Dusty Pink Boho Dress

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Hello Beauties !

I know the first thing you are probably thinking is ” woah, why did you take these photos in a parking garage hallway”… well, you may not know exactly WHERE I was so you’re probably more like ” whats up with the white hallway “; good news, I am here to tell you why in fact I decided to take outfit photos in this hallway. On this lovely Friday when I had planned to take outfit photos, outside it was BLIZZARDING, and about -12 C; something that neither me or my mom wanted to go outside and experience. The plan was not actually to take photos in this hallway, which leads to the stairwells in her apartment, but instead to head to the mall (my favourite place) and take some photos down one of the hallways that I thought may have worked. So off we went on our way to the mall (I need to get a few things also). In order to get to the car we had to go through this hallway and while we were in it, it hit me. The lighting in this hallway is amazing for one, it’s relatively secluded so there would be no interruptions and the all white walls create a nice backdrop for the outfit, so we scrapped the idea of taking photos at the mall and took them here instead ! This is definitely not my favourite place I have shot in, but it did the trick and breaks up all the nature I usually take photos in.


Black Skinny Scarf

PomPom Bag Charm

I am so happy to be sharing this outfit with you today because I am over the moon about this dusty pink dress ! I have had my eye on this beauty since about last spring I believe. For some reason this dress just called to me and I knew I had to have it. There is proof that I have wanted it for a long time, as you will have seen it in my Christmas Wishlist post. Each time I would think about buying it, I would hymn and ha about it for a long time and each time I would not be able to justify the $167.00 that it was, even though I completely loved it. Finally, after a long wait it went on sale and I jumped at the chance to get it, saving about $70.00 ! This is probably one of the best decisions I have ever made as it has quickly become one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. I have also never received so many compliments on an article of clothing before ! At the mall I literally had about 10 people stop and ask me where it was from, so that makes it a winner in my books. I love the boho/ retro feel about it, the wide sleeves, collar and button up front making it feel very mod. I love that it came in pink as well not only because it is my favourite colour, but also because it is such a huge trend this season and a piece I feel everyone needs to own !

Cutout High Neck Dress

Dusty Rose Boho Dress

One thing I did not realize seeing this dress on the model was how chesty it would be ! It definitely isn’t what I thought it would be but actually I think that’s what makes it a little less granny and balances out the rest of the dress nicely. You definitely could see the bra I was wearing underneath when I tried it on so I decided to wear a lace bralette overtop of my bra to provide a tiny bit more coverage and a nice little extra touch of black as well. As with most free people dresses, I feel that a black skinny scarf was needed to complete this look. Something about the boho feel of it just requires a skinny scarf in my opinion and I am not really sure why but I love adding this scarf to dresses now, it has become my obsession !

Pink Bag PomPom Charm

Big Sleeves Dress

Dusty Rose Dress

To elongate my legs and stick with the colour theme I had established in my head I of course opted for my black knee high boots and while usually I would go bare legged, because it was so freaking cold out I added some black tights for warmth ! This look was completed with my black Michael Kors Dillon bag as per usual but I added this cute little pom pom bag charm that I found at H&M that was so darling paired with this dress. The pom pom and the dress compliment each other so nicely and it just adds a nice little feminine touch to the entire look with an extra pop of dusty pink.

Last but not least, I wore my heart return to tiffany earrings for some extra shine without being over the top… as always haha and had my nails painted the same colour as my bag charm to add some continuity to the outfit !

Free People Babetown Mini


Outfit Details 

| Dress Freepeople | Scarf Zara Similar | Bag Michael Kors Dillon Similar | Bag Charm H&M | Boots Forever21 Similar |

| Tights Calvin Klein | Earrings Tiffany&Co. |

I am so, so happy with how this outfit turned out and it is exactly the kind of thing that will be perfect transitioning into the spring ! I am so excited to wear this dress a ton more and I am sure you will see it a few more times this season as I am obsessed. Oh ! I just thought this would be perfect for easter too… ugh, so many ways I want to wear it !

Anyways, I hope you enjoyed this post, thank you so much for stoping by and have a lovely rest of the week !

Happy Monday !





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