Easter Goodies

Hello again everyone ! 

Here is a bonus little post to go along with the Easter look that I posted today, it is my Easter goodies ! There is something about Easter that makes me extremely excited, it may be the chocolate, it may be the fact that spring has started, or it could be because it means my birthday is coming up right around the corner. Whatever it is, it makes me super happy and brings me back to my childhood when it was one of the best days ever. This year as the Easter bunny doesn’t come to my house anymore, I decided to treat myself to a few things to celebrate the day. 

First off, every holiday no matter how big or small my first though is always * Lush *. Lush has the most amazing things year round but the things that come out for holidays are always even better and just the cutest things in the world. This year although I wanted to get every single bath product, instead I just went for one that would last me a long time, the Bunch of Carrots which was probably the best purchase I have ever made from lush. Not only do they smell of lemon and grapefruit, but they last FOREVER. They are the reusable bubble bars, so you just run one of the carrots ( or two or three if you want a weird colored bath ) under the water for as long as you want creating a ton of bubbles (more or less depending on how long you leave them under) but then unlike their regular bath bombs you can reuse them ! I used the purple carrot first and honest to goodness it gave me about 5 or 6 baths alone, I have just had to start using the pink and have not even touched the orange yet ! Crazy right ! Get your hands on them while they are still in stock because they are freaking amazing. 

Now onto the chocolate ! What Easter would be complete without a basket full of chocolate ? Now, although this doesn’t look like a whole lot it is enough for me, I am trying to be healthy lately but I couldn’t just not have chocolate on Easter ! As you can see, all of the chocolate I purchased for myself is Lindt, which really is a coincidence because honestly I was just trying to pick out the cutest things to put in my basket but Lindt is also easily one of my favorite types of chocolate. What you do not see here is that I also had some mini eggs like a week before but they got demolished real quick… see why I am trying to eat healthy lol. Anyways, one thing I am super excited about is to try the hazelnut bunny ! I have seen it everywhere and always think to myself it sounds delicious but have never actually gone for it. So, of course I had to get it for myself this year, and since hazelnuts are my favorite nut, well, I’m sure as soon as I crack it open it will be gone. 

I hope you liked these belated Easter posts ! I know they are a bit late but as I always say, better late than never right ! Haha, I’m sorry if your craving for chocolate is shooting out the roof right now, I know mine is… let’s just hope you all have some of your chocolate left over from Easter still !

Thank you so much for reading <3

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