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Jess Prain is a 27 year old Canadian, currently based just outside of Toronto, ON. She has a Diploma in Fashion Arts and also a Paralegal Graduate Certificate on her way to a blossoming Paralegal career. She loves to dance, paint, write, read, and is usually doing one of these things when she is not busy. Jess lives with her boyfriend of 13 years who is the photographer behind most of the photos, shout out to him for being amazing at what he does!

This is a personal style blog, it is based mostly on style and fashion in general but also lifestyle posts, blogging tips and anything else that Jess feel inspired to write about. She takes inspiration from everywhere and everything, particularly other bloggers who are the main inspiration behind starting Jess Prain Style originally. Jess has had a keen interest for style her entire life and she is excited to teach all that she knows and loves about the artistry that is dressing yourself.



Thank you so much for taking an interest in my passion, I appreciate every single reader and I also read and rely to each and every comment. Feel free to email me at with any questions or inquiries !


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