Boldt Castle, Heart Island & 1000 Islands Boat Tour

Hey Everyone ! While I was on my mini summer vacation last week, one of the main reasons I was going down in the first place, was to go on the 1000 Islands Boat Tour and to see Boldt Castle on Heart Island with my mom. The cruise leaves from Gananoque Canada, and heads across the border to the U.S. where the Castle is located, which is on the coast of New York (about a 3.5 hr drive from Toronto to Gananoque). I love boats to begin with and the fact that we were going to a Castle made it all the better, once again living the princess dream (it would be better if I could actually live there but hey, work with what you got). I have oodles of photos here for your eye’s pleasure, and to talk about all of them in detail would leave you here reading about everything for a solid hour. SO, I am only going to talk about the overall background story and a little bit about how it was and then just label what everything is because if I start rambling, I will never stop. 


The Castle
was absolutely amazing, everything was so detailed and beautifully
preserved. The story behind the castle is that George Boldt (owner of
the world famous Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York) built it as a
display of love for his wife Louise. It was meant to be a 120 room
castle fully equipped with complete with Italian gardens, a drawbridge,
Alster tower (children’s playhouse…and freaking terrifying) and a
rookery (bird house tower thing). In 1904 Louise suddenly died and
Mr.Boldt stopped all construction of the Castle and never again returned
to the Island. It was left alone for 73 years until it was bought by
the Thousand Islands bridge Authority and was then preserved and
reconstructed for the enjoyment of the public. I am very glad they
decided to do this because such an amazing structure that was never
really used would be a waste if nobody ever saw it ! The gardens and the
architecture are amazing and it would have been the most beautiful
home, I had an amazing time and I want to go back again for sure ! I
think in the fall it would be especially spectacular.

Alster Tower from the boat


Front of the Castle from the boat

Alster Tower

Stairs outside of the tower that we couldn’t climb unfortunately

 Inside the playhouse… I also took a photo of the creepiest bowling alley in there but am too scared to look at it lol, its super dark and I just don’t want to brighten it lol !

 I wore this dress for the first time on this little trip and am absolutely in love with everything about it ! I also paired it with my pink sandals and a black clutch to keep everything simple, streamlined and modern. I love this outfit a whole lot and will be wearing it again, especially the dress. The dress is very flattering because of the subtle way the lines draw the eye inward even though it is a shift and they typically make you look boxy. I had to hem it as well because it was all the way down to my knees when I first got it and because it is such a boxy shape it swallowed me up, it is perfect now though ! What I love most about it, is that every color is practically in it and so it can be worn with literally almost everything. I already have another idea for styling it that is completely different than this outfit ! I am excited to share that with you soon ! Details are near the bottom of the post.

 Front view of the Castle

Fountain with a Lion or something puking water ?

 This is my house… I am Rapunzel after all, incase you didn’t know.

(Really the Rookery)

Inside the Rookery (aka. my tower)

 Stunning View

Finally getting into the Castle ! Now, I took a LOT more photos but this post is already going to be long enough, so I may post more extras in the future, but I made sure there is a good story in photos of inside the Castle so you get a good overall feel.

The Library


 Unbelievably beautiful… Grand Staircase

Side of the Reception Room

One of the Children’s Rooms… this would be my room if I lived here, it was my favorite.

Does it not remind you of Blair’s in Gossip Girl somewhat?

Outside along the Castle wall


Outfit Details

| Dress (similar)| Shoes (similar, slight different color) | Clutch | Necklace |

Mini Island

 Thank you all for reading ! I hope you have an amazing week <3 


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