Color Obsession : Placid Blue – Worn Two Ways

An outfit post finally ! It just dawned on me that I haven’t done strictly just an outfit post in 3 months, maybe longer ! Nuts! I am suck a slacker lol, like the first two photos here are from my birthday which is April 16th… It is now June, talk about behind on the posts. 

I think I should address this before I even get into talking about the actual outfits themselves… I am obsessed with placid blue. Now, I know what you might be thinking ” oh yeah it is a trend this season” or ” yeah I love that color too it’s really pretty”. No, you don’t understand, I am OBSESSED with this color. I didn’t even know it was possible to gravitate towards a color in such a way… it is like my soul mate color or something, like I physically get excited when I see it.  So, as you can guess, I have been buying / eying up quite a few placid blue pieces to add to my collection this year. Placid blue, black and white are pretty much the only colors I have bought this year besides two things I think… I’m telling you it’s bad lol. 

This skirt here is really why I became obsessed with the color, I was walking by it in France and like essentially ran to it and dug for my size and of course there wasn’t any. As soon as I got back to Canada I realized that I had to go find this skirt, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. So, off I went to Zara in search of this skirt and thank the lord I found it in my size. This top was also pretty much made for this skirt, and any other tight mini skirts for that matter and makes the skirt look that much better… it is perfect. 

It is not only the color that I love this skirt for either but also the style and fabric it is made of. The asymetrical shape the zipper gives it as well as the placid blue leather makes it a very on trend, modern  piece and really makes it the centerpiece of an outfit. I also love that the zipper is silver. I feel like hardware is usually gold most of the time and I wear a lot more silver so it is perfect for me. Although the hardware on my purse is still gold I think it gives a nice contrast because the rest of my outfit is so cool, I also think it works because my hair and my purse are the same tone so everything balances out nicely. 

Outfit 1 Details 

Skirt: Zara $49.99 CAN 

Shirt: Zara $49.99 CAN 

Booties: Aldo 

Purse: Michael Kors

Necklace: Tiffany&Co. 

Bracelet: Thomas Sabo

Another thing I have been obsessed with lately is cropped tops, this one in particular. It sucks because in this photo you can’t really see what it looks like, I wasn’t thinking clearly lol, but it has a kind of geometric shape where the arm holes are. The arm hole is very square if you can picture what I’m trying to get at… I will link the actual top down below in the outfit details section so you can see what I mean. Anywho, I love the look of the top so much I actually bought it in black too. I think that it is very flattering especially the way it sits on your stomach, it makes it look like you could have a baby six pack when really if your like me is not the case.

 I bought this skirt specifically to go with these tops as well and had to refrain from buying the skirt in white as well lol. I have two other black skater skirts already but this one fits me perfectly ( which I said about the last but this one is way better) , I don’t think I could get one that  fit me better custom made. Now that I say that I will probably find an even better one like next week. I just like my black skater skirts okay. They are both really great quality as well, the material is called “crepe” on the website I’m not sure if that’s what it’s actually called or not but it is just a thicker fabric with structure and a lining as well so it isn’t see through at all. 

And the star of the outfit these shoes, I am so in love with them and I haven’t even had a chance to wear them out yet but I wore them around for about an hour and they are super comfortable. The heel is only 3.5 inches so that definitely factors into why they are so comfortable but I think that with the style of the shoe anything higher would look strange. They are very feminine and lady like but modern as well because of the color blocking and the placid blue once again. I love that because they aren’t too high they can easily be dressed down with jeans and a t-shirt or more dressed up as I have them here and are comfortable enough to wear from day to night as well. They are definitely my favorite shoe that I own right now.

Outfit 2 Details

Shirt: Dynamite $22.90 CAN

Skirt: Dynamite $32.00 CAN

Shoes: Shoemint $79.99 CAN

Purse: Michael Kors

These are only a few of the ways I will be wearing placid blue this summer. I’m not going to lie. you will one hundred percent see more outfits involving these pieces and placid blue in general because like I said I am obsessed so be prepared haha ! The summer of black white and blue has commenced !

Love ya and thanks again for reading, I hope you have a new found love for this color like me ! 

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