Aztec Sunset

As you can see by the first photo, the sunset this night really can not be put into words. It was one of the best ones of the summer, well that I had seen anyways and thankfully Jay and I had already decided to go for a walk in the field that night and it turned into a perfect photo opportunity. This first photo especially is so stunning because of the way the rays are coming out of the clouds and the contrast in colors is also just amazing annnddd they just happen to match the outfit I was wearing as well. 

The outfit I was wearing was pretty simple, just a tank top and jeans, very casual and practical for walking through a field . As you can see the barley had just been cut and those stalks are really hard and can scratch your legs up easily, so even though it was really hot jeans (and boots) were a must. The cut and fit of this tank top is also amazing and skims the body perfectly, still shows your shape but is also very forgiving as well. I love the detail of the double strap on this tank and also the color. I don’t own anything in a light blue actually, and I think it looks pretty good with my coloring.

I am also wearing a poop ton of rings, my Tiffany necklace, pearl earrings, infinity bracelet and aztec boots to spice it up. I also like that this outfit can easily be worn in the fall time with a sweater thrown over the top and the scarf ( shown below) thrown over it.

The scarf I was wearing is massive and being the creative person I am (
not, I saw this done so many times before lol ) I decided to use it more
as a flag than an actual scarf to add a little something to some of the photos because really,  I thought it would look cool.

 I love how the colors in the scarf match the sunset perfectly and how the sun looks coming through it as well. Other than the fact of me looking super awkward and kind of derpy I love this photo and how much the scarf adds color and life to it. It also matches my boots a little and I think they compliment each other well without fighting for attention because they are different color and different sized patterns.

I feel like this photo is so Lana Del Rey if that makes sense lol. Summertime Sadness anyone?

Tank top: Brandy Melville $26.00 CAN   

Jeans:American Eagle  $50.00 CAN    

Boots: Shoemint $109.00 CAN   

Scarf: Shoemint Free Gift !   

 Rings: Brandy Melville & Aldo Accessories      

Necklace: Tiffany’s  

   Earrings: Forever21   

  Bracelet: Brandy Melville 

And because I’m a nut job I started running around with the scarf on my head and jay thought it would be funny to take photos. This one ended up pretty cool though actually even though I’m laughing hysterically and look 5, it’s whatever.

I will leave you with this amazing picture of the sun. I feel like it looks like a complete different country’s sunset like somewhere in the desert or turkey or something… I don’t know I just feel like it’s too amazing to be here. Arizona ! that’s what I’m thinking with the scarf and everything… very grand canyon if I do say so lol.

That will be all for now ! Soon I will be posting more fall outfits because it is starting to become colder and my favorite time of yearrrr ! Ahhh so excited <3 You should be excited too because that’s when all my style comes out to play.

Au Revoir <3

– Jess XOXO

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