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Hello Gorgeous ! 

Yes you, how are you doing today ? Amazing I hope, and I hope your weekend was great as well. I had a great weekend actually which consisted of having a night out with friends at a concert, a late Christmas party, and going to the MacLaren Art Centre which is where these photos were taken ! Now, we didn’t realize until after but we saw a plaque on the wall saying you technically aren’t supposed to take photos there lol but no one said anything to us so I’m assuming it was okay ? Either way I am glad that we did because the building is beautiful and provided a beautiful location for our shoot. 

The MacLaren Art Centre is a local art gallery near our home which I had always wanted to go to but we had just never gotten around to doing it, so on this rainy day we decided to head there to see what it was all about. There are several different galleries to browse through and it has a lot of interesting exhibits to see. My favorite thing was a piece inspired by Alice In Wonderland, right when you walk in there is a small door with an even smaller door in it which happens to have Alice’s Studio right inside of it ! So cool right ! There was also a first nations exhibit that was extremely interesting, in those rooms we didn’t take any photos (we tried not to get any of the art itself) but all in all, it was a really fun experience and I can’t wait to go back once they have different things to see !

Now, two more things I want to share with you in this post here is this Beautiful Grey Knit Sweater (which you may remember from one of my posts recently called Oasap grey knits) which is actually from Romwe, and my newest purse purchase that I am obsessed with from Michael Kors. Romwe is an amazing website that offers beautiful high quality, stylish clothing at amazing prices. They specialize in women’s clothing and also have accessories and shoes as well. If you have not browsed it before, I highly suggest it because they have some amazing pieces ! 

As you may remember in said post I just mentioned, this was one of my favorite sweaters from the grey knits that I picked out and I even said that I wanted to purchase it Well, I now have it and I am obsessed with it ! While I was browsing around Romwe I saw that they had the same one and had to get it. It is even more beautiful in person than it was on the site; I love how chunky the cable knit is and how large the turtleneck was, it is a proper cozy – keep your neck warm one which is perfect for snowy Canada ! I also mentioned how this is your typical cable knit and is essential to have in your closet because you can wear it so many ways and it is just a versatile piece to have which you will see in the future as I’m sure I will be wearing it again and again. As for this day, I styled it all in black with my trusty leather leggings and booties, as well as my beautiful new purse. It is just a nice casual outfit for gallery browsing.

Now, let us talk about this beautiful thing here. Is it not the most beautiful purse you have ever seen ? Wait, don’t answer that, I know it isn’t, but it is definitely up there ! It is the Michael Kors Medium Dillon in Black. The shape and style of it remind me of the Saint Laurent Sac De Jour which I have been lusting over, and probably will be lusting over for my entire life. The little bag charm hanging down and the very square shape of it are what remind me of the Saint Laurent version and are what I mainly love about this bag for a fraction of the price. It is still amazing quality though; I love my Selma because of the Saffiano Leather, it just stays brand new looking forever (I have had and been using mine everyday for about 3 years) and this bag has the same so it will last just as beautifully I’m sure. 

I decided to go for black this time around because I wear a lot of black honestly, and even though I loved my Luggage colored purse to warm outfits up, all black gives off a different vibe that I love just as much. I also like gold hardware on black purses a lot more than silver because it makes them look a lot more luxurious in my opinion and is also one of the things I love about this bag. I could honestly talk about it all day but you will be seeing it A LOT more so I’m sure I will rant about it some more at a further date in time. 

The archway is just so beautiful on the upper level of the gallery that I had to add this photo in, I love exposed brick in buildings so much – it is something that I require in my home one day. Also, this one gallery that you can see beyond the arch and where we took a lot of the photos has those beautiful windows as well which is mainly why we went in there. The whole room with the windows and hardwood remind me of a ballet studio so much which is why I think I was so drawn to it. Fun fact of the day, I actually danced for 10 years of my life and competed for probably 5 of those 10 years, so there is always a part of me that is drawn to things that remind me of dancing.

Outfit Details 

| Sweater: Romwe | Leggings: Aritzia | Purse: Michael Kors Black Version Not On Site

| Booties: H&M Similar |

Anyways, we had a wonderful time at the MacLaren Art Centre and if you live around this area and have never been I highly suggest it. It isn’t huge so it doesn’t take very long to look through but it is very interesting none the less. It was a perfect Saturday afternoon outing and not to busy actually for it being a Saturday now that I think about it. If you have any local things that you haven’t gotten around to see I think you should take a day to do it ! It is so interesting to find things to do in your own backyard. 

I hope the rest of your week is amazing <3 

Thank you so much for reading as always !

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