April, May & June Collective Haul

Finally I am getting around to doing this haul ! June is almost over and some of these things I got at the beginning of April so I am sorry if you can’t find some of these things now, BUT good news is that anything from Zara will pretty much be available and on sale ! Say whattt, yeah I know, I’m amazing and am feeding all of your shopping addictions but hey, if you can get some amazing things on sale why not right… see being a slacker pays off sometimes. Imagine if I had not been slacking; you all would have bought these things full price (if you like them and wanted them) but here I am letting you know that you can get them for less than I did. I have also already talked about a few of these things in other posts so I won’t go over those too much but for everything else I’ll let you know all the details.


Firstly, this top I have worn a ton because a. it is pink and my favorite color and b. it is very flattering and easy to wear because it is a peplum and it goes with everything. With a lot of tops I only pair them with certain things because it looks best, for example if it is a really tight top I will usually wear it with leggings or a skirt, never jeans (except for the newest ones I have bought from American Eagle in the photo above because those are equal to leggings) because they aren’t very flattering most times  / they just don’t look good with super tight tops in my opinion; or if it is a cropped top I will only wear it with something high waisted. I find that with peplums you can literally wear them with almost anything (besides full skirts) and it works. I have found myself throwing this on whenever I can’t think of anything to wear plus it is really pretty and girly and is just very summery. 

Forever21 $23.80 CAN

Now, if you have been reading my blog for a while you may remember that last year I was super excited about the guns n’ roses t-shirt that I bought and was going to cut into a tank top… well that failed horribly and I was going to buy another one and try again but I was too scared. Thankfully I found this little baby in Forever21 this year and was super excited because it is exactly what I was looking for last year, plus I like this one’s logo a lot better as well as the colors. I also just want to throw it out there once again that I actually do love guns n’ roses I’m not just wearing a band t-shirt for the heck of it haha. I have yet to wear this though but am super excited to style it, I already have a few outfits in mind that I know will look great but are also the complete other spectrum of my style so you shall see those soon !

Forever21 $18.80 CAN

 This is another thing I have worn to death but that is because it is the most basic easy to wear thing there is. Although it is a very basic, classic shape and the color is neutral and nothing special, the quilting makes it modern and fresh and the fact that it is a crew neck and super soft makes it my favorite thing ever. It is also very easy to wear with dressier pieces such as the leather skirts below because it is so casual and laid back, but also with jeans or leggings as something quick and easy to throw on. 

Forever21 $23.80 CAN


Now if you follow me on Instagram you have already seen both (and by both I mean both colors of this one below as well both of the different cropped tops aka 4 of them… if you get what I’m saying lol, if not you will understand once you scroll) of these cropped tops but they are the most perfect things ever. They fit really well and just look great on, and because they are ribbed and slightly see through they add extra interest to an otherwise basic top but they work perfectly with anything high waisted and can also be worn dressed up or dressed down… the exact reason I bought it in both black and white. 

Topshop $14.00 CAN

Here are the other cropped tops that I purchased in two colors as well, also black and white because if they look good on then why not buy it in multiple colors ! Also, I chose to pick up black and white in both because both black and white go with everything so I knew I would get the most wear out of them. I wore the white one in my most recent outfit post although you could not see the sleeve cut outs that I was talking about so here you go ! This is what I meant about the armholes being very angular. These types of cropped tops are very popular right now so you can find similar ones at a lot of stores but I love these because of the thick material and just how well they are made. I won’t talk too much about them because as I said I talked about them in that post, but they perfect and add a modern touch to any outfit. The fact that it cuts up just a bit in the center of the top is very flattering to the stomach and that it has larger openings for the arm holes is very flattering as well. The only thing that is kind of a bugger is that bra straps show so they are best worn with sticky boobs. 

Dynamite $26.00 CAN


Lastly for the cropped tops is this cute little lilac crochet one that I picked up from forever21. It fits almost the same as the other t-shirt style ones from topshop shown above, but this one has a little more structure because of the material and is a little bit more boxy. I love the crochet in it though, I saw it at one forever21 before I bought this one and they didn’t have it in my size and so I went on a hunt for it when I went to another one and thankfully found it. Once again it is very summery and girly and easy to throw on and I love it and have also worn it quite a bit. 

Forever21 $23.80

Now this dress I saw online and knew that it would look amazing on and essentially, that I needed to own it. I was right and it does look amazing on, it looks like it is slightly flared at the bottom in this photo but once it’s on the skirt is very full and it fits like a glove. It literally follows the curve of my body perfectly and just accentuates all of my good parts haha. When I have it on I feel like Marilyn Monroe, that is the vibe it gives off. I will be doing an outfit post with it soon so you can see what I mean, I just need to get a slip because it is just a tiny bit see through. It also looks a lot more expensive than it was and is nice enough to be worn to a nice event and nobody would know the difference because it literally fits that well. 

