Bohemian Winter

Hello Darlings ! 

I hope you all have had a wonderful week, mine was alright – you know, the usual… work. Besides that though I did manage to shoot this look for you all which I am very excited to be sharing. I had to go to work later on in the day but I really wanted to shoot these photos before-hand and so I got ready and we set off to a location that I thought was going to be wonderful with this look… the library. Let me just tell you that was a horrible idea. In my head I had vision of how amazing it would look with all of these rustic looking books, wood paneling, the whole nine yards, I could hold them and lean up against the bookcase (it looked so chic in my head) but boy was that not the case. 

First off, our library for some reason was extremely busy for a Wednesday afternoon, there were people everywhere. Secondly, there were no areas that were hidden enough to take photos out of the way ; and thirdly, the library was not as cute as the photos made it out to be. So, because we were jammed for time, we reverted back to where we know… outside in the cold. I’m not mad though because I think these photos actually turned out great, it’s a simple non messy backdrop and the lighting was perfect. It was a little chilly standing there without a coat ( okay more than a little, I couldn’t feel my feet after ) but once again, worth it for the photos. I have since learned my lesson though (I think) and will be wearing coats for outdoor photos from now on. Anyways, enough of my blabbering, let’s get on to what I want to share with you today ! 

 I am in love with this dress, it is easily one of my favorite items of clothing I have acquired recently. It is from a website called SheIn, formerly known as SheInside. SheIn is an online women’s clothing boutique that sells once again fashionable clothing at a great price point (if you can see a theme with my recent posts, I really like to save money on clothing where I can haha). They have a lot of amazing pieces, such as this dress here and they sell shoes and accessories also. 

 You may feel like you recognize this dress, I know I did when I saw it and as soon as I did knew that I needed to have it. It is very similar to a dress from Free People but at a huge discount, that dress was over $100.00 and this one is only $18.99 ! Steal right ! You could buy it in every color for less than the Free People version. Now I’m sure there are slight differences but this dress is amazing quality and just as beautiful as it looked online, so I would choose this one any day. Now I’m not sure if there are more similar pieces from different stores as I haven’t looked that hard, but I do know that if I see something I like from Free People I will be checking SheIn right after first before ordering it. 

The thing I love the most about this dress is the lace neckline and also the color. Okay, honestly I love the sleeves and the loose fit of it as well… I just love the entire thing, it is perfect. The lace neckline is what really makes it the most special though. The fact that it is tight around the neck but has the opening in the chest with the dainty Chantilly lace around it is so soft and feminine. It is not stuffy and too old fashioned because the opening keeps it current and shows just enough skin. I also love that the whole thing isn’t lace because the material on the bottom keeps it casual enough to wear with practically anything, it literally is just the best thing ever haha, I could rave about it all day long. The only thing to keep in mind is that is is see through, so you have to wear something underneath, I went for a black slip and some black shorts (because I always wear shorts under dresses) and it worked perfectly.

Because the dress reminded me so much of Free People, I wanted to keep that relaxed casual bohemian vibe going with the look so I decided to pair it with my black floppy hat, knee high boots and my newest lovely purse. Also, since wearing hats flatten out my hair so much I decided to add some extra volume to it with my Irresistible Me Extensions. They really add so much volume to my hair and just make it look so much more full and luscious. When my hair is straight especially, I feel like it is just boring and hangs there, but with the added fullness it looks so much better and like it has life. 

Outfit Details 

| Dress: SheIn | Floppy Hat: H&M | Boots: Forever21 Similar

| Purse: Michael Kors Similar Black Isn’t On Website | Hair Extensions : Irresistible Me

This is one of my favorite looks I have shot in a while and it makes me so happy to be able to style this dress different ways in the future ! I may even need to get it in a few more colors because I love it that much ! If I do I will keep you updated for sure ! 

Now do you guys have any ideas of where to take outfit photos in the Winter ? I am so used to shooting them outside, and in my small town there is not very many places to do that are nice enough for photos. So if you have any ideas please let me know, especially if you happen to live in my area haha ! 

Thank you so much for reading as always, it truly means the world for all of your support <3 

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