Killbear Provincial Park Camping

Hello Gorgeous people ! 

A few weeks ago near the end of September, a few friends of ours, Jay and I went on a little camping trip to Killbear Provincial Park ! I love camping, and always forget how much I do until we actually go (which is why I want to go a lot more next year) and this time was no exception ! I have visited a few Ontario parks before but I think that this is my favorite thus far. Killbear is located just North of Perry Sound which is just stunning because once you start getting farther North in Ontario, the rock faces and landscapes are just beautiful. In the actual park, there are some of these gorgeous rock faces on some of the sites and it's so lovely to look at. Killbear has a lot more to offer than gorgeous scenery, but the hike up to the lookout point is definitely the best eye candy it has to offer as you can see below.

The lookout point was a 3.5 km hike in total, there and back. We did it right before we left actually because we only stayed for one full day and that day was spent kayaking ! I am thankful we got to do both as they turned out to be two gorgeous days for being outside. We rented the kayaks from a nearby place called White Squalls, and they were absolutely great ! It was only 30 per person per day, and they give you all of the gear you need as well as teach you how to strap the kayaks onto the roof ! I wish we could have stayed longer so that we could have gone out a few more times because boy was it fun ! We were on the lake for about three hours and it was so gorgeous and peaceful out on the water. 

Each night of course we had campfires, not only because that is one of the best things about camping, but also because it was freezing at night ! Well, not completely freezing but it went down to about 9 degrees, so a fire was a must. On the first night around the campfire we read up on the history of Killbear and why bears actually are in this area (yes that's why it's called Killbear) and it was really fascinating. Apparently bears migrate from this point over to the other side of Georgian Bay for some reason and it just happens to be where they live ! So cool right ! Now, I know you are wondering if we saw any bears and the answer is yes ! We didn't see one in the actual park but on the way to pick up the kayaks the second morning on a rock face a little off the road Jay pointed one out to me and I saw him just in time ! It was a medium sized black bear and I thought it was so cool as I had never seen one before ! Also while we were there we spotted a deer, right as we turned into the park the very first day and also a fox running across the road on our way out haha ! So it was a very wildlife filled area that's for sure !

Since I am a creature of habit, of course I was wearing a skirt while hiking... I have shorts underneath just little black ones but I prefer to wear skirts so that's what I do. This outfit was so easy and comfortable but still a little bit cute for camping. I still like to try a little bit even when out in the wilderness haha ! I love this bandanna scarf that I picked up just before camping and I think it was one of the most perfect occasions to wear it, it almost made me feel like a girl scout haha !

Even though it was cold, I am so glad we visited Killbear when the leaves were starting to change, as you can see from the few photos I took of the leaves changing, it was absolutely beautiful ! If it was warmer still here in Ontario, I would love to go right at peek leaf season... I know that it would be even more amazing ! I actually plan to go for a hike to a more nearby Ontario park just to get photos of the leaves because of course... I love fall ! I am actually super happy with how amazing the weather was though and am glad we went when we went !

Outfit Details 

| Top Topshop Similar | Skirt Topshop Similar | Shoes Nike | Bandanna Michaels |

One last thing I forgot to mention about this park was how amazing the washrooms were ! We stayed at Granite Saddle, one of the campsites that was radio free and also didn't have a shower but thankfully we had a washroom right beside us that was gorgeous ! It was lovely and clean and not what you would expect at all ! I didn't think I would like being in a radio free zone at first as music is always great but actually it was a lot more relaxing and quiet ! I am super glad we got to experience it because from now on I would definitely consider going to a radio free one ! Showers were available to us just a short drive from our site so that was no problem either ! 

Overall, I had a wonderful time and like I said, I always forget how lovely it is to get away from everything even if it's a short trip. Next year I want to go for a few weeks actually just to be able to do everything to the fullest without rushing so stay tuned for that ! 

Thank you so much for reading and if you are ever thinking about a campsite to visit if you live in Ontario, give Killbear a go, it is totally worth it !


Winery Tours Are A Girl’s Bestfriend

Hello my lovelies !
A few weeks back my mom, a few friends of ours and I went to Niagara Falls... why you ask 
To go to wineries of course ! Wineries have become of one my favourite places to visit during the summertime; who doesn't want to spend the day wandering around beautiful property sipping on delicious liquids I personally couldn't think of many more things I would like to be doing instead. I have been to a winery once before (one that we revisited this time and where these photos were taken) and absolutely fell in love. This time we went to two wineries, the first we visited was Peller Estates where we did an amazing Chocolate pairing tour where we made s'mores and had chocolate covered popcorn ( it was absolutely amazing and I HIGHLY suggest it ). I had never been to Peller before or really tried their wines and so I was happy to visit a winery which I have heard so much about. After Pellar we went to Trius, my favorite winery to date.

