Algonquin Park 2017 Days 1 & 2

Lookout Point View Algonquin Park

Hello lovelies !

I know I told you that I was going to post this earlier in the week but I was super busy once again and just didn’t have time. Also, after thinking about it, I figured I would wait and post it Canada Day weekend instead because what is this post if not celebrating and enjoying Canada !? This is also going to be in two parts because man did I take a lot of photos and it would be 8000 years long if not. So here is part one !

Mew Lake Beach

At the beginning of June * warning, do not go to Algonquin park at the beginning of June * we decided to head up to Algonquin park to go camping for 5 days at Mew Lake. I had personally never been to Algonquin before this but since going I have absolutely fallen in love and am going up twice more this year… I know crazy right. This time around we stayed at Mew Lake like I said which was super cute and cozy, right next to Two Rivers (about a 15 minute walk) which has a store full of Ice Cream (essential), food, bug supplies ( THIS WAS VERY ESSENTIAL ) and just about everything else we needed. Now, Jay and I being the late birds that we are, left a little later than our friends James and Mitchell who like most are very timely people. Here is where this amazing fun camping trip gets interesting. On the way up I get a text saying… literally… I am going to go back and find the exact texts:

James: “Bugs are terrible”

Me: ” On a scale of one to terrible how terrible”

James: ” Like from 1-10 probably a 600 “

Let me just preface this entire post by saying THIS WAS AN UNDERSTATEMENT. I repeat once again, do. not. go. camping. at. Algonquin. park. in. June. ever. Honestly, I have never felt so victimized by anything in my entire life, these bugs would not relent. In total when I got home I counted my bug bites and I had a total of 255. Yes, actually. But, now that I am no longer itchy from head to toe I can look back on this week and realize that I still had an amazing time. I don’t think I will mention bugs much more in this post ( I can’t promise anything though because they were such a huge part of the trip ) but I will tell you about all of the fun times we had !

Two Rivers Store Ice Cream

Lookout Trail Point View

We learnt very quickly that moving was the best thing possible and sitting around just wasn’t an option so we went on a lot of hikes during this trip ! This was of course after the first night which was spent pretty much just setting up everything. The first hike we tried to go on was called Booth’s Rock Trail, which when googling I saw that most people said was amazing. Unfortunately, it was completely mudded out and fully engulfed by bugs so it just wasn’t an option sadly. We got about 5 minutes in and decided to turn around. Instead, we headed to the trail called ” Lookout ” which honestly was probably my favourite one of the whole trip just because of the view from the top ! That is the view you can see in the above photo, now sadly going up higher does not mean the bugs don’t follow you so we couldn’t sit very long and enjoy the view but non the less it was gorgeous for the few minutes we were there. I really want to head back to this one again on one of the trips this year. It was an easy 2.1km loop, and a pretty easy trail to maneuver – I would say perfect for pretty much anyone.

Mew Lake Algonquin Park

Lookout Trail Algonquin

Painted Turtle

Pine Trees Algonquin Park

Mew Lake Tree Line

This first day we only hit up one trail because we wanted to check out the Two Rivers Store ! I think this was one of my favourite of the stores we visited in Algonquin (totalling 3 ) it was very quaint and cute but had some amazing stuff – including the amazing Kawartha Dairy Ice Cream of course ! It also became vital early on that we were so close to bug supplies haha. In total we ended up going through 4 cans of bug spray, along with buying bug jackets, mosquito patches and burning all of our citronella candles. We also ended up getting Ice Cream 3 times while we were there… haha oops, it was just way too good not to want on these super hot days though. Oh yeah, the weather ! We got super, super, lucky with the weather this week ! Not only was it not raining (which it did the week before and the week after) but it was probably the hottest week this summer so far, which is a good thing and a bad thing. We did die on the last few days and sweat the entire time – but honestly I think it’s way better than being trapped in our tents haha.

