Au Revoir Summer

So because it feels like Winter now here in Canada and I didn’t get a chance to post about this day yet, I thought I would share with you our trip to Sandbanks on one of the few nice days we actually had this summer… a last hurrah before it is Winter once again (which isn’t far away). My mom, my cousin, my nana and I took a trip up to the beach for the day on the week I was staying down in Toronto, the day after my mom and I went to Gananoque. We specifically wanted to go to Sandbanks because it has all of these huge Sank banks (hence the name) and the sand is very soft and lovely in your toes. Last year on the way back from Montreal we stopped there and it was so beautiful and such a great day that we wanted to go back this year and so we did. The beach is about a two and a half hour drive away from our house but it is a lot nicer than the beaches near us and a great place to go for a day trip. 

Although for most of the day we went it was cloudy, it got Sunny about an hour after we got there and stayed Sunny until just before we left so it was actually a very beautiful day. The water was a little cold but the waves were pretty big and so it was a lot of fun diving into them and having them smash you back. Typing that out it doesn’t seem very fun (but I can assure you it was a blast) I was laughing my head off the whole time and we would try to find the biggest waves and run to where they were the best. 

It was a great day and the only time I got to go to the beach this summer (although I live down the road from one). It hasn’t been a normal summer, it has been pretty cold and dreary, so I am happy that for that one week I was down it actually felt like a summer should and we got in a beach day because no summer is complete without a beach day.

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