Birthday Little Black Dress

Hello again gorgeous people !

* Make sure to grab a cup of tea or coffee and sit down for a nice read because this is a long one !*

So as I mentioned in passing in my most recent post, it was my birthday last Saturday ! I am now a 24 year old… it feels so weird to write ! I can’t believe how time flies, I feel like it was just yesterday when I turned 20 and almost had a mini life crisis because I was like “damn, I’m an adult now… ah !” and now there is only one year left until I am 25. When I was younger, I thought my life would be completely together by the time I was 25. I thought I would be about to get married, thinking about children, and have my career on path… Boy was I wrong ! I am no where near ready, still not ready to “adult” and am still figuring everything out. That is okay though, because as I get older I have realized that there is no such thing as having your life together. Life isn’t this perfect picture you can keep in a frame and once you hang it up that is all; life is changing and evolving and learning every step of the way. So, in saying all of this, I am excited to be 24 and see what the year has in store for me. Of course I have goals and things I want to accomplish, but there is no urgency or need to do it right now, I have plenty of time to do all of the things I want to do !

Anyways, haha after that little life lesson ramble, let’s talk about my birthday ! To celebrate, this year instead of doing the traditional going out for dinner thing, I decided I wanted to switch it up and have afternoon tea instead ! There is just something so lovely and elegant about afternoon tea, it is usually a lot more quiet and quaint as well – much easier to spend time with the people you are celebrating with ! For the location of said tea, I decided on The Old Mill, which is much more than a place to just go for tea. The Old Mill is a heritage hotel here in the Toronto area that has various other aspects to it as well such as a restaurant, a spa, a tea room and is also a venue where a lot of weddings and events take place. It is very English inspired, looking like it plopped right out of London and is just a beautiful place to visit and of course, take photos.

The tea itself was wonderfully delicious, the tea menu included a selection of about 8 different teas and a selection of amazing finger sandwiches, scones and sweet goodies as well which is standard in most afternoon tea spreads. The food was absolutely delicious, although there wasn’t that much of it, it was a pretty light meal, so just know that if you ever plan on going ! It was definitely worth it though just for the experience alone. The only thing I was disappointed about was that the normal terrace room that they usually hold afternoon tea in was taken over by a bridal shower. So, instead of having a bright open room with windows all around and all white decor, we were seated in a darker room beside a fireplace. This was nice too, and would be amazing during the wintertime but meant that I couldn’t get any photos of the tea on my camera because it was so dark. I do have one photo on my Instagram that you can check out if you want to see what it looked like but you will just have to take my word that it was delicious !


After we were done tea, we walked around the grounds for a while taking photos of course ! Before my wonderful boyfriend took most of these of just me for the blog, we took a few together as a group. This first one down below is of myself, my mom (right) and I always go to say my mom’s friend Maria but really she is my friend too (right) who were lovely enough to come out for tea along with my mom’s boyfriend. Below that is two of Jay and I which unfortunately all except for the second of Jay and I had rainbow lens flares going through them haha, but I really don’t mind because I liked the photos anyways. I had such a lovely time with them and am glad they could come out to celebrate my birthday because I had a wonderful time !

I have just realized that with all of this rambling about life, my birthday et. I have completely neglected one major thing I’m sure a lot of you are completely confused by right now… MY HAIR ! I got it cut and balayaged the day before my birthday and I absolutely love it ! I went to flaunt boutique in Toronto after reading a ton of reviews on who did the best balayage to make sure it would turn out amazing and I am super happy with it ! To be honest, I didn’t really want my hair this short though. When I went in I asked for 2 or 3 inches off of the bottom and my hairdresser thought that I needed a bit more so that she could work with it and she could get all of the dead ends off. So then she proceeded to show me the length she thought should come off, which was about 5 inches, still sitting under my boob. I thought “perfect, still long enough, sounds great”. She cut off that much, did the color and then proceeded to add in the layers et. after it was colored and that’s where she cut off a little bit more from the bottom and all of a sudden my hair had lost at least 6/7 inches.