Two Rivers Store Algonquin Park

Painted Turtle

This little turtle guy is one of the only animals we saw on the trip… I mean we saw a few other little things like a ermine and some baby geese (at the end of this post). This painted turtle was trying to cross the road at the entrance to Booth’s Rock Trail and we almost ran him over ! Jay and I were in front so I made him pull over so we could shoo him over to the side before he got squashed. Funnily enough we made him go to the wrong side of the road and on the way back James and Mitchell were in front of us and saw him trying to re-cross to the other side so Mitchell jumped out, picked him up and moved him the right way this time. Of course he was petrified poor guy and was peeing the entire time but better that than him getting squashed !

Lookout Trail Point Algonquin Park

Ontario Parks Firewood

While on the trip I learnt how much I like chopping wood… haha sounds weird but it makes me feel strong ! As anyone who camps will know fires are an essential part of the process, not only to keep warm and keep those pesky skeeters away, but also for roasting hotdogs and marshmallows over ! I think we had hotdogs almost everyday and I also had a s’more a night haha. Not the healthiest thing to do but hey, all bets off when you’re in the wilderness (kind of).

Camp Bonfire


Most days breakfast for me consisted of Croissants, Muffins and Fruit. I thought these napkins looked super cute with my Croissants, giving off a very french vibe with the blue floral on the paper plate haha ( so classy ) so I had to snap a shot !

Forest Leaves

Kayaking The Porage Store

Kayaking Algonquin Park

The Portage Store Kayak

Day number two ! On this day I rented a Kayak all by myself haha, no one else really wanted to but it was one of the things I was most excited to do so of course I didn’t mind going by myself ! Originally I wanted to rent it for three days instead of just the one but after considering how little money I had (camping is expensive without you even realizing it) I just opted to get it for the one day ! I want to mention here how amazing renting from The Portage Store in Algonquin was ! I did it online, it was so super easy, fast and the staff were super kind and amazing ! The second time I go up again this year in August I will be renting from them again and I can’t wait. I freaking love Kayaking – it is so much fun, relaxing and to boot is an amazing workout for your ¬†arms ! As you may remember from my post Last Year we rented some Kayaks and ever since I am obsessed.

Kayaking on Mew Lake

I had such a lovely relaxing time on the water…up until around 4:30 when… you guessed it, the bugs started eating me alive. I was so sad because up until that point they didn’t bug me at all on the water, I actually thought I was going to stay out as long as possible to avoid bites but just kidding. I got about a 3 hour Kayak in though by the time we went to pick it up, got back and I got in the water. I think for one day that is the perfect amount of time though because otherwise my arms would have been jello. I also brought my lunch with me in the Kayak because I was starving and actually dropped my sandwich (in a bag) into the lake and had to maneuver around to snatch it out of the water which took a few minutes haha. It was all good though, still very delicious !

Getting out was a whole new kind of hell though, Jay had gone into town to pick up a few things and thankfully right as I started getting eaten I saw him coming back (he honked at me… the road is right by the water so it was perfect). I rode in and as soon as I hit land… attack. It was probably the fastest we have ever gotten a Kayak on the roof of the car though haha… we should have timed it. Overall it was such a lovely day and I can’t wait to have more Kayak days this year !

Mew Lake Kayak View

Baby Geese

Mew Lake Sunset

Outfit Details

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| Sneakers Nike |

After Kayaking the second day we didn’t do a whole lot ! We pretty much went took back the Kayak and by the time we got back it was time for dinner. Jay also had to go back to work that day *sigh* so it was just Mitchell, James and I the next few days but that’s alright, we had a blast ! The next day we did two trails that were gorgeous and took a ton of photos but you will have to wait until the next part to see those !

I hope you liked part one of our Algonquin camping adventure, I tried to keep stories to a minimum haha so it’s not a super long read for you. I highly suggest checking out Algonquin park though sometime in your life, it is gorgeous !

Thank you so much for reading, I hope you all are having lovely days <3

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