Canada Day Fun

Alright, so from now on I am never going to say ” ill post it tomorrow” ever again because it never happens. I’m trying though ! As soon as fall hits I guarantee I will be posting like every day.. but for now I just have to be out enjoying the sunshine and summertime. Now just to prove how behind I really am, this post is from Canada Day… yep that is July 1st exactly 19 days ago… I really suck lol, but oh well better late than never right !

So on this fine Canada day Jay and I spent the day just chilling outside with the family playing games et. But then we had this amazing idea to climb on the roof and take photos, probably not the smartest or safest idea but it was fun and definitely worth it. Also, these photos make up for the fact that we were half late for the fireworks and I did not get very many or very good photos at all.

Honestly though, how beautiful is this field ! It is Barley in case anyone was wondering, and the tractors or whatever is used to go through the field had just been through, making some tracks that add so much more interest to the photo than if it was just a field of green. The sun was also setting which is why these photos are so beautiful… I think I’m going to go onto the roof more often now that I think about how fun it was.

This is the other side of the house and the road, where the front of the house faces. Jay took this photo because he was climbing all over the roof and running around, I was sitting because I was scared to fall to my death at the very tip of the roof but Jay didn’t seem to think that would happen to him.. and it didn’t thankfully. Either way it turned out gorgeous, I don’t know how Jay always seems to get lens flares in the pictures he takes but he does and I love it so that’s cool. Way in the distance there is also the Barrie water tower lol.

Like I said, no fear. I personally wouldn’t recommend doing this at home, it is rather dangerous.

See how peaceful it is sitting, it doesn’t give you a heart attack and it doesn’t look like I’m about to fall to my demise. I love this photo so much, Jay definitely deserves some props because he always takes good photos of me.It looks like I am floating on top of the world… or just that field but you know. I am going to talk about my outfit in a couple photos where you can actually see my whole body, it’s not that exciting but it does incorporate the only true red article of clothing I own, I have lots of mahogany but no red for some reason and I love red so I have no idea why; I think it looks pretty good on me too so I am definitely going to get some more red into my life. 

We were trying to be Canada spirited but neither of us is wearing white but black instead, oh well we tried, we match at least. See, this part of the roof he’s on = danger zone, that is where I am sitting but sitting is not dangerous.

Of course I had to ask him to take another photo of my whole body and my outfit on the roof where it was not as slanted. My outfit is not that exciting because I really don’t own any red clothing but I tried to be as festive as I could while still looking cute… also don’t mind the lack of shoes and accessories, I was pretty much just outside all day but when we went to the fireworks I was wearing my white little sneakers.As for the rest of my outfit: I am wearing my only red top which happens to be a tank top from Aritzia by the brand Talula and I believe it was around $35.00 CAN ? I bought it a while ago but I feel like that is right. My skirt is from H&M which is another one of those staple items in my closet that I wear ALL the time. It is very flattering and super versatile and was only $20.00 CAN, I wear it in the fall / winter with tights and then in the summer just bare legged, it is a little short but I always wear shorts underneath so it’s okay.

And that sums up my Canada day outfit, although it is simple and not very accessorized I think it is a good outfit that can be worn pretty much anywhere, if I added some heels it could be worn out or just sneakers like I wore it for the daytime. It is super comfortable but is still really cute and pulled together.

 Shirt: Aritzia, Talula    Skirt: H&M   Earrings: Forever21    Necklace: Tiffany’s 

 Lastly, here is another photo of the sunset and a half decent photo of the fireworks as well.

 See it’s not very good at all.

Until next time,


Jess <3

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