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As you can see from the title of this post and the photos, this is going to be a little different than usual ! Instead of uploading an outfit for you guys to see (which will be coming later this week or next), I decided to share with you something that I have recently discovered that has changed the way I think about skincare. Before I get into this amazing product though, I want to give you a little back story on my skincare over the years.

Lush Cosmetics

I have very sensitive, acne prone skin and have ever since my early teen years. I also have eczema on various parts of my body and so in general my skin is just very sensitive. Like most, my facial skin at this early teen stage was exceptionally bad and I was so self conscious about my acne/acne scaring that I would often cry about how it looked (now I know everyone goes through this, but it was something that I constantly tried to fix because I was unhappy with it looked). I tried everything under the sun from drugstore brands of facial cleansers, moisturizers and toners to more acne friendly makeup products and nothing ever seemed to work. Finally though around grade 10 I found something that actually worked, Proactiv.

Now, I know there is a lot of controversy about Proactiv but at the time it was the only thing that worked for me (and worked well) and so I didn’t care. My mom was paying for the products for me because she knew how unhappy I was about it, but after a while she said that I would have to start paying for it myself (understandably, it’s expensive) and I honestly couldn’t justify it anymore. So, I stopped using it, my skin got bad and once again I went through fazes of trying out various products until I got older and my skin finally decided to kind of co-oporate with one thing – dove soap. Yep, you heard me right and to this day I still wash my face with dove soap, it’s wondrous and works for me BUT my skin gets very, very dried out. As I’m sure you can imagine, I then went through fazes of trying out different moisturizers but each of them would make me too oily and break out even worse than when my face was dry. Then one day while at my mom’s (god bless her for having this) I came across this amazing, beautiful product that has changed my skin drastically.

Lush Cosmetics

Lush Cosmetics Moisturizer

The moisturizer I am talking about is Cosmetic Lad from Lush ! It is the best thing I have ever come across and I highly recommend checking it out if you have sensitive skin and can’t find anything that works for you. I have been using it now for about three weeks I would say and my skin has never been so clear and hydrated in my life. It has totally changed my idea of moisturizers and also the way I wear makeup ! I have been wearing less on a daily basis because my skin actually looks good and this moisturizer is even more amazing for those days when I want to wear a full face because it acts as a primer and looks freaking beautiful under foundation.

Now, this moisturizer was actually made especially for men – after shaving to be exact ! Weird I know ! I was talking to the people in Lush though and they were saying that it is amazing for all skin and women often think they can’t use this one but if you think about it skin is skin ! It is formulated for sensitive skin and has amazing ingredients so you feel good about what you are putting on your skin as well (plus it smells amazing). Honestly, I think this moisturizer would be amazing for just about anyone so go check it out if you want your skin life to be changed forever !

Lush Moisturizer

Lush Cosmetics Moisturizer

Lush Cosmetic Lad

Also, can we just talk about how cute these freaking bags are this season ! I am so obsessed that I actually kept it even though I don’t know what I will ever do with it, it is just so pretty !

I am so excited to have found this product and will be trying out a bunch more of their skincare now because my eyes have been opened up to how amazing my skin can actually look after the longest time of thinking it would always be mediocre. If you have tried this out let me know if you love it as well or if you have any other product recommendations for me ! I would love to hear !

Thank you so much for stopping by, have a lovely week !

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