Christmas Haul 2015

Merry belated Christmas once again ! 

I feel like I should say it again because this post is so very Christmasy even though I have said it many, many times but what’s once more right ! This is the last Christmas post I swear, and then we will get back to our regularly scheduled programming but for now here is what I got for Christmas this year ! I just want to start out by saying that I am in no way bragging about what I got in any way, I just want to share some of the things I have gotten with you because a lot of them are things that I will be wearing in the future, and also it’s just fun to see what other people got. I also just really like taking these photos and so of course I want to share all of my hard work haha. So without further adieu, here are the things that I received for Christmas 2015.

Now, I didn’t photograph everything separately this year but more took photos in different flat lay groups and then took individuals of some things I want to talk about a little bit more. 

Starting out with the winter white/gold and pink things I received this year which include presents from various people but are all of a similar color scheme. My mom got me a new refill of my perfume in the large size, Elizabeth and James Nirvana White, which you may recall I got the gift set of but used up all of the perfume so I needed more because I am obsessed. Speaking of perfume, my Nana also got me a rollerball of the One Direction perfume Between Us because she knows how much I love them. I am so glad because it actually smells amazing – I had never smelt it before but it is very similar to Dior Hypnotic Poison to me… something about it anyways; I have always wanted that perfume but have never purchased it for some reason so I am glad I can try this one out.

 Next from my mom is the double pom hat which is so super cute and I am so excited to wear, I feel like a little bear in it and I just love it. She also got me an adult coloring book which I was so excited about; I have been wanting one for a while but didn’t think I would get one for some reason. I have not used it yet because I don’t have any pencil crayons or markers but as soon as I do I will be coloring my heart out. The mug and tea I received from David’s Tea is from my mom’s boyfriend and I love them both. The mug is probably the most perfect mug I have ever seen and my favorite by far and it is also one of my favorite kinds of tea so it worked out perfectly. 

The bra and pantie set is from Jay and I am in love with it. Jay always manages to pick out the prettiest pieces from Victoria’s Secret somehow that I never seem to see or in this case do see and really want without me saying anything. This particular bra was worn in two of the Fashion show outfits that were my favorite so naturally it was on my wish list and he managed to pick it out, needless to say I was a very happy camper. It is also a “Very Sexy” bra which are my favorite (and I own a lot and have tried on every single one so safe to say they are amazing) they just fit the best and give a good amount of push-up without being over the top and I find them the most comfortable as well.

I got this beautiful little Pandora ring from my mom as well which I also am in love with. I had no idea Pandora did jewelry other than charm bracelets for some reason… like I knew but never really thought about it. I am so happy with this though, it is so simple and dainty and goes so well with the rest of my jewelry collection. It is rose gold with little cubic zirconia diamantes around the bow as well. I would have picked it out myself out of all of the other rings on the website, I looked after Christmas and this was definitely the nicest one out of them all, my mom did very well with this and I have no doubt I will wear it almost everyday. 

Next is the shark stuff. Of course there had to be some shark things included with my presents because everyone knows I love them so it was pretty inevitable, I am 100% okay with that though. This year I got some pretty unique shark paraphernalia though and it is all amazing. In my coloring book there is a shark page which I am extremely excited about and will be the first I color obviously. I had to add this into the photo because I was so excited about it. I also received in my stocking, some HOLOGRAPHIC SHARK CARDS, yes you heard that right; each and every one of them are a different holographic shark and I can’t get over it. When I first saw them I looked through every one of them marveling at their magnificence, they are all different and the jokers are actually hilarious. If you ever come across them get them because it’s worth it.

This is my shark mug my Nana made for me and I love it so much ! Not only is it a shark but the fact that she took the time to make it for me makes it even more special. I wish I took a photo of the back but I completely forgot, the tail is on the back as if the shark is through the mug haha, so great. On the bottom she wrote a little to and from which I thought was super sweet. So this too as you can guess is one of my new favorite mugs as well ! 

This phone case is one of my favorite gifts this year as well. I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw this gift from my Cousin on Christmas morning. When I saw this case came out I wanted it SO badly, but couldn’t justify the price tag (I think it was like $75 U.S. or something) but somehow, someway, my cousin managed to get me one without even knowing I wanted it ! Needless to say, I was floored and have had it on my phone ever since. I have gotten so many compliments on it and I am still just as in love with it. 

Like honestly, how cute it is though ?

Here is an overview of the black and grey gifts I got this year (see what I did with the colors haha). To start with, I got two pairs of my favorite Lululemon leggings that I knew I was getting and here is the story of why. They went on sale Black Friday night at 12 when my mom was already asleep so I knew I was going to let her know because they had already been on my Christmas list from before because I loved them so much. In the morning I told her to get them but the full length ones were sold out so she got the cropped (they were really on sale by the way, from 128 to 39 so that is why I was so urgent about it). Later when we were shopping and I was in the Lululemon store we saw that they had the full length ones and so she got those for me as well. Both black, but black is always good anyways. So I knew I was getting those but I was super excited all the same. 

