Crunching Leaves

Hello Friends !
Long time no talk ! I have missed writing so much recently, and can not wait to write this post for you today ! Now I know that I have apologized again and again for not posting often at all, but as you probably know I don't have my own laptop and honestly have not gotten a chance to use one in quite a while. I am looking to buy one very soon though, so once that happens you can be assured that content will come regularly but for now you will just have to bare with me (please and thanks). Anyways, today I am going to share with you an outfit that I shot about a month ago right in the height of the fall season here in Canada. As I am very excited about the upcoming Holiday season, autumn is still my all time favourite season. It is so  gorgeous with all of the colours and leaves, and not to capitalize on that by taking outfit photos would be a sin. 

This look is pretty much a combination of all of the staple items I need to have in my closet. A cable knit sweater, a skater skirt, some faux fur and some booties (this pair in particular being extra amazing). All of these items I wear a ton on their own, but paired together they are the perfect fall combination. This autumn season was particularly warm here in Canada, I am used to having to bring out the winter coat in October ! Thankfully this year skirt weather (without tights) lasted much longer than usual so I wore this Forever21 knit skater skirt with my favourite cropped cable knit sweater from Topshop to keep me warm enough to keep out the breeze. Also, to add a little glam touch to the outfit I added this faux fur scarf (one of my favourite items in my closet) and these GORGEOUS embroidered booties that I had obsessed over for a few weeks before finally getting my hands on them. 

Embroidery detail was huge this fall season and these boots take that trend to the next level. They are absolutely stunning, the colours so vibrant and perfect for autumn. They look wonderful against the bright leaves, crunching along. Not only are the super comfortable as well but they add a nice pop of colour to any neutral outfit and are a definite conversation starter. I fell in love with them as soon as I saw them and can not wait to wear them for many seasons to come. Not only that, but they will be beautiful to display as well ! These are easily my favourite purchase of the season, and even though they aren't available any longer, I have included a few pairs below that will give you the same effect but more Winter appropriate. 

Speaking of Winter, as it is closer now to winter than fall, this outfit would transition perfectly into the colder months with some tights and a duster coat or something ! That's the beauty of these pieces, they transition very well throughout the seasons ( except summer really ) and are so versatile as I'm sure you can tell from me wearing each piece in so many looks ! I love the way this outfit came together though and is definitely something I will be wearing again ! I shot another look styling these boots a few weeks earlier than this too and so I will be sharing those very soon as well so you can see how easy they are to wear !

Outfit Details 

| Sweater Topshop Similar | Skirt Forever21 | Faux Fur Scarf H&M Similar
| Booties ASOS Similar  Similar | Bag : Michael Kors Similar |

Thank you so much for reading and I hope you guys can forgive me for sucking so much <3 Also, get ready for the Christmas posts coming soon because, trust me, they're coming in abundance ! I hope you are having a lovely day !


Chappell Farms

Hello my gorgeous friends !

So, I know I said I was going to post this a few days ago, but I thought that I would give my lovely Halloween costume a day to shine on it's own before putting this post up ! I know Halloween is past and pumpkins equal Halloween, but pumpkins also equal fall decor, so I feel like this is still relevant ! Either way, once again my friends James, Nicole and I went to a pumpkin patch together but this time  we headed to Chappell Farms, and it was amazing of course. I feel like this is a new tradition and I'm loving it. At first, we wanted to go to Rounds Ranch again but they were only open weekends and we couldn't find a day that worked for us all so instead we decided to go to Chappell Farms which is open weekdays !

Not going to lie, Rounds Ranch was slightly more fun for a few reasons but we still had a great time at Chappell Farms ! The few main differences were the corn mazes, look of the pumpkins and food stands. On weekends I'm sure Chappell Farms would be much better, they have a second field that has better pumpkins to choose from and all of their food stands are all open ( yes that is a factor that is the utmost importance ). As it was though, the pumpkins we got to choose from during the week weren't that nice; they were mostly green, small and sad (which makes sense because we paid 5 dollars less than weekend admission) and finding a good one took a very long time. I actually ended up buying one of the good ones for sale at the front that they have out because I really couldn't find a big one I liked in the field. I did get the small one you see in photos though ! Also, the corn maze was fenced off so you couldn't get lost and was a little too easy, whereas the one at Rounds Ranch we did get lost last year and it was hilarious.

