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Hello my lovelies !

I have decided that I need to stop making promises because as soon as I do life gets in the way, every. time. I didn’t mean to not post this for the past I don’t know how many weeks but between work, deciding to go back to school and some personal things I don’t want to get into – it has been hard to find time to get this up for you guys. A lot of work goes into making these posts for you as most of you bloggers will know and I just haven’t been able to dedicate myself to it right now, not that I don’t love this because I really do but I just had to take a little step back. Hopefully I will be able to get consistent content up for you guys because I have a lot ready to share, but we will have to see. Today though, I finally have this post from the second time we went camping this summer back in July (see what I mean about backlog haha) to share with you ! This trip was just a follow up one nighter to the first trip but this time it was just my one friend James and I because we were hungry to do some of the trails we never got to do the first time. I am so glad we decided to take this trip because we went on one of my favourite trails so far, Booth’s Rock Trail.

Now if you remember, we tried to do Booth’s Rock Trail the first time we went camping but it was super muddy, buggy and just overall not do-able at all. We thought we would give it a try this time and I am so glad we did because as I said, this is easily one of the prettiest views out of all the trails we had done. It was a lot better this time but it was still the muddiest trail we did and unfortunately the bugs weren’t completely gone so we did get some bites. Since this was just a one night trip, this trail is the only one we did the first day and we actually got lost for an extra half hour or so as well, so in total this one too us about 3.5 hours I believe. After setting up all of our stuff and eating this is all we really had time for which was perfectly fine.

Booth’s Rock Trail is considered a difficult trail and I would say that is only true for the last leg of the trail as it is pretty much straight incline. There were a lot of detours though climbing over branches and jumping rocks because of the mud but I don’t think I would count that as I am sure it would fine right now. If you are going in the early summer though just be aware of that. Even with all of the inclines and tough areas to get around I would highly recommend this trail. It is a 5.1km loop, and as I said probably took us about 3.5 hours but next time would probably only take 3. There are two lakes that you will visit on this trail, the first this one above that is quiet and quaint but very pretty. The second is the spectacular view of course which was just breathtaking.

As soon as we got to the park and got set up, before going on the hike we stopped at the Two River’s Store again ! I totally forgot to mention that we stayed at Two River’s this time around because it is so central and I guess you could call the “main” campsite in Algonquin. The main reason for our visit was to get flannels ! I got the one you see in the photos above around my waist because I loved the colours and is quintessential for camping if you ask me. Can you believe I didn’t own one before I purchased this one !? Ya, me either. I especially love the way this one looks with these dark blue ripped denim shorts, the navy in the flannel compliments them so well. To keep the rest simple I just went with this cute little twisted cropped top that is a comfortable cotton tee material and also is breathable so I wouldn’t sweat too much. As for shoes of course I wore my most comfortable Nike Rosche Run’s because they are my go to hiking shoes ! This is probably one of my favourite looks from each camping trip just because it is cute and stylish but also very functional.

On the second day after packing up, we headed over to the Algonquin Logging Museum to start our day, we got there essentially just as it opened and there was barely anyone there so that was nice ! The logging museum has a ton of cool historical pieces and things that were used way back when logging was a huge thing that happened in Algonquin. This cabin is just an example of some of the buildings you could go into to see how it was. It was a very easy trail, it was 1.5km and flat so literally anyone could do it which is good ! I enjoyed learning about the history here and would definitely recommend checking it out at least once !

After the logging museum we headed over to the art gallery, where photos aren’t allowed so I didn’t take any of course. In the gallery there are some stunning paintings and pieces of art which are all for sale but as you can expect are pretty expensive ! This year they had a lot of tribute things to Tom Thomson, a Canadian painter who directly influenced The Group of Seven that is often associated with them that went missing on a canoe trip in Algonquin on Canoe lake if I remember correctly. His death is a mystery still to this day and it is a very interesting story if you want to look it up ! After heading to the art gallery we then went to the Opeongo Store and got some Ice Cream for Tradition and took a quick walk around the docks because it was a gorgeous sunny day ! After that we headed home but on the way made a rash decision to stop at Ragged Falls !

Ragged Falls is a waterfall right on the edge of Algonquin Park, it technically isn’t in Algonquin but it is maybe a 10 minute drive from the edge of the park ! It is on the Oxtongue River and is closest to the Whisky Rapids trail that has been closed all year due to flooding so this is one to check out if you too wanted to do Whisky Rapids but could not haha. We thought we could get super close to the waterfall and ended up getting a little lost on this one as well haha. There is a portage trail that we thought was the way to get down to the bottom but turns out, nope. It was lots of fun though and the waterfall is gorgeous ! I highly recommend checking it out if you are in the area.

On this day I wore a super comfy casual look featuring these super distressed denim shorts and this cami with criss cross detailing in the front with my denim shirt around my waist. I really just wanted to stay cool this day and this was the perfect outfit to do that in. I also love the colour of this top and think it flatters me well. I was wearing my bandana as a headband to start the day off as you can see in the photo way up of my and the vintage car but it was sliding around and bugging me so I took it off !

Outfit Details

Outfit One

| Cropped Top Topshop Similar | Shorts American Eagle | Flannel Algonquin Park Similar | Shoes Nike |

Outfit Two

| Cami Free People | Shorts American Eagle | Denim Shirt Garage Similar | Shoes Nike | Bandana |

Overall this was such a nice little trip that allowed us to see more of Algonquin and different parts to the next time I went as well which was in August and I promise I will try to get up for you sooner than it took me to get this one up haha !

I hope you enjoyed this little adventure post once again and thanks to all you lovely people who still follow along on my journeys ! I love you all !


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