49.99 CAN 

This beautifully perfect purse I actually found at Marshalls just like my orange one and it is also Steve Madden (I always go for Steve Madden purses and I am not sure why I just love them). What I love about this purse is how is has both black and beige so it matches everything plus it is red and makes a statement at the same time; because it is paired with the black and beige though the red is almost a neutral and it is just the most amazing thing ever. I also really love the structured shape and the top handle a lot (this is my favorite shape of bag) and this purse is slightly bigger than my last one and holds all of my stuff better. Overall I am obsessed with this purse and it is perfect for the fall time. 

Steve Madden Purse : $59.99 CAN

Now I have always found that earthy colors look best on me, with my skin tone and coloring in general and the fall season tends to bring a lot of those colors with them. I have been looking for a nice camel knit sweater like this for so long and when I finally found one at Forever 21 I was super excited. What I love about this sweater is that it is easy to throw on because it is such a simple silhouette. It is super warm and comfortable as well so it is really just the perfect sweater. It can also be dressed up so easily by pairing it with a nice statement necklace and it was well worth the price…an amazing find in my opinion. 

Forever 21 Knit Sweater: $23.00 CAN 

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