My opinion doesn't mean much because as I have said I have only visited two wineries but Trius has everything that I want in a winery so I don't really see how it can be beat ( watch next year I find an even better one haha ). Trius' wines are amazing, the food is to die for and the property is absolutely stunning - perfect for photos ! This time around we didn't get any food because we didn't have a lot of time but the last time we did (with wine pairings of course) and it is one of my favorite meals to date. What we did do at Trius though was drink a ton of wine, and who can complain about that ! 

You might be wondering why in this post there is no photos of us walking around with wine glasses and that is because we didn't have time to do a tour at Trius as we got there too late and if you are just doing tasting they are all inside. We did wander the grounds to take photos after all of the tastings of course though because as I said the winery itself is so beautiful ! Everywhere you look at Trius there is an amazing background for photos and who can resist taking photos in front of gorgeous backgrounds... especially us bloggers ! I'm sure you fellow bloggers can agree haha. 

As for the wines themselves, I am a white lover, Sauvignon Blanc to be exact. The Wild Ferment Sauvignon Blanc 2013 from the showcase collection was my favorite of the entire day as an everyday wine. It was very fruity and full bodied but not too overpowering. Of course though my absolute overall favorite would have to be the Showcase Vidal Icewine 2012. It is a definite treat that's for sure because it is extremely sweet but I LOVE Icewine so much and wish that I could drink this particular one everyday. As for the wines that you can get in your average store not from the showcase, the 2015 Sauvignon Blanc of course is my favorite. I am sorry if you are more into Reds as I know a lot of people are I can't really help you out with what is good but I have heard that the Trius Red is amazing !? Haha, that's all I got, so sorry. 

For my outfit, I wanted to wear something that was cool and comfortable but also a little dressed up. I opted for this gorgeous dress that you may remember from this post last year that I got from SheIn. It is a very close replica of the Secret Origins dress by Free People that has been popular for a few years now and I understand why. It is so flattering and comfortable and just hits your body in all the right places. It is still one of my favorite pieces to date and every time I wear it I feel like a million bucks. The way it cuts up on the legs even is super flattering. I have been wanting to get it in a few more colors which I have to do soon while they still carry it ! I wanted everything else to be simple to let the dress shine so of course I opted for my most comfortable black ankle strap wedges and black saddle style crossbody bag. 

Outfit Details

| Dress: SheIn Similar | Wedges: Aldo Similar | Bag: Indigo |

I would highly recommend going to Trius if you have never been and having some food while you are there as well, you will not regret it ! I can not wait to go back next year and also try out some more wineries that I can tell you guys about ! Also, if you like white wine Sauvignon Blanc especially and live in Canada, I suggest trying out the Wild Ferment before it is gone ! It really is amazing <3 

Anyways thank you all so much for sticking with me, I know I haven't been posting as much as I'd like lately but as always I am going to try and find time to get some more posts out for you guys. I have a bunch that need to be written so hopefully you will all see those very soon ! I love all of the support you give me by checking out my page and writing such kind words ! Thank you, thank you, thank you ! Have a wonderful weekend and I hope to talk to you soon <3 


Harbourfront Walks

Hello lovelies ! 

CAN YOU BELIEVE IT'S ALREADY SEPTEMBER !!! Honestly, where has the time gone ! I am so super excited for the fall season you have no idea but it's definitely still summer weather here so before I jump right into the fall looks (as you will see a ton of this season I'm sure) I want to get some of the looks I shot a couple weeks ago out to you for some last minute summer outfit inspo. 

This look was from when I went down to Toronto to hang out with my mom for a few days and on this particular day we decided to go for a walk / Pokemon adventure (yes I play the game like crazy). It was extremely hot that day and because I knew we would be out in the sun for most of the day I wanted to wear something cool and comfortable, that is exactly what this look here is. The entire summer I have been obsessed with this denim skirt ( as I'm sure you have been able to tell ) it is light in color so it doesn't get too hot and because it's probably about half a size too big for me ( there's some gaping around my waist ) it helps to let the breeze flow around my body as well. To add a little interest to the bottom half of the look I added my trusty denim button down that I wear around my waist 90% of the time. I like how it looks with this skirt because they are so similar in color that it almost looks like they belong together.