 At first, it felt so super short and I was in shock, wasn’t really sure about how I felt but now I really like it. It is still a little short for me but it will grow, it feels and looks super healthy and I am OBSESSED with the color. It adds so much dimension to it and is such a nice change for the spring time ! If you are wondering, I got beige balayage and my hair just has long blended layers ! If you are in the Toronto area I highly recommend checking out Flaunt Boutique as it was such a cool place and they did an amazing job on my hair, I will definitely be going back there for sure ! Everyone was super sweet as well, and the girl at the front desk even took my photo for their Facebook page and gave me some free samples because it was my birthday and I thought that was super sweet !

I am sorry this post is so long already and I haven’t even gotten onto my outfit ! The main star of the show in this look of course, is a mixture of my dress and my jacket. If you can believe it or not, I actually until now did not own a proper little black dress ! I know, crazy right ! It’s not because I didn’t need one in my life because I have needed one on many occasions, but I had just never found one that I absolutely love until this baby. I was browsing around online for my birthday dress in the weeks leading up to my birthday, seeing possible choices but never settling on one, then I stumbled across this one and knew instantly that this was it. I absolutely love the origami detail to the skirt, it is what drew my eye to it originally because it makes it so much more interesting and special. I also love that the skirt is a slight bubble style because that mixed with the top fitting so perfectly defines my waist to well that I would be confident wearing it anywhere. Originally, I wanted the same dress but in this beautiful champagne color that is still one of the most stunning dresses I have ever seen ( I think I am going to order that one sometime as well) but when I went into Topshop, they didn’t have it in my size unfortunately. So instead, I went with the black version which actually turned out better anyways because I can wear this dress so many different ways, and as I said it is my perfect little black dress. I did have to get it altered a tiny bit, just taken in a little on the side in the boob area ; there was no way I could wear a bra with it because of the thin straps and now it holds my boobs in place perfectly where as before they were swimming in it a little.

For my birthday my mom got me this beautiful pink moto inspired long jacket from Zara that I had been wanting so badly and the matching skirt as well ( an outfit with these together will be coming soon ). For any of you who know me, I am obsessed with pink, so this is literally the most perfect jacket in the world to me. Of course I decided to wear it to tea because it is super ladylike and perfect for the occasion to wear over my dress but I am also going to be wearing it a TON this season because it is so perfect for spring. I love how well it went with the outfit I had already planned to wear to tea, the black zipper accents matching my all black outfit perfectly. To add some edge to go along with the moto details of the jacket, I went for my Sam Edelman Valentino Rockstud inspired heels. I have worn these shoes to death, but they add such a lovely little touch of edge to any outfit with the studs without being too over the top out there. Honestly, these shoes have been making me think more and more about investing in the actual Valentino’s because I know I would get my wear out of them, but for now I will just stick with these ! For accessories, everything was very simple. I just wore my Michael Kors Dillon, which has not left my arm since I purchased it, and dainty silver jewelry to go with the ladylike vibe of the outfit.


Jay and I took a lot longer at the Old Mill than everyone else did of course because we took SO many photos, trying to find the best spot the whole time,even though it is all just stunning (as you can imagine since there are so many weddings there). One thing I forgot to mention earlier, is while we were there, we saw like 4 different wedding parties ! They were all taking photos in the best spots to begin with so it was slim pickings at first, but nearer to the end they all started to clear out and we got to explore the beautiful wedding garden and take loads of photos there. I definitely have an itch for getting married there now for sure because it was just so gorgeous ! We will have to see what the future holds though haha !

Outfit Details

| Dress Topshop | Jacket Zara | Shoes Sam Edelman | Bag Michael Kors | Necklace Tiffany & Co. |

| Bracelet Thomas Sabo |



After we were finished with the photos, we headed back to my house to have birthday cake with my mom and marina ( which was super delicious by the way ) and that concluded my birthday festivities ! Jay and I had originally planned to go out on the town that night but we decided we would do it another time as we both just didn’t feel like it, but I am glad we just had so chill time instead ! The perfect end to a perfect day. Overall, I had such an amazing birthday and am super happy I got to spend such it with my friends and family doing things that I generally just love to do. Yes, eating cake is definitely one of those things haha !

Thank you so much to those of you who stuck through and read it all haha ! I know this one was super long but I just had a lot to share about such an eventful day. I hope you enjoyed reading and if you have any questions about anything feel free to leave me a comment down below !

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