Christmas at Grandmas

Now I did not take very many photos on Christmas day because in all honesty I didn’t like my outfit very much but I did really like the outfit I wore on Boxing day to my Grandmas, also my dads side of the family Christmas gathering. Originally, I was going to wear a crazy pretty embroidered Collar with this outfit but it felt like a bit much to wear there because not everyone gets very dressed up except for me and my cousin lol. So instead I just went for my key necklace which adds a little interest to an otherwise all black outfit but isn’t over the top.

While this looks like a dress it is actually a top and a skirt, the skirt is the H&M one I wear way too often and the top is from Zara which is actually broken (the clasp at the back) and that is why I never wear it. But I thought that it went perfect with the collar I was planning on wearing lol, so I just safety pinned it. It is pleated and has leather detailing around the neckline of the top and is sheer so I wore a tank top under it as well. The boots I am wearing are not actually mine, I forgot my shoes in Jay’s car when he left to go home on Christmas afternoon and therefore I was stuck with Uggs, thankfully my aunt had these which sort of went with my outfit but I would have liked to have been wearing my beige booties from Aldo…so just picture that instead lol, although I do quite like these boots I wouldn’t choose to wear them with this. But overall I love the combo of this top and skirt together and how it looks like a dress, it flatters my body really well I think and I know that I will be wearing it again and accessorizing it different ways.

 Here are some photos of me and my precious cousin Kristen as well, she looks amazing as usual obviously and she went for a casual but cute outfit as well. We both seem to like black apparently lol.

Outfit Details 


Top: Zara $39.99 CAN

Skirt: H&M $20.00 CAN

Necklace: Tiffany’s

Charm Bracelet: Thomas Sabo 

Tights: Calvin Klein $7.00 CAN

Boots: Marshalls I believe 


Top: Dynamite

Leggings: Dynamite

Boots: Marshalls

(Not sure about prices sorry

Merry Belated Christmas ! It is never too late to be festive, and maybe you will get some inspiration on what to wear for Christmas next year ? I mean I doubt it lol but oh well.

Only a few more Christmas posts I promise haha, but I think that Christmas spirit should be spread all year round anyways <3 And one of them is another haul and hauls are always okay with me.


-Jess <3

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