Next is the sweater on the left, I had no idea I was getting but it is a lovely Vero Moda grey marl knit sweater that has a high low hem and is extremely comfortable, from my mom as well. I also received one of the boxing day sets at Sephora which was the Nest perfume set. I had been wanting this as well, I got my friend one for Christmas the year before and she was raving about how much she loved it so I was curious about them and I do love the way they smell, the Indigo is my favorite. 

From my mom I also got this beautiful grey sweater dress from Aritzia that I had been wanting for a while. I’m sure you will be seeing an outfit post wearing this very soon although it has had a little mishap that I have been trying to fix for the past little while ( I may have shrunk it by accident) but I am determined to get it back because I love it so much and I was devastated when it happened so I have been doing everything in my power to fix it. I was even going to buy a new one but it was such a challenge to track one down so I gave up on that. So stay tuned to see the update with that ! 

Another one of my presents from Jay was this gorgeous ring and the beautiful earrings below. The are different to anything I have but are my favorite color, black, so of course I will get a ton of use out of them. They are both also very simple pieces that go perfectly with the rest of everything I own and are easily paired with those things as well. I do need to get the ring sized still but I have worn the earrings and love the way they looked on. I can’t wait to be able to wear the ring with them though as they make a nice little pair. It’s pretty cool too because Jay has some black jewelry as well, so we can match and it will just be a cool little thing that you probably wouldn’t notice by looking at us but I will know. 

This is a funny story as well, I have been wanting the naked palette for a while now and just had not purchased it for some reason. I go through fazes where I will buy all of the makeup and don’t mind spending money on it sometimes but then other fazes where I don’t want to spend money on makeup because I can spend it on clothes. I am now in the faze where I want to buy all the makeup by the way lol, just a little fun fact of the day. Anyways, I had given my Christmas list to my mom and wasn’t sure what she was going to get me so I told Jay to ask her what she had gotten so he could get something else that she had not gotten. Well, there was some miscommunication and I ended up with two naked palettes ! Which I was not mad about and was going to just keep one for a backup whenever this one ran out but I decided to exchange it for something else which you will see in another post very soon which I am absolutely loving ! Anyways, this palette is everything and is really worth all the hype. I went for the original because I like warmer colors but the Naked Palette 2 is also on my list in the future because it is also amazingly beautiful.

Onto the red section which doesn’t have much that I won’t be talking about it more detail but there is some socks that were in my stocking along with a lush bubble wand which is called the Magic of Christmas. I have used this once already and it is very spicy smelling, with cinnamon and cloves being the main ingredient and because it is a wand you can use it a lot more often than your average bubble bar. I also got another bubble bar that was called big bang which is blue with pink stars in it which is actually a bath melt so it feels extra soft on the skin and has a more lemony scent. I have used this one all up sadly but it was amazing.  

Another gift from Jay were these beautiful makeup brushed from the hakuho-do + Sephora pro collection. These makeup brushes are the softest things I have ever felt in my entire life. It feels like your putting your makeup on with silk, it is just perfection. I almost felt bad the first time I used them because I was ruining their perfectness but with the product I got in exchange for the second naked palette, they work amazingly well and my face has never looked better. I actually hadn’t heard of these before as I was in a non makeup faze before Christmas but Jay had gone into Sephora and asked what he should get me and the lady that was helping him said I needed these. They are synthetic brushes and pretty densely packed so they don’t absorb as much product but deposit’s more onto your face instead of into the brush. Anyways, I have been using them and am in love with them.

Lastly, another Black Friday set from Sephora that I got in my stocking was this trio of lipglosses from Bare Minerals. They are all lovely neutral colors that I have worn plenty of times already and they work beautifully over pretty much every lipstick. They are a thicker gloss too so they stay on the lips pretty well, I like stickier lipgloss for it’s staying power and the pigmentation is pretty good as well not super opaque but you can definitely see the color. I had never tried Bare Minerals lipgloss before but I actually really like it.

I am so thankful for everything that I received this year, it is all amazing and I couldn’t have asked for a better Christmas. I got a few more things from other family members as well, such as money et. that I am also extremely thankful for. I just want to say a big thank you to everyone if you are reading this you are all amazing and I am extremely thankful for everything so thank you so much love you !

I also bought a few things with money from Christmas and also exchanged that thing that I will be sharing with you very soon in a post. One of the things is very, very exciting and something I have been wanting for a while so stay tuned for that. 

Thank you so much for reading once again, I hope your Christmases were just as magical as mine and I hope this year is amazing for all of you <3

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