Forever21 $29.80


This was probably the one thing I was most excited to find out of all of the items in this haul because I had been looking for this skort since last summer. I had originally wanted it in white last summer, and then a bright orange-red and then finally black. Now thinking about it I am super glad I got it in black and although I would still love the other colors just as much they don’t carry them anymore and also I always wear black on the bottom and so this is the most versatile and wearable color I could have gotten. I still want this same skort in the leather version for fall to wear with tights and I plan on purchasing that very soon but this is perfect for spring and summer because it is not too thick or warm. I love the way these look on the legs, the asymmetrical way it’s cut is very flattering and once again gives a very modern, fresh look to an outfit (can you tell what my style is vibing around this year lol). I’m sure if you follow any other fashion blogs you have seen these before because they are very popular amongst fashion bloggers, but with good reason, they are amazing. 

Go here if you would like to have a little laugh : http://www.tumblr.com/search/shit+bloggers+wear

Zara $49.99 CAN

This skirt I talked all about in my last post as well so I only need to say a few things, a. it is perfect b. I am obsessed with it and c. it is probably my favorite item of clothing I own. Things you would need to know if you did not read my last post : it fits perfectly, it is faux leather and placid blue and also started my obsession with placid blue, and it is super soft on the inside and it is very flattering because of the diagonal cut of the zipper. If you would like to read all about my obsession with this skirt, head on over to my last post ! Oh, and it also looks amazing with black, white and other pastels. 

Zara $49.99 CAN

This skirt is very similar to the blue one above, except it is white leather with gold detailing and a different shape. It is made of the same fabric and pretty much sits the same on besides the rounded slits at the side. I love this one as well because I have been looking for a white skirt for a long time and this one is especially great because the fabric is so thick that it is not see through what so ever (I find that a LOT of white skirts are see through for some reason). It also gives a lot of interest to a look because it is leather and just that added texture makes it look crisp and modern as well. I like that this one has gold hardware as well even though I was going on about how much I like the silver hardware in the blue skirt, I think it makes the white look very luxe and warm, not to mention I have a lot of gold statement jewelery and the hardware on my purse is also gold so it is easy to pair things with.

Zara $49.99 CAN


This is another piece that I have talked a lot about in my last post but it is the most perfect fitting black skater skirt I have found thus far and I have found myself wearing this one more often and more comfortably that the other two that I have. I won’t say much more than that because there is only so much you can say about a basic black skirt but this one is the bomb and once again if you would like to know more you can read my last post.

Dynamite $32.00 CAN


After buying the skater skirt and the two cropped tops from dynamite all in the same trip I thought i should check it out again because this time of year I seem to find great stuff there, not sure why but I always do, they’re like hidden treasures. So when I went in I immediately saw these shorts and knew that I would love them when I tried them on, I could just tell by the shape of them and low and behold I was right once again (I have become a very accurate shopper and can spot things I know I will buy before trying them on lol). 

These shorts are in between high waisted and low rise, for me because I am so short I can wear them high waisted and it is completely fine, but I prefer to wear them just under my belly button so like semi-high waisted. The pleats in these shorts make them very flattering on the body, they don’t bunch in weird places and they hang just right; I think the material also has something to do with that as they are that same crepe thicker material I was talking about in my last post that is the same as the skirt and cropped tops as well. Also, the color of is what really made up my mind because I love cobalt blue but don’t own much of it, so I wanted to get them even more; I think it also looks really great against tanned skin. I want to go back and buy them in other colors as well because I think they are just the perfect pair of shorts for any occasion.

Dynamite $29.90 CAN


 Now, I have been looking for a great statement necklace for a very long time and for some reason I am super picky when it comes to them and they have to be literally perfect for me to wear them (perfect to me anyways). When I saw this one I instantly fell in love and knew I had to have it and also it was 30% off all jewelery at Forever21 that day so it was even better. I was looking for a necklace that had this shape to it but also that had some clear stones and then a pop of color and the fact that it is mint makes me love it even more… if it was placid blue I would have had a breakdown but I love this color as well.When I got home I noticed that there was two stones missing, not sure if you can tell but originally they were missing side by side in one of the flowers and the other flower was completely fine so you could really tell. I decided to take one off and move it over so it was missing equally on both sides which makes it look a lot better. It does suck that it was broken but honestly I don’t mind and it would have been way too much of a hassle to take it back and exchange it. This necklace is gorgeous though and adds instant glam to any plain outfit, I love it and am still on the hunt for more; I have also gotten a lot of complements when I wear it so that is a plus as well.

Forever21 $15.80 – $11.06 CAN on sale

These are another item that I essentially raved about in my last blog post, but they are the most beautiful and comfortable heels I have ever owned. They are placid blue and black, have a strap around the ankle and are a 3.5 inch heel which is part of why they are so comfortable. Like I said, I posted a whole outfit around these shoes because I love them so much but they are the most perfect addition to my collection and I absolutely adore them.

Shoemint $79.99 CAN

And that is it for this Haul ! 

Now, since I have photographed all of these I have shopped some more so I will be doing a July haul soon because it is nearly July already ! I have no idea where June went it is the fastest month I have ever lived through thus far and I am scared at how fast summer is going to go by. So yes, a new haul will be coming soon as well as a couple other hauls that I already have photographed sitting and ready, specifically a beauty and a fitness haul woohoo, so prepare yourself for some shopping to be done soon if you would like to own the things that I own and love. I also have a couple other posts ready to be written so thankfully there shall be a lot of content coming soon ! Yay for me not slacking ! 

Anyways, thank you for reading and I hope you have gotten some inspiration for your next shopping trip !

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