All White & Bluebells

Hello my gorgeous people ! 

I feel like once again, it has been ages since I last talked to you ! It has only been like 2 weeks but honestly, if I don’t in get one post a week my fingers feel the need to share words with you for ages. I can’t believe it is the end of August already… this summer has been flying by faster than ever I have experienced before but I’m not mad. As I’m sure you all know I LOVE Autumn and can not wait for it’s arrival… already I have been eyeing up booties and sweaters… ugh you just wait ! But before I get ahead of myself, can we just appreciate how gorgeous this flower bed is ! As soon as I saw it I knew that I needed to take photos there and thankfully, it has the perfect setup to do so ( there are two square path things in the flower bed perfect for my lovely photographer and I to stand ). It also compliments my all white look beautifully and so I am super excited I found it the day I did ! 

This look just screams summer don’t you think ! All white outfits always do, but to me the fact that it incorporates some gorgeous crochet detail in the skirt and lace up detail in the bodysuit makes it even more perfect for the summertime ! I love both of these pieces on their own as well because they are neutral pieces they go so wonderfully with anything. I love them together though because it almost looks like a dress except I got to pick out both pieces to make the perfect one ! 

What drew me to this skirt the most when I was shopping was the overhanging crochet flowers all along the hem, it is such a gorgeous way of highlighting them and adds a uniqueness to an otherwise pretty simple skirt. What I also love about it though is the paneling of the different crochet patterns if that makes sense ? It reminds me of something Self Portrait would do because they usually have this on a lot of their pieces and I absolutely love it. You can see the details a lot better in the photo above than the other photos just because it was so bright out that day if you didn’t see what I’m talking about. Topshop also had this skirt in a gorgeous cornflower blue which was my first choice but of course, was not in my size so I just got the white because I did love the skirt so much ! I may get the blue in the future but we will have to see. 

You guys also know how much I love lace up things and so as soon as I spotted this bodysuit in Winners I had to scoop it up ! I love the fact that it’s sleeveless so that it isn’t too hot to wear in the summer and also that the lacing isn’t too open as to show too much cleavage. Overall this was a great find and was only $14.00 so how could you go wrong ! As for my accessories I didn’t want anything too busy and take away from the pieces themselves so I just added my baby pink ankle strap sandals that I got from ASOS a few years ago ( absolutely love ) as well as my simple black clutch and charm bracelet. 

Outfit Details 

| Bodysuit Winners Similar | Skirt Topshop | Sandals ASOS Similar | Clutch Indigo

| Bracelet Thomas Sabo |

I am in love with this look and will definitely be wearing these pieces together again maybe with some heels to an event if one comes up ! I love that this look could easily be more dressed up or dressed down. Also, before the summer ends I want to shoot another look in this spot because it is just way to gorgeous not too so if you see another post with this background… I am sorry in advance haha ! Anyways thank you all so much for sticking with me through this busy summer, I promise to have a more consistent schedule soon when I stop working my bum off ! I am going to try to get as much as I can up in these next few weeks though so come back soon ! 

Thank you so much once again for reading, love you guys !

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