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Well, things have certainly changed since I last posted haven’t they. We are currently living through a pandemic. Who would have thought we would ever live through one in our lifetime? I certainly did not. I have been in self-isolation for 5 days now and I have to say, it is very nice. I have been able to catch up on so many things I usually have to put off for lack of time and it feels amazing. I can honestly say I have not yet had a moment of boredom, actually I am having the opposite problem- I think I can get so much done in a day and there just isn’t enough time!

Although the situation is harrowing, and unlikely to be resolved soon, I choose to look at the positives. The environment is thriving right now – there are dolphins and swans back in the canals in Venice, the surrounding waters have cleared up and air quality around the world is improving due to less gas emissions. Amazing! Not only that but we are all starting to realize who the really essential workers in our communities are that have been long overlooked; people such as grocery store workers, delivery drivers, hospital staff, waste management people et. deserve so much praise and respect for what they are doing. Thank you so much to each and every one of you who is reading this. You are truly our heroes in this horrible time and we seriously, SERIOUSLY, could not survive this without you.

The only thing making me sad about isolation is that I have not put together a nice outfit in days, I am living in my cozy home clothing and that consists of about 10 items on repeat. Some of them are cuter than others I guess but still – my closet is crying a little bit. I am going to take some outfit photos for you guys some point this week though – probably more than a few times because what better thing to do that to create right now, so stay tuned for that.

As for this outfit, I wore this on the day that one of my favourite people picked out her wedding dress! AHHH, so exciting – weddings are so much fun! Her dress is absolutely BEAUTIFUL, and it looks stunning on her; I am so excited to eventually share what it looks like because it needs to be seen. We went to the Modern Bride in Guelph, the first and only stop on the hunt for a dress and it is probably one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever been in. Exposed brick, white gauze and chiffon, gold hardware, wooden accents – everything of my dreams all in one enclosed space.

I decided to go for a business casual outfit this day with lots of layers because I wasn’t sure where we would go afterwards or before et. and I always like to have the option of being warm because I am generally a pretty cold person. This beige plaid blazer has been one of my most worn pieces of the last year – it is perfect for the office or for everyday as it is made out of a soft material and super comfortable. These tank tops from Dynamite have also been one of my favourite staples recently and I have a few different styles and colours of them that are constantly in the mix. This nude one is probably the most worn one though as I feel like this particular shade of nude looks nice on my skin tone, so I find myself wearing it often.

I paired the look with these simple black paper bag style trousers, but switched the belt for this H&M double ring one that is slightly Gucci inspired but also just a cute belt. To go with the gold hardware of the belt I stacked these necklaces together to create a simple, dainty bit of sparkle and a small pair of hoops I have been wearing non-stop this month. I also don’t have a detail photo of my socks but they too have gold polka dots!

Last but not least, because it was a little bit chilly I threw my grey Aritzia coat over the top and voila, my outfit is complete! I like the contrast between the beiges and the grey and how they are the same tones as the bricks in this alley (that is why I chose it for a spot to take photos), such a cool alleyway.

I will try to link similar items to the ones above here for you as best I can:

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|RW&Co. Trousers (Similar)| H&M Belt | Various Necklaces (Similar) |
| Earrings |

How are you guys doing in self isolation? I am so curious to see what kinds of things people have been up to! Whatever it is I hope it is bringing you joy. I am curious to see how this pandemic pans out; it is fascinating to learn about in my opinion – though terrifying. I hope that social distancing really stops the curve as they are hoping. Wash your hands and don’t hang out with your friends – call or text them instead!

xoxo jess

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