Back To School…Again.

Hey lovelies!

So remember that one time I said I wanted to start sticking to a blog schedule this year ? HA ! Not going to happen. It’s not that I don’t want to… I really, really do but I just started school this past week ( I am going for paralegal studies whaaat ) I know crazy right ! I will explain more about that a little further down here but I am already drowning in work and it’s day one of week two. I honestly feel guilty writing this right now when I should be doing readings haha…ugh. So I am going to try and post as much as possible – hopefully once I catch up on readings I will have a little more time but we shall see haha. None the less please be patient with me, I will try my best ! I can promise you though I won’t stop posting all together, I am going to try to make time as much as possible and hopefully that will result in a few posts a month (heres to hoping).

Here is an outfit I took photos for before school started ! Woo hoo ! I also have another one ready to go for you guys so at least we know we have that haha if all else fails (which it won’t) but just incase. It was a super, super warm day out, literally plus 8 and I felt the need overwhelmingly to go outside, take advantage of it and snap some shots ! This outfit was kind of thrown together in the sense that I had tights on but because it was so warm I wanted to take the opportunity to let my bare legs see the light of day ! I am a skirt connoisseur as you may know if you have been following me for a while (I think I have a total of 2-5 posts with pants on) and that doesn’t change in the winter but there’s something about having bare legs with skirts.

Grey is my favourite colour to wear as you may know and I have added so many grey knit pieces to my wardrobe recently it is getting a little out of hand. This sweater I am wearing with the lace up detail is one you may recognize from my what I got for Christmas post that jay got for me. It is oversized and perfect to wear with leggings but I wanted to show how you can dress it up if you want to as well ! I tucked it into my trusty denim skirt that I hadn’t gotten to wear in a while and I think the colour combination of grey and blue is so pretty. Not only did I accessorize with my grey bobble hat that has blue fluff throughout the pom pom as well (I am such a great matcher) but I also added these chunky SUPER freaking soft socks as another element that acts as a cute addition to the look but also adds warmth to my toes. I love wearing these booties with socks as you may remember from this post a while ago ! The cutout makes them perfect for it so how could I not.

About school now ! I am going back for paralegal as I stated which is the complete opposite of Fashion Business haha ! You are probably thinking what made me want to go to school for law of all things (don’t worry everyone in my life was also super confused) and the answer is simple, I am interested in it because of podcasts. That’s right, I know sounds insane and it probably is but I am so obsessed with true crime podcasts that I somehow along the way became extremely interested in the law and why certain things are laws. I can tell you that I am super overwhelmed by legal terms right now but also freaking loving it ! It is so interesting and I am having so much fun learning. I guess that’s all you can hope for right haha ! The reason I am not going to Law School because I am sure you are also wondering that, is because a. it is super expensive and b. that would take four years instead of one so I decided to try out this paralegal thing first before committing to anything ! We shall see where it takes me but for now I am enjoying it so, so much.


Thank you so much for reading and I apologize in advance for the lack of content you will see this year but just know I am trying my best !


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