All White & Bluebells

Hello my gorgeous people ! 

I feel like once again, it has been ages since I last talked to you ! It has only been like 2 weeks but honestly, if I don't in get one post a week my fingers feel the need to share words with you for ages. I can't believe it is the end of August already... this summer has been flying by faster than ever I have experienced before but I'm not mad. As I'm sure you all know I LOVE Autumn and can not wait for it's arrival... already I have been eyeing up booties and sweaters... ugh you just wait ! But before I get ahead of myself, can we just appreciate how gorgeous this flower bed is ! As soon as I saw it I knew that I needed to take photos there and thankfully, it has the perfect setup to do so ( there are two square path things in the flower bed perfect for my lovely photographer and I to stand ). It also compliments my all white look beautifully and so I am super excited I found it the day I did ! 

This look just screams summer don't you think ! All white outfits always do, but to me the fact that it incorporates some gorgeous crochet detail in the skirt and lace up detail in the bodysuit makes it even more perfect for the summertime ! I love both of these pieces on their own as well because they are neutral pieces they go so wonderfully with anything. I love them together though because it almost looks like a dress except I got to pick out both pieces to make the perfect one ! 

What drew me to this skirt the most when I was shopping was the overhanging crochet flowers all along the hem, it is such a gorgeous way of highlighting them and adds a uniqueness to an otherwise pretty simple skirt. What I also love about it though is the paneling of the different crochet patterns if that makes sense ? It reminds me of something Self Portrait would do because they usually have this on a lot of their pieces and I absolutely love it. You can see the details a lot better in the photo above than the other photos just because it was so bright out that day if you didn't see what I'm talking about. Topshop also had this skirt in a gorgeous cornflower blue which was my first choice but of course, was not in my size so I just got the white because I did love the skirt so much ! I may get the blue in the future but we will have to see. 

You guys also know how much I love lace up things and so as soon as I spotted this bodysuit in Winners I had to scoop it up ! I love the fact that it's sleeveless so that it isn't too hot to wear in the summer and also that the lacing isn't too open as to show too much cleavage. Overall this was a great find and was only $14.00 so how could you go wrong ! As for my accessories I didn't want anything too busy and take away from the pieces themselves so I just added my baby pink ankle strap sandals that I got from ASOS a few years ago ( absolutely love ) as well as my simple black clutch and charm bracelet. 

Outfit Details 

| Bodysuit Winners Similar | Skirt Topshop | Sandals ASOS Similar | Clutch Indigo
| Bracelet Thomas Sabo |

I am in love with this look and will definitely be wearing these pieces together again maybe with some heels to an event if one comes up ! I love that this look could easily be more dressed up or dressed down. Also, before the summer ends I want to shoot another look in this spot because it is just way to gorgeous not too so if you see another post with this background... I am sorry in advance haha ! Anyways thank you all so much for sticking with me through this busy summer, I promise to have a more consistent schedule soon when I stop working my bum off ! I am going to try to get as much as I can up in these next few weeks though so come back soon ! 

Thank you so much once again for reading, love you guys !


Peonies & Ways To Focus When Overwhelmed

Hello Beauties ! 

Do you ever just wake up feeling inspired and motivated, ready to start the day but when it actually comes down to it you get nothing done ? Today is one of those days for me. I have lots of plans and ideas of the things I want to get done today but am feeling overwhelmed where to start so in turn I am actually getting nothing done. I know that must happen to some of you as well right !? So because this is relevant to my life right now and I think it could benefit some of you as well, I am going to share with you some of my tips for getting things done when you are feeling overwhelmed.

Wherever that may be... for me that is in my CLEAN room at my desk with no distractions around me and classical music playing in the background OR a coffee shop. I personally need to be able to focus on what I have to get done and that is all that can be going on around me...my tasks. If I am trying to multi-task and catch up on shows or YouTube videos while doing said task (which I am often known to do) I am not going to get as much done in the allotted time I have to do it. I like the buzz of a coffee shop because although there are a lot of things going on around you it is more like a nice background buzz to feed and energize off of. Whatever your work space may be plop yourself into that setting and you are bound to work even if you don't know where to start. 

After you have plunked yourself down with whatever you need to be in your space for the long haul, you need to make a list of all of the things you need to get done in order of priority. If you have to edit those photos from two weeks ago in order to get them up (cough cough me) but you also have to get a post done for a company that you have a time constraint on, obviously you are going to want to get the post for the brand done first. Whatever is the most urgent is the thing you are going to want to start with and you can go down the list as you finish each thing. 