Overall though, we still had a ton of fun because who doesn't have fun at a Pumpkin Patch, but if I would definitely recommend checking out Chappell Farms on the weekend for a better pick of the field and more food stands would be open. It was such a lovely day for going to the field, the perfect temperature, not too sunny for photos and overall super chill and quiet. One thing I did really like about Chappell Farms that Rounds Ranch didn't have was a gift store inside full of lovely Halloween decor ! They also had more cute little setups to take photos and it was more kid friendly I feel. I think both of them had their pros and cons, I'm glad we got to visit both !

After we all found our pumpkins, we sat down for some hot dogs and the most delicious apple cider I think I have ever had ! It was sooooo good, and I would go back to get more right now if I could ! This photo above was the view from our table as well so it was just such a nice way to relax. Unfortunately I didn't get to try their homemade pumpkin pie because like I said, weekday, but I would really love to next year because I'm sure it would be amazing. 

I had such a fun day with these guys, they are such goof balls and I can't wait to go do it again next year ! Once again to take the photos of all of us in the field (which ended up only being one good one you can see further up in the post) we had to set up a makeshift pumpkin tripod except because this field didn't have any large pumpkins it was a huge struggle and kept falling over which just made us laugh at our ridiculousness ! We also had a dance party to this western music that was blaring from this water tower thing that was hilarious and very unique haha. The day overall was so much fun, if you have never been to a pumpkin patch with your friends, do it because it is a staple fall time activity that will definitely get you feeling festive. 

Outfit Details 

| Bodysuit: Asos Similar | Skirt: Forever21 Similar | Tights: Hue | Boots: Shoemint Similar|

Lastly of course I have to talk about my outfit quickly as I'm sure some of you are wondering where things are from, I have linked them all in previous posts as none of them are new so if you want to see each thing styled differently go check out my Archive. I will also try to find similar things to link above for you so check it out for my recommendations ! 

Thank you so much for reading, I really do appreciate each one of you who support me ! You are the best, have a lovely rest of fall (which if you live in Canada will be short lived unfortunately) ugh... well... onto that dreaded S word soon I guess. Until then though, enjoy this weather ! 


Daenerys Targaryen Halloween '16

Hello lovelies ! Today's post is going to be a quick one because really there isn't too much to say about it but I wanted to share with you guys my Halloween costume from this year ! One of my favorite shows of all time is Game of Thrones (which I'm sure a lot of you love as well) and I have also read all of the books which I highly recommend because they make the show even better with more background info etcetera. Ever since the show first started one of my favorite characters was Daenerys Targaryen otherwise known as ( Daenerys Stormborn of the House Targaryen, First of Her Name, the Unburt, Queen of the Andals and the First Men, Khaleesi of the Great Grass Sea, Breaker of Chains, and Mother of Dragons) because she is gorgeous and also super bad ass, so of course I have wanted to be her for Halloween for a very long time and I finally decided to do it this year ! It was so much fun dressing completely unlike myself, with the wig and contacts I think I look like a completely different person.

I am so glad I was able to find this dress at Free People because I actually love it so much and am happy that I am able to wear it again ! It is super comfortable and such a lovely flowy style that I know I will get a lot of use out of it ! For my shoes I also wore a pair I already had ( the ones that I wore out for Halloween actually weren't these ones but very similar ones you have seen in previous posts BUT that other pair broke while we were out dancing that night and unfortunately the rest of the night was a struggle trying to dance with one foot planted to the ground haha) . The wig I also plan on wearing again next year for a different costume ( just wait until you see that one ) and the contacts I have worn a ton already because they are gorgeous, so really the only thing I can't get more use out of is my little Drogon and that makes me super happy ! Things that can be worn or used again are what I live for ! 

Costume Details

| Contacts: Amazing Party Store | Dragon: Spirit Halloween |

Now you may be wondering what Jay went as this year and the answer to that is Jon Snow ! Now unfortunately we didn't take any photos together this Halloween somehow which really sucks but just know that his costume was amazing as well ! All night long at the bar, in line, on the way home we got a ton of compliments and I even had someone bow to me so that was pretty awesome lol ! 

