10 Ways To Get Inspired

Sometimes you can get in a rut, whether it be for work, creative projects, your blog (if you are me) or just everyday life. When that happens the number one thing I look for is inspiration to get me motivated and excited again about the thing I am doing. Here I am going to share with you 10 ways you can get inspired today.

Being outside in nature is my first tip for finding inspiration. It is all around you in the natural world and can trigger different emotions in you than you are used to. Really enveloping yourself in it fully also allows you to reach inside of yourself and think about what your goals and aspirations are and just have time to think without all of the noise of our modern world. One of my favorite places to get inspiration from is the water, sitting by it and just thinking usually ends with me having some amazing ideas – I’m not sure what it is about being outside but it does wonders for getting inspired.

Going hand in hand with going outside would be to visit new place which is my number one tip for getting inspiration. Especially travelling to a different part of the world. The first time I went to France it completely changed my life, it makes you see the world in a new way and lets you experiences a multitude of different things that in turn will inspire you immensely. For me, I get inspired by everything from architecture, to food, fashion to the way people live and as a whole and I think that it really just does wonders for opening up our minds and providing new ideas of ways you can apply those things to your life. While travelling to another part of the world does WONDERS, it doesn’t always have to be that. I recently posted about an Art Gallery in my home town that my boyfriend and I visited and it amazed and inspired me so much. Like I always say it is amazing what you can find in your own backyard. 

Continuing that last thought, while you are visiting new places, it is always a great idea to try new things if you want to get inspired. Whether it be a yoga class that you have been wanting to do or just trying a new kind of food, by doing so and changing up your routine it will inspire you to do more new things and so on and so on. All of a sudden you are doing all of these amazing new things that you have found love for and you may find that they inspire you for years to come. You never know you like something until you try it so just go for it and wonderful things can come from it ! Plus it is never a bad thing to get out of your comfort zone.

One of the main ways I get inspired is through stories. Books provide so much inspiration through words in so many different ways and once again is a great way of opening up your mind to things you may not have thought about before. Self help books or books in your field are obviously always a great way of getting inspired because that is what their main goal is to do, and reading in general is great for your mind so I always recommend doing it as often as you can. Other types of books can inspire you in different ways as well though; fiction novels can help you escape for a little while and give you ideas about things you would like to do in your life and informational books can help you with things you want to learn about. Either way, whatever it is you want to read, do it because I guarantee you it will give you some sort of inspiration.

Another one of my favorite things to do is have a billion notebooks for writing down different things, you can call me a writing junkie. One of the best things you can do to get inspired though, is writing down your goals. This can be long term goals, short term goals or even a checklist for the day. When you see what you want to accomplish or see the things you need to get done for the day you will be more inclined to do them and find inspiration to make those things happen. Seeing them written down will be a constant reminder of what you are working towards and when you eventually get those things done or conquer your goal, checking it off will feel so, so good.

Something about classical music just gets the mind going. Which is an actual fact by the way, Serotonin gets released in your brain making you happy and therefore, tension and stressed gets released allowing you focus on what you are doing with a clear brain. Plus the absence of words allows you to concentrate fully. This in turn also allows you to soak up things you read, see, or hear about that can be inspiring to you a lot better and therefore do inspire you more. I know it sounds crazy but trust me it works, I bet if you were to walk around a new place while trying new thing and listening to classical music, well, there would be no stopping you.

One of the most important things I think when looking for inspiration is to look at photos. Especially if you are a blogger for example, I get 90% of my outfit inspiration from photographs. Other blogs, pinterest, books, photos your friends have posted of outfits and magazines are all ways that I get inspired everyday. In this digital age it is so easy to find a photo of something that will inspire you daily and the fact that you can save said photos makes it even better. I touched on this in my last post, but it really is amazing how much inspiration photos can bring to you. No matter what you do in life, there are photos in your field or that you will relate to and there will always be some that inspire you. 

Hand in hand with looking at photos of course comes social media, and while you will find a lot of photos that you are inspired by on social media ( Instagram of course) there are always other things that will inspire you as well. For example, people post inspirational quotes either in text form or photo form every single day that apply to everyone and for the most part make you stop and think about that particular thing. If you are ever looking for inspiration you can find it easily by opening up one of your social media accounts and you will find something that applies to what you are looking for. 

Another tip I have but have not actually really acted upon I guess would be to talk to someone that does what you aspire to do. If you want to be a stylist go and talk to a stylist, if you want to be an editor for a magazine, try to talk to an editor. If they will give you their time ( and most time they will, even if it’s over email ) they can help you out a lot and give you inspiration for what you need to do to become what you want to be. I comment on people blogs all of the time or ask them questions I want to know such as what camera they use, how they edit their photos, or even where they got a particular piece of clothing and that honestly helps me so much. I want to take that one step further though and ask more important questions so that hopefully I can get inspiration from them and apply it to my life as well. The most beneficial way of course would be to talk to someone in person and make a relationship, which I am hoping I can start to do but that is not always feasible, but in whatever way you can if you CAN talk to someone that would be one of the most inspiring things.

Last but not least, making a plan with steps to get to where you want to be is another way that you can inspire yourself to reach your goals. This goes with talking to someone and writing things down, you want to see if you can get tips from people you admire and from there you can start to make a plan on how to achieve that. Having a plan will allow you to focus on the task at hand in order to eventually reach your goal so you aren’t looking at the huge goal you have written down and immediately think ” that is not possible I will never get there “. While it is important to write down your main goal so you know what you are working towards, taking it one step at a time will allow you to see that it is possible to accomplish your goals and will inspire you to do so.

Those are my tips for getting inspired ! I hope they helped you out, let me know in the comments below ! Also, I would love to hear any tips you have for getting inspired as I am always looking for inspiration and it could help out some other people as well !

I hope you all have a wonderful week and thank you so much for reading <3

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