Christmas Day Haul !

I know this is way overdue it is now 2014 and a couple weeks past Christmas but I thought better late than never right ! I did take all of these photos on Christmas Day though haha. Here are just a few of my favorite gifts from this Christmas that I would like to share and of course I am in no way trying to brag about anything. Christmas is not about receiving gifts, it is about spending time with your friends and family and appreciating all of the things that we already have that money can’t buy. Personally I enjoy giving more than receiving and seeing the look on someones face when they open their gifts is my favorite thing about Christmas, I think long and hard about what to get and try to get the person I am buying for something they will really love and use. 

 Since my mom moved in with my aunt, it has become a tradition to sleep over there, spend Christmas eve wrapping and hanging out and then opening my presents with them on Christmas morning. This year it was extra special because Jay stayed over too and so I got to spend Christmas with him which we don’t normally get to do. We also got to sleep in my moms bedroom and she has a fireplace so it was super cozy and festive and I loved it so much. Here are some photos of the tree (and some sneaky stockings shhh) on Christmas Eve once we finished wrapping up the last couple presents. And right after this we went to sleep Zzz.

Christmas morning was amazing like I said and here are a few of my favorite things as I said, I got a lot more little things but as I was photographing people started arriving and it got hectic so I didn’t get a chance to get everything.

Here is my all time favorite present from this year and it was given to me by Jay <3. I am so obsessed with it still and I think it is the most perfect bag in the whole world. It is the Michael Kors Large Selma in Tan with Gold Hardware and it is so great, I could go on for days talking about it but honestly it is like me in a bag and is the perfect size and is my baby. It is such a thoughtful present and I could not appreciate it or him more. Best Boyfriend ever award <3. 

And my big present / my favorite present from my mommy this year is the most beautiful thing ever aka the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2013 robe which is so perfect I can’t even handle it either. I asked for the 2012 one and didn’t get it last year and once again asked for it and when I opened a VS box I knew right away. It has real Swavarski crystals and is so beautiful in real life. It makes me feel instantly like a VS model and definitely proves me with some fitness inspiration lol. She also got me the Victoria perfume which I already knew I was getting because I was with her and we both got one and wrapped it for each other lol, but I love it a lot it smells soooo good. 

The other few gifts from my mom that I love the most are the ones shown below. The agenda I don’t show in detail but it is so pretty and has illustrations like the cover throughout and the edge of all the pages are silver which makes it even more beautiful. There is also a full Charm sheet that shows all of the available charms this year and I want some new ones already ! 

This necklace my mom actually got in Mexico. I have a small obsession with sharks and somehow my mom managed to find a Hammerhead charm which I can put on my charm necklace that you will see below in a second (so convenient) lol. It is so unique but still so wearable and dainty, it is amazing and I will definitely wear it a lot. The fact that it is from Mexico makes it that much more special as well because someone legitimately made that by hand and that is just amazing to me. 

Now for the past 3 years (excluding last year) I have gotten holiday brush sets from Mac because they are a great deal and its also a great way to build up a brush collection. Now I didn’t think I was going to get one this year because I didn’t ask for one but Voila ! My aunt got me them even picked out the set I wanted most so props to her. The set I got is called the Stroke of Midnight Brush Set: Essentails and it comes with the 168SE contour, 217SE blending, 212SE flat definer, 239SE shader and the 193SE angled foundation. Now thankfully I did not have any of these brushes but I have used them all and they are marvellous.

Now my mom said that she just wandered into this store on a whim while shopping for me and she picked me out a charm bracelet and necklace and a few charms. Now I am obsessed with this store because the charms are so freaking cute and I would rather have this bracelet than a Pandora any day ( I think Pandora is hideous) but the charms at Thomas Sabo are so chic and dainty and overall just my style. Since Christmas I have already bought another charm which is a small key with a diamond chip in it (it was on sale) which I will photograph soon. But this has become my new obsession and I am not complaining, my mom knows me well AND picked out charms that I would have chosen myself…props to her. 

All of the charms can also go on the necklace she got me as well so I can switch things up as much as I please. P.s the boxes are freaking adorable and remind me of Henri Bendal which is also a plus. Overall they are a great store.


Lastly, here is a photo of my Christmas Onesie with Rudolph feet that my mom also got me taken with my iPhone so sorry about the horrid quality. This is also my favorite.

Overall I had an amazing Christmas and I am thankful for everyone in my life,  all of the wonderful things that I received this year and all of the wonderful experiences I got to share with the people around me. I hope that every single one of you reading this also had the most amazing Christmas ever too !

P.s. Sorry I’m such a slacker… this year I have made it a resolution to start posting twice a week at least and once I set my mind to things I tend to try as hard as I can to make them happen so keep a heads up !

P.s.s. I am going to post my after Christmas Haul and possibly some Christmas present extras later today or tomorrow latest <3

Thank you all,
Happy New Year

Love you <3

– Jess XOXO

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