Christmas Eve

Hello Lovelies ! 

So sorry I have been extremely MIA lately ! Since I had taken so many days off for the Holidays, the week after New Years I was working practically all day everyday to make up for it so I had no time to myself. To make up for this though I have two posts from Christmastime, a little late now I know but I still want to share the look/ haul with you because I really love how the photos turned out for both. I also have one more look that will also be up after the other two (I am going to put one up a day, I have them all ready to go). I am hoping that I will also have another look up on Wednesday or Thursday next week and then one more hopefully Friday or Saturday; SO, in total there SHOULD be five posts up this week ! Which is more than I have ever done in a single week so stay tuned, it will be fun ! 

For now though, here is the look I wore on Christmas Eve featuring my favorite skirt for the Holidays this year and many to come I’m sure.

On Christmas eve, I always head to my moms house to spend the night and spend Christmas morning there. Jay and I usually exchange presents this night as well as I usually don’t see him for a few days after and it just works out to be the best time. Since Christmas day isn’t very eventful usually for my mom and I, Christmas eve is also the day I like to get the most dressed up and festive. I usually have some last minute wrapping to do, get things organized to take with me to my moms and we usually have Christmas Dinner with Jay’s family, although this year we had it the weekend before to make it more organized. 

So this year all of those things took place plus we had some very last minute shopping to do, after of this was finished we exchanged presents and spent some time together before heading out to drive down to my moms where on the way we stopped to take some photos at the Casino. Now, our plan was to go into the Casino and shoot some photos before leaving but we didn’t think about the fact that it was Christmas eve and the Casino wasn’t open; so instead we took some photos outside which turned out just as nice. The lighting was actually amazing, it looks almost like daytime – so whenever we need to shoot at night I think that I have found our new spot haha ! 

This skirt as I said in my last post is one of the most festive things you could own in your closet probably and so of course as soon as it arrived along with wearing it to the Christmas market, wearing it on Christmas eve was on the top of my do to list. I decided to wear it with a high necked cropped top which leaves a flattering little amount of skin showing and added this embellished jeweled collar to add some glam and dress it up a little extra for Christmas. I love this collar so much, it adds so much to an outfit instantly and that is why I bought it in the first place but this is actually the first time I have worn it ! I am not sure why, I do really love it but every time I would try it on with something I would think “oh this is just a little much”; finally though, I said no, it’s a special occasion I’m allowed to wear more sparkle, and so I did and I love how it turned out.

I love the amount of texture in this outfit as well, the leather clutch and shoes keep it sleek and sophisticated along side the velvet and embellishment on the collar, and the top with it’s crepe material is a perfect base to keep everything balanced. The only other thing I probably would have added now that I wasn’t thinking about with all the hecticness of the day would be a bracelet to tie in the silver in the collar but instead we get a very realistic hair tie which you can see in almost every post because honestly there is just always one on my wrist and I ALWAYS forget to take it off. Oh well, it’s very real haha; it’s a habit I do need to break though, maybe one day I will remember ! 

Overall I had a wonderful Holiday season as I mentioned in the last post, and I can’t wait for next year. It is my favorite time of the year as I’m sure you know if you have been following me and as soon as it’s over I’m just waiting for it to come around again. I also can not wait to style this skirt different ways as well next year ! I will probably wear it again sometime this season at some point if I manage to tone down the fact that it is Christmas in a skirt. If I manage to do this I will share it with you for sure haha, but if not we will just have to wait until next year. 

On another note, it is a New Year and I can’t wait for what is in store this year, it is going to be an amazing one I can feel it ! I hope you all are having a wonderful start to the year and have some wonderful resolutions, I actually haven’t made mine yet for some reason but I do plan on it. I think having goals is important, it keeps you on track. 

Let me know of some of your resolutions this year, I am curious ! Or just some things you know you are doing this year that you are excited for ! I would love some inspiration from all of you <3

Thank you so much for reading and don’t forget to come back to see my Christmas Haul that will be up tomorrow ! 

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