Distillery District

Hello everyone, sorry for another one of my hiatuses !

 I am honestly trying to blog as much as I can but it is so hard with my current work schedule – hopefully it will be going back to normal soon though so I can work on some more posts for you ! It’s already Mid- November can you believe it ? I know I can’t… Winter is coming… at least I think so, and I am not excited. It has been very, very seasonally warm here in Canada, staying at around 15 degrees for the most part ( we had a few days of 20 degree weather last week also ) when usually we would have snow by now; as you can imagine everyone is taking full advantage of it as we know it won’t last forever. 

Although recently the weather has been so nice, on the day we took these photos it was actually one of the colder days of the season thus far. We went out for dinner and drinks to celebrate my mom’s birthday with a bunch of her friends and some family as well. For dinner we went to an authentic Mexican restaurant in the Distillery District called El Catrin. It was delicious, I wish I had taken some photos of the food with my camera but I honestly completely forgot we were having such a fun time. The restaurant is a tapas style and so the portions are smaller and meant to be shared, my meal consisted of fish tacos, tortilla soup and a whole lot of guacamole (oh and a pina colada & a whole lot of mojitos of course); all of it was to die for and I would highly recommend going there if you ever get a chance. It is a bit pricey but everything tasted so good and it has such a cool atmosphere that it was well worth it. To finish off the night we headed over to a bar for more drinking and a whole lot of dancing and it was overall such a fun night. 

To accompany what we had planned on doing that night, I needed an outfit that was transitional from dinner to drinks easily, and also one that would keep me warm but I wouldn’t sweat too hard in once we started dancing. I settled on the mix of this long sleeve top with a draped front and buckle detail; the details make the look more special than if it wear a simple black top and it also shows enough skin to make it appropriate for a night out. With it, I paired my trusty black skater skirt to make it look like a dress which mainly I was concerned about when my jacket wasn’t on but it was way too cold to photograph without it. I went for my leather jacket just to add in a bit more edge, texture and dimension to the look. To add in a pop of color and break up all of the black I decided to go for these brick red tights ( which actually is brick red as you can see ) which also made my legs stay warm and let my shoes pop against the color as well. Speaking of these shoes, they are the newest addition to my collection and this was the first time I got to wear them… I am obsessed. They are just edgy enough but simple and classic enough to wear with literally everything, they almost have that lace up effect that is huge in footwear right now but more sharp and clean looking. I love the fact that they are a pointed toe, they elongate my legs so much and also, they were pretty comfortable for heels that height so I will be wearing them with almost every outfit I’m sure.

For accessories I decided to throw on my biggest, most comfortable, warm knit scarf  I own to keep me warm while we were outside running around – it is massive and I love it, it can practically be turned into a blanket. I love the extra layer it adds to the overall look and how easily it makes it warm- weather appropriate. As for my purse, I was going to stick with black but then I thought it was too much, so to add some more warmth and fall colors into the mix I decided to go back to my old faithful Michael Kors Selma. I don’t think I will ever get tired of this bag, I carry it around with me pretty much everyday – so much so that most of the people I know think it is an extension to my arm, but I am just so in love with everything about it, I should start stocking up on other colors. Saying that though, this color is perfect and literally goes with everything so I’m pretty happy with just this one.

Outfit Details

| Jacket : Danier Similar | Top : Michael Kors Similar | Skirt : Forever 21 Similar | Tights : Hue

| Shoes: Aldo | | Purse : Michael Kors | | Scarf : Zara Similar |

Overall we had such a great night, it was so much fun celebrating my mom’s birthday as it always is and I can not wait for next year to come so we can do it once again. I forgot to mention also, that the Distillery District is amazing, I am in love with it from only being there that one time – it is so cute and rustic looking. If you have not been I think you should try to get there sometime soon – especially for the upcoming holiday season… apparently they decorate it with a bunch of fairy lights and just make it super festive which would make it even more beautiful ! I am definitely going to go there at some point while it is decorated, so if you live somewhere else in the world I will take some photos for you ! 

Thank you so much for reading as always, and keep a look out for upcoming holiday posts, I have a lot planned this year and am excited to share it with you ! 

Hope you are all having a magical day, 

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