Overall it was such a fun night and I am so glad I actually decided to be Danny this year because it was a ton of fun and I looked so different which was cool to see ! I hope you all had wonderful Halloweens as well and I would love to see what you guys were this year if you would tag me on Instagram or something that would be cool ! I have a few more Halloween posts to come even though it's over now but I didn't have access to a computer for a little while so sorry about that ! I hope you enjoy these late posts !

Thanks so much for reading, you guys are the best <3


Killbear Provincial Park Camping

Hello Gorgeous people ! 

A few weeks ago near the end of September, a few friends of ours, Jay and I went on a little camping trip to Killbear Provincial Park ! I love camping, and always forget how much I do until we actually go (which is why I want to go a lot more next year) and this time was no exception ! I have visited a few Ontario parks before but I think that this is my favorite thus far. Killbear is located just North of Perry Sound which is just stunning because once you start getting farther North in Ontario, the rock faces and landscapes are just beautiful. In the actual park, there are some of these gorgeous rock faces on some of the sites and it's so lovely to look at. Killbear has a lot more to offer than gorgeous scenery, but the hike up to the lookout point is definitely the best eye candy it has to offer as you can see below.

The lookout point was a 3.5 km hike in total, there and back. We did it right before we left actually because we only stayed for one full day and that day was spent kayaking ! I am thankful we got to do both as they turned out to be two gorgeous days for being outside. We rented the kayaks from a nearby place called White Squalls, and they were absolutely great ! It was only 30 per person per day, and they give you all of the gear you need as well as teach you how to strap the kayaks onto the roof ! I wish we could have stayed longer so that we could have gone out a few more times because boy was it fun ! We were on the lake for about three hours and it was so gorgeous and peaceful out on the water. 

Each night of course we had campfires, not only because that is one of the best things about camping, but also because it was freezing at night ! Well, not completely freezing but it went down to about 9 degrees, so a fire was a must. On the first night around the campfire we read up on the history of Killbear and why bears actually are in this area (yes that's why it's called Killbear) and it was really fascinating. Apparently bears migrate from this point over to the other side of Georgian Bay for some reason and it just happens to be where they live ! So cool right ! Now, I know you are wondering if we saw any bears and the answer is yes ! We didn't see one in the actual park but on the way to pick up the kayaks the second morning on a rock face a little off the road Jay pointed one out to me and I saw him just in time ! It was a medium sized black bear and I thought it was so cool as I had never seen one before ! Also while we were there we spotted a deer, right as we turned into the park the very first day and also a fox running across the road on our way out haha ! So it was a very wildlife filled area that's for sure !

Since I am a creature of habit, of course I was wearing a skirt while hiking... I have shorts underneath just little black ones but I prefer to wear skirts so that's what I do. This outfit was so easy and comfortable but still a little bit cute for camping. I still like to try a little bit even when out in the wilderness haha ! I love this bandanna scarf that I picked up just before camping and I think it was one of the most perfect occasions to wear it, it almost made me feel like a girl scout haha !

Even though it was cold, I am so glad we visited Killbear when the leaves were starting to change, as you can see from the few photos I took of the leaves changing, it was absolutely beautiful ! If it was warmer still here in Ontario, I would love to go right at peek leaf season... I know that it would be even more amazing ! I actually plan to go for a hike to a more nearby Ontario park just to get photos of the leaves because of course... I love fall ! I am actually super happy with how amazing the weather was though and am glad we went when we went !

Outfit Details 

| Top Topshop Similar | Skirt Topshop Similar | Shoes Nike | Bandanna Michaels |

One last thing I forgot to mention about this park was how amazing the washrooms were ! We stayed at Granite Saddle, one of the campsites that was radio free and also didn't have a shower but thankfully we had a washroom right beside us that was gorgeous ! It was lovely and clean and not what you would expect at all ! I didn't think I would like being in a radio free zone at first as music is always great but actually it was a lot more relaxing and quiet ! I am super glad we got to experience it because from now on I would definitely consider going to a radio free one ! Showers were available to us just a short drive from our site so that was no problem either ! 

Overall, I had a wonderful time and like I said, I always forget how lovely it is to get away from everything even if it's a short trip. Next year I want to go for a few weeks actually just to be able to do everything to the fullest without rushing so stay tuned for that ! 

Thank you so much for reading and if you are ever thinking about a campsite to visit if you live in Ontario, give Killbear a go, it is totally worth it !

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