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This week has been extremely hot here in Ontario. We have had extreme heat warnings for the last few days, it has been the most humid weather I ever remember and it has rained quit a bit… not the best weather in the world but at least it’s not snowing haha (ugh I am dreading winter) ! I wanted to preface this post with that information because my hair is rather lacking in these photos and that would be the reason why. I re-curled it three times this day; once right before taking these photos also but it just wanted to be straight and there was nothing I could do about it ( I used a whole lot of hairspray too but that also didn’t help). 

On this fine day Jay and I decided to head to the mall, mainly to go to Zara; he loves it as well thankfully so me spending an hour there isn’t really a bother to him because he can look for clothes as well which works out perfectly. I also wanted to get a few other things, and thankfully I found mostly what I was looking for… our mall doesn’t have every store that I wanted to go to but I can order other things online so it’s all good. Also, I will be doing a haul soon with all of things I have bought recently because I have acquired quite a few things in the last couple of weeks). Anyways, after the mall we headed to the park to take some photos- just dodging a storm we passed through on the way home including giant raindrops and hail… yes hail (it was like 28 degrees that day so I’m really confused). At the end of our photo taking session it started to rain and we had to run to the car before getting poured on haha. Later on in the day we headed over to have some drinks with friends and had a really great night, here is the outfit I wore for all of the above activities ! 

Two of the trends I have been loving this season are lace-up tops, dresses, shoes… everything really and mini bags, which is why I have incorporated both of these things into this outfit ! 

Lace-up has been a trend ever since the spring time as a branch off of the 70’s which has been huge this year but a lot of the 70’s colors and patterns have more of a fall look which is why it is carrying over as a huge trend for fall as well. I love this dress because it is simple and easy to wear. It is a simple black shift dress but has the lace-up detail making it a lot more special than it would be without it. For me it was important to find the perfect lace-up piece instead of buying just any one; I have a fuller chest so I wanted to make sure that the dress itself wasn’t too tight or sexy in shape or cut because I wanted it to be fashion forward and trendy and not just a night out dress. I love this one because it just skims over my body in a very flattering way and isn’t too short, so the skin showing through the lace-up is just enough to keep things fresh and modern. I have also already thought of so many ways to wear it because it is such a simple style and black of course so it will match everything. It is the perfect lace-up dress if you ask me ! I love the look of lace up body suits tucked into things so I think I may have to purchase one soon but once again I will have to try it on because I feel like it may be a little revealing but we’ll have to see ! Check back to see ways I style this dress and maybe a lace-up body suit in the future !

The second trend that is going to be huge this upcoming autumn is mini bags – specifically mini structured bags ( box bags are going to be everywhere ) like this mini faux croc bag I picked up while we were shopping. I love how dainty and feminine small bags are, they have a very vintage 50’s feel to them and add an unexpectedness to your everyday clothing pieces. I love playing around with textures and proportion , the faux crocodile gives this bag dimension and interest and because of the crepe style material of the dress it really stands out. Also, this material as well as the navy color (which I will also talk about in a second) adds a modern twist to a very classically shaped bag. 

Another trend this fall is navy accessories instead of your standard black, and the best thing to do with these navy accessories is pair them with black clothing ! Yes, the long forsaken pairing of black and navy is now a trendy thing ! I never really understood why this was a faux pas, but it’s okay because you are now encouraged to pair these two colors together and I understand why – the navy bag because of the slight color difference ( and texture as I said ) make it really pop out against the black and lets you see the detail of each thing a lot better. 

Like I have said many times, versatility is a must when it comes to clothing and the fact that I was able to wear this doing three different activities makes it a winner in my books. It wasn’t too risque for shopping, was fine for walking around the park and was also great to wear out for drinks ! The fact that I didn’t have to change to do multiple things makes me very happy because who likes dirtying two outfits when you can just dirty one ?

The shoes I chose to wear with this of course were my trusty booties, they are just so comfortable and go with everything it is hard not to wear them in every post. While I was at the mall I actually had about three people ask me about them and when I told them they were only 40 dollars from H&M they were shocked, I guess they do kind of look like they cost more than they did. I had other shoes in the car I was planning to take photos of this outfit wearing but I thought “no I wore these all day, so why not shoot the realistic outfit of the day” and I’m glad I did because they work just as well. 

Lastly, I accessorized with were the earrings I also purchased at the mall that I am in love with. I have been wanting ear jackets for the longest time but couldn’t find any in store that I liked. The only ones I ever saw were on bauble bar but finally when I was shopping around I found some lovely ones in Aldo (they had quite a few) and couldn’t be happier; I think I am going to buy some more very, very soon they are just so much more interesting than regular studs. 

Outfit Details 

| Lace-Up Dress | Mini Bag | Booties (Similar) | Earrings |

All of these pieces that I am wearing in this post are extremely versatile and will go well with the rest of my wardrobe, I will be able to mix and match them to create different outfits so expect some of these to be seen very soon ! I have already thought of a few ways to wear the dress as I have said and of course the bag will be matched with a bunch of things as well so stay tuned. Also, like I said I will be doing a haul post so you will be able to see what I have purchased… I’m sure you will see everything soon anyways in outfits but hauls are fun and it will be fun to photograph !

I hope you enjoy these new trends for fall 2015 as much as I do, I have been going fall crazy lately and am so excited for pumpkin everything and the leaves to change, cozy sweaters and booties, and of course the crisp weather where my hair doesn’t look like a hot mess ! If you have any trends you are excited to be sporting this fall let me know I would love to get some inspiration from you all <3

Thank you so much for reading <3

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