Algonquin Park 2017 Days 3 & 4

Hello lovelies !

I am so sorry this post has taken so long to get up (along with the last) there are just so many photos I had to go through and edit that it took freaking forever ! Finally though I have for you Part 2 to my Algonquin camping trip ! These two days are when we did the majority of the trails this trip. We did two each day (which doesn’t seem like a whole lot, but it gets tiring climbing up hills you know) as well as visit some other places such as the visitors centre and some stores. Also, you may notice in the photo above that my eye looks a little funky and that is because I got a mosquito bite on my eyelid during the night and woke up with my eye completely swollen shut ( this photo was taken probably 4 or 5 hours into the day and it had gone down a ton thanks to benedryl and polysporne ) so most of the photos from day two involve me wearing sunglasses haha.

The first trail we did on day two was the Two Rivers Trail which was super close to our campsite ( Mew Lake is right beside Two Rivers ) it is a 2.3 km loop and was one of the less steep trails that we did if my memory serves me correctly. The lookout from this trail wasn’t the best, it was still pretty don’t get me wrong but there wasn’t a view of the lake or anything which was slightly disappointing. The exact lookout point is shown in the first photo in this post for reference. It was a very nice walk except as with all of the trails (which still was much better than sitting at our bug filled campsite) it was pretty buggy still.

The second trail of the day we did was the Spruce Bog Boardwalk which is a very easy 1.5km loop that is pretty much just a flat walk around this bog on a boardwalk and through the forest as well. This one is actually wheelchair accessible which I think is pretty cool. Apparently there is a good chance of seeing Moose on this trail but we didn’t see any the whole trip sadly. I still haven’t seen one in my life… I hope that changes soon ! This trail was very pretty and had this lovely bridge with a gorgeous view around the mid point as well. I really enjoyed this one and it was nice to not have to climb uphill again haha.

At the mid point between trails we had to stop for some ice cream of course, it has now become a tradition to get ice cream a ton while in Algonquin and I really enjoy it haha. I know you are probably saying “umm hello this is still your first time there” but actually since I am writing this so late (sorry again) I was just there again yesterday ! We went just for the night but yes the second day once again we got ice cream haha so therefore, tradition.

Also in between trails this day before ice cream, we headed over to the visitors centre. Here we did a little walk through the exhibits, looked around in the store, took in the spectacular view shown above and also had some lunch ! We all went for pizza which was to die for, it was so good we went back the next day too but it hadn’t been as fresh and wasn’t as good sadly ! The view from the visitors centre is amazing and you can see a good chunk of the park from the balcony they have there. There are also multiple pairs of binoculars so you can get a close of view of things if you wish too (like for example a moose if there was one….). It is also really cool because they have a board inside that you can write down any animal sightings of the day, it was nice to be able to see what kinds of things other people saw at what time / place et.

After this day was over we all went back to the campsite and tried to have a nice relaxing time, which for most of the night we did butttttt James and Mitchell’s tent pole had snapped while we were gone (the wind was pretty strong). Thankfully we were able to find a kind of bendable stick that we duck taped to the pole to hold it for the night and actually it held up very well, and so in the morning before the two trails we were going to do we had to head into Huntsville to get them a new tent ! We got up early, got the tent set up as soon as we got back and then headed off to our first trail of day 4, Big Pines.

The Big Pines trail is a 2.9km loop that takes you through to some of the oldest pines in the park as well as the remains of an 1800’s logging camp, which was really cool but also there wasn’t a whole lot to see. Since it has been so long, most of the “remnants” of things was just a fenced off area with a bunch of cut down, really old logs – which was cool but also just logs. There were some really cool trees though, I took a photo of one down below that had gotten struck by lightning and it is pretty cool looking. It was a pretty easy trail once again, not too uphill but also pretty long which was why we headed over to the visitors centre after for some nourishment once again !

After eating some more scrumptious pizza, we then headed over to do the Beaver Pond trail which was freaking stunning. It goes all along the lake and pond where beavers make their dams ! The one dam you see down below was so freaking amazing and massive as well ! I couldn’t believe how cool it was to see the water just stop… kind of like one of those overflow pools haha. This trail was 2km, and it was also pretty easy; not too up hill but there was a portion where there was a smaller lookout as well which was gorgeous. We didn’t see any beavers this time, which makes sense since it was in the afternoon heat but it was definitely one of my favourite trails.

The only thing that kind of sucked during this trip was of course the bugs, I would have loved to have been able to sit at the top of these lookout points and take in the view for much longer (we probably spent maximum 10 minutes on top of each) but sitting still was just not possible. As gorgeous as it was in the spring (and summer as I have just been) I really want to visit in the fall when there are literally no bugs left just to be able to enjoy it to the fullest. I am going back in August though so we will see how that compares !

Outfit Details 

Day 3

| T-shirt Brandy Melville | Shorts Express | Denim Shirt Garage Similar | Boots Steve Madden Similar |

| Bandana Michaels Similar | Sunglasses Quay |

Day 4

| Swimsuit Victoria’s Secret Pink | Skirt Topshop Similar | Shoes Nike |


Overall this was such an amazing trip and like I said in part one, it definitely made me fall in love with the park ! I know from now on that I will be visiting much more frequently because it’s just beautiful. If you like going on hikes this is the place for you as there are so many amazing trails to do ! We only got through not even half and there is so much variety that you will find one that is best for you. Not only that but the fact that there are so many different campsites with different feels makes it even more customizable to what you want to experience ! I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a great camping experience and can’t wait to go back once again. Speaking of, my second Algonquin post should be up in a few weeks (I have a few other posts planned first) so stay tuned for that !

Thanks so much for reading and I hoped you enjoyed ! If you have any questions about anything feel free to comment down below and I will answer as best as I can !

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