I paired this rust colored crop top with the skirt to add some color but also keep the tones in the look muted because I knew I wanted to wear my favorite beige fedora with the whole look and muted tones always look wonderful with it. I found this crop top at forever 21 a few months ago on a whim because I needed a top to go out in but then I absolutely fell in love with the color of it against my skin tone. Ever since I have been looking at pieces in the same color because I love it that much ! It is great for summer days because the ribbed cotton is very breathable and it's just an easy piece to wear ! Of course to top off the look I have my fedora you have seen time and time again that I never get sick of and wear to death... I have not managed to find a match for it yet but am looking to get one in black for the fall so if you have suggestions of similar looking ones to this please let me know ! 

I kept the accessories, shoes and bag very simple and easy for walking around of course. My camera fits perfectly in this little Zara bag that I wore as a crossbody which kept my arms free for the day and my Sam Edelman Sandals were comfortable to walk around all day in as well as being super cute ! I wore my Tiffany key necklace to add a final little touch to the look and voila ! I loved wearing this look and felt comfortable as well as stylish throughout the day. 

Outfit Details

| Top Forever21 | Skirt Topshop Similar | Denim Shirt Garage Similar | Bag Zara Similar
| Fedora Topshop Similar | Shoes Sam Edelman Similar | Necklace Tiffany & Co. |

I had a wonderful day walking around the waterfront catching Pokemon and hope I get to do it again before the weather gets too cold ! It is just such a nice relaxing but interesting place to be ! We also stopped for lunch at a pub on the waterfront which was lovely, it's right on the corner and has delicious nachos so if you every get a chance check it out ! 

Anyways, I think that's enough rambling from me for now haha ! I have a few more summer posts before the fall ones start so get ready for PSL's, scarves and booties to be all over my blog in a few weeks but for now revel in the end of summer because it's going fast ! 

Thanks so much for reading once again, I always appreciate all of your support and love <3 


All White & Bluebells

Hello my gorgeous people ! 

I feel like once again, it has been ages since I last talked to you ! It has only been like 2 weeks but honestly, if I don't in get one post a week my fingers feel the need to share words with you for ages. I can't believe it is the end of August already... this summer has been flying by faster than ever I have experienced before but I'm not mad. As I'm sure you all know I LOVE Autumn and can not wait for it's arrival... already I have been eyeing up booties and sweaters... ugh you just wait ! But before I get ahead of myself, can we just appreciate how gorgeous this flower bed is ! As soon as I saw it I knew that I needed to take photos there and thankfully, it has the perfect setup to do so ( there are two square path things in the flower bed perfect for my lovely photographer and I to stand ). It also compliments my all white look beautifully and so I am super excited I found it the day I did ! 

This look just screams summer don't you think ! All white outfits always do, but to me the fact that it incorporates some gorgeous crochet detail in the skirt and lace up detail in the bodysuit makes it even more perfect for the summertime ! I love both of these pieces on their own as well because they are neutral pieces they go so wonderfully with anything. I love them together though because it almost looks like a dress except I got to pick out both pieces to make the perfect one ! 

What drew me to this skirt the most when I was shopping was the overhanging crochet flowers all along the hem, it is such a gorgeous way of highlighting them and adds a uniqueness to an otherwise pretty simple skirt. What I also love about it though is the paneling of the different crochet patterns if that makes sense ? It reminds me of something Self Portrait would do because they usually have this on a lot of their pieces and I absolutely love it. You can see the details a lot better in the photo above than the other photos just because it was so bright out that day if you didn't see what I'm talking about. Topshop also had this skirt in a gorgeous cornflower blue which was my first choice but of course, was not in my size so I just got the white because I did love the skirt so much ! I may get the blue in the future but we will have to see. 

You guys also know how much I love lace up things and so as soon as I spotted this bodysuit in Winners I had to scoop it up ! I love the fact that it's sleeveless so that it isn't too hot to wear in the summer and also that the lacing isn't too open as to show too much cleavage. Overall this was a great find and was only $14.00 so how could you go wrong ! As for my accessories I didn't want anything too busy and take away from the pieces themselves so I just added my baby pink ankle strap sandals that I got from ASOS a few years ago ( absolutely love ) as well as my simple black clutch and charm bracelet. 

Outfit Details 

| Bodysuit Winners Similar | Skirt Topshop | Sandals ASOS Similar | Clutch Indigo
| Bracelet Thomas Sabo |

I am in love with this look and will definitely be wearing these pieces together again maybe with some heels to an event if one comes up ! I love that this look could easily be more dressed up or dressed down. Also, before the summer ends I want to shoot another look in this spot because it is just way to gorgeous not too so if you see another post with this background... I am sorry in advance haha ! Anyways thank you all so much for sticking with me through this busy summer, I promise to have a more consistent schedule soon when I stop working my bum off ! I am going to try to get as much as I can up in these next few weeks though so come back soon ! 

Thank you so much once again for reading, love you guys !

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