Corduroy Pinafore Dress

Hello lovelies,

It has been a long time, hasn’t it! This school thing has taken up all of my time (you know the drill, exams, assignments all the things) and I haven’t had time to produce any new content! It makes me so sad because I love blogging so much but this year I guess it has taken a backseat because I am giving school 100%. I am finished my first semester now woohoo! I am actually so happy with what I have achieved and how I have grown through this experience. I have made a ton of new friends (our program is small- only 14 of us, so we have all become close), and I am thoroughly enjoying learning about the law in Canada. These photos were actually taken quite a while ago but as I said, I haven’t been able to get them up. Thankfully, this is my week off and I am able to share this look with you now. This is currently one of my favourite outfit combos in my closet and I have been wearing the crap out of it.

Throughout the fall, this was easily one of my favourite outfits in my closet, as I wore it quite a few times to school. This dress is exactly what I want to be wearing at all times, it is casual, but also super cute and comfortable. Most importantly this dress is not too short! Whaaat I know crazy right! Honestly, I am so sick of things being so short as to almost show my a** as soon as I take a step. I have been wearing this dress with tights during the winter time but I am super excited to switch it out for bare legs (like I have it here), sneakers and a t-shirt for spring. Just yesterday I actually ordered a very similar one in denim so hopefully, that turns out just as lovely (I am slightly worried about how much stretch the fabric will have and if it will be comfortable or not).

The funniest thing about this outfit, which I wore to school on my first day back, was that I wore an almost identical outfit on my very first day of kindergarten. I had a small inkling while getting dressed that morning that my outfit was familiar and I was definitely right; I asked my mom to send me a photo of my first day of kindergarten and it was almost identical, although my pinafore dress was plaid instead of cord, but could you get closer!? Cord is such a 90’s thing anyway, that it is practically the same.

This shirt I am wearing underneath the dress is amazing for a few reasons, but my favourite is the bell sleeves! It’s funny because I also went through a bell sleeve faze when I was younger, so this is just an entire throwback outfit for me. The lettuce hem of this top also makes it just that much more dainty and beautiful also, I don’t own enough things with lettuce hem but it is super cute. I decided to pair this dress/shirt combo with my knee-high black boots to keep my legs a little warmer than they would have been totally bare, and also my pink tassel crossbody bucket back because it is now spring and it is called for! I also have always loved the way pink and burgundy look together so that is another reason I decided to pair those two together.

Outfit Details

| Dress Topshop | Top Forever21 Similar | Boots Forever21 Similar | Bag Rebecca Minkoff Similar | Necklace Tiffany&Co. |

This is easily still one of my favourite outfits and I have experimented with putting different tops under this dress but this combo remains my favourite easily; it is like they were meant for each other. I am sure you will be seeing this dress again very soon styled for the springtime or the denim one also if it works out. It was so nice being able to blog again and I am going to see if this semester allows for me to blog more although I really doubt it.

Thank you so much for all of you still reading and continuing to support me, I honestly appreciate it so much.

Hopefully talk to you soon,


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