Easter Pastels

Spring Style Pastels and White

Happy Monday lovelies !

In usual Jess style, I am super late with this holiday post haha ! I swear I am going to have to start shooting looks for holidays at least a month in advance in order to get them up on time… ugh I suck ! I took so many amazing photos for this post though ( the ones of my dog Billy are just so precious how could I not share them ) so I wanted to share it with you anyways. I mean, besides the Easter basket (and even then basket purses are a huge trend so it kind of still works ) this outfit is very generally just spring inspired anyways so I hope it still gives you some spring outfit inspiration !

Easter was super fun for me this year because my birthday was actually on Easter Sunday ! Crazy right ! So of course, I took Easter extra seriously this year with cute decor and a whole lot of pastels. My cousin actually named it “Jeaster” aka. Jess Easter and I thought it was hilarious, so in celebration of Jeaster I wore one of my favourite combos ever, baby pink and white.

Spring Style

Rose Gold Easter Eggs

Does anyone else feel like I do about Easter ? Now that you’re older it isn’t very much fun – besides the decor and food aspects of course. Easter egg hunting was so, so much fun as a kid and I used to think of Easter as one of my favourite holidays for that very reason. The Easter Bunny always seemed to know exactly what I wanted and he brought chocolate… I mean who wouldn’t love that guy. Now in order to make the most of it I like to go overboard with cute decor, dye eggs of course and wear as many pastels as possible. I don’t know when pastels became synonymous with Easter but they just seem to be the perfect pair.

As I am a pastel fanatic already Easter is the perfect excuse to wear my pastels even more than usual and my favourite way to wear them is by pairing them with white. This colour combination screams spring to me and I can’t get enough of the warm weather right now so this outfit was perfect for not only how warm it was outside but also letting my inner spring vibe be shown through my clothing choices.

Baby Pink and White Outfit

Easter Basket and Decorations

How cute are all of these Easter decor pieces ! Can you believe the first thing I found out of all of these things were those cute little Robin’s nests ! They were so darling I just couldn’t leave them in the store even though I had no idea what to do with them. I think they would be SUPER cute anywhere for some spring decor though and eventually my decor setup ended up something like this. Like the nests, each of these things I saw and just had to buy and they just accumulated into some of the cutest items I have ever seen. I will try to link things below, even though Easter has passed but the plus to that is, I am sure they are all on sale if I can find them haha !

Pastel Pink Jacket and Shoes

Blue Easter Basket with Bow

Dog Easter Photoshoot

This is Billy ! I am not actually sure if I have had him on the blog before… weird ! I am obsessed with him, he is like my child and the sweetest most amazing boy in the world ! I will be sure to dedicate a post to him if you would like but also check out my Snapchat as he is the only thing I ever snap haha ! Anyways, I decided to try to have a little Easter photoshoot for Billy which was extremely hard. He does not like to sit still, even treat bribes only work for so long haha. I did manage to take a few really cute photos of him though so I had to share ! This one is my favourite, he was particularly chill and even let me put the carrots on him haha. So precious.

Spring Pastel Outfit

Easter Sunday OOTD

Pastel Pink Strappy Block Heel Sandals

Dog with Easter Basket

Easter Pastels

As for the outfit itself you may remember most of these items from a post I did last year; I didn’t realize I had already posted a look with 90% of this outfit before until after I had already taken these photos haha so I am sorry about that ! I guess that just goes to show you that I do actually wear things I love over and over again. The difference between that outfit and this one is that this time it wasn’t warm enough to just wear my top and skirt out so I paired one of my other favourite pieces in my wardrobe with it – my pastel pink faux leather jacket ! I have seen a ton of these out this year so although I got this one about two years ago you can still get your hands on a very similar one. The good thing about this jacket is that you can pair it with almost anything, all whites like I did here to keep it the look very springy or even paired with all black to add a nice feminine touch. I like the boxy look of this particular one as it looks especially good draped over the shoulders and stays nicely because of the structure.

Easter Outfit

Easter Basket

Spring Outfit

I find it funny how much I actually like this basket as a purse, although I think it is just a little to “Easter” for everyday. I do want to get a basket purse now though ! I knew it was a trend but was never really into it until I was carrying this around and I just fell in love. Especially for spring I think it just adds such a cool ” I’m just off to a picnic ” vibe that I can’t get enough of. While I want to pick one up in a beige colour for everyday, for this particular look I am really glad I picked this one up in such a lovely shade of blue, I think it is the perfect accent colour for the pastel pinks in the look and the plaid bow with pink ties it in so nicely.

Easter Decor

Easter Sunday White Lace

Dalmatian Easter

Easter Look

Outfit Details 

| Top Winners Similar | Skirt Topshop Similar | Moto Jacket Zara Similar | Shoes ASOS Similar |

| Easter Basket Walmart Similar |

Decor Items 

| Burlap Sack Carrots Michaels (Sold Out Sorry) Similar | Stuffed Bunny Chapters | Decorative Grass Michaels |

| Robin Nests Homesense Similar |

If you are wondering how my actual Easter went it was amazing ! Since it was Jeaster I ended up going out for dinner with my mom’s side of the family once again to the Keg Mansion ! You may remember me going there two years ago for my birthday as well and because I loved it so much that time I decided to go back ! There is something about being in a lovely old Mansion and being able to look at gorgeous architecture and decor while eating delicious food that just gets me haha. I had such an amazing time and I definitely do want to go again, it has not let me down yet ! This time I got Bacon Wrapped Chicken and it was absolutely amazing ugh… I wish I was eating some right now haha !

I will stop rambling now haha, so sorry but you know how I get when I have a lot to say lol ! I am going to try and get an extra post up this week since I was so slacking last week so stay tuned for that ! Thank you so much for stopping by, I hope you don’t mind this super late Easter post and also hope that you all had amazing Easters as well !

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