This goes hand in hand with the last tip, but you want to make sure you are finishing each item before moving onto the next thing. If you are working on that one urgent task but during the day something else comes up that is just as urgent or maybe you would just rather do, finish the first task before starting the second. If you continuously start new things in the time you are working, at the end of the day you might have 3 or 4 half finished things when you could have gotten one or two things finished, ready to put your all into your next task. It is better to have something to check off of your list than something you can put a almost done memo beside. 

Now I have talked before about the 15 minute break rule that I use to reward myself for working hard before ( work for however long you want to allow yourself and then take a 15 minute break to do whatever you want ) but rewarding yourself in any way that you like is important. For example, if you LOVE chocolate, say to yourself, okay after I finish this task that I need to get done I  can have a few pieces of chocolate, or if you work too hard all of the time say, once I am done said task I am going to take the night off and spend time doing something that I love. By rewarding yourself after getting things done it will not only make you more inclined to make healthy work habits but will also really let you focus on what your doing to achieve the end goal knowing something good will happen afterwards. 

So those are just some of a few tips and tricks that I have learned to get to work when feeling overwhelmed... I mean I am using most of them as I am writing this haha so I hope that they help you as well ! Now that we are here, I do want to share a bit about this look as well because this is one of my favorite dresses I have purchased in a long time and not writing about it would be a shame. 

If you know anything about me at all, you would know that my favorite flowers are peonies. I am obsessed with them... really, I am a little nuts when it comes to peonies. So naturally I would be drawn to them right some could say ? Well, that is exactly what happened with this dress here. 
At first when I saw this dress I fell in love with it for a few reasons, 
A. The colors were perfect, two of my favorites that I have been obsessed with this season
B. The style and shape of the dress flatter my body, so I already knew it would look good on 
and C. It was a gorgeous floral print..... notice how not once did I mention peonies there ? That's because I didn't even realize that this gorgeous print that I had fallen in love with was actually peonies ! I didn't notice until I was looking at the dress when I got home, I had thought they were just roses or something but while staring at its gorgeousness, VOILA ! PEONIES ! As you can imagine this made me fall in love with the dress even more and that is why it is and probably will be one of my favorite dresses for a long time. 

Not only this but it is a very sweet summer dress that is a light material and light colored so it is even better for staying cool. Also, most of my clothing items that are actually colored revolve around this color spectrum so it flows perfectly into my wardrobe (notice the heels I paired with it match to perfection). Of course I had to take these photos with some peonies from my own garden as well to make the entire look just scream peonies, and I think these are some of my favorite photos to date. The setting and everything almost make me feel like I could be a bridesmaid or something but that just makes them even more beautiful to me ! 

Outfit Details 

| Dress Dynamite (no longer available) Similar Top Skirt | Shoes Shoemint Similar
| Necklace Tiffany & Co. | Bracelet Thomas Sabo |

Anyways, I think that is probably enough rambling ! Unfortunately it took me so long to get these photos up that this dress is no longer in stock ( I AM SO SORRY I KNOW HOW LOVELY IT IS ) but there is a similar matching top and skirt set in the same pattern but in a light rose color that I also wanted just as bad as the dress, and they are both on sale right now... so if you want something similar to this at all I would suggest snatching it up quick !

Anyways thank you all so much for reading, I know this has been a long one but once again I have taken just a little too much time away and so the words just flow right out like water. Speaking of time away, this upcoming week I am going to be spending some time at my moms house in Toronto, and so there shall be lots of looks uploaded this week as I tend to get a lot done when I am there usually. So stay tuned for that !

I love you all, you are the best <3 Talk to you soon !


Blogger Summer Giveaway With SheIn

Hello lovlies !

As I have mentioned them many times before I am sure you are all aware of one of my favourite online shops SheIn. What you might not be aware of is their publisher program ! This post is for all of my blogger friends out there as right now you have a chance to win some great stuff for summer from SheIn ! The publisher program is a way to earn extra bonuses for sharing your favourite finds from SheIn through your blog and social media. You will get things such as points to go towards items you want to buy as well as cash bonuses ! 

All you have to do is sign up for the publisher program here to get these perks! Right now they are also having a giveaway for new publishers who sign up, so if you have a blog and feel like you would want to win some of these things or you have been wanting to start a blog now is the time to join and you will have a chance to win some of these goodies below! 
I put together a few matching looks that I would personally wear to the beach ( each pair of sunglasses + swimsuit ), and these are just some of the few options you can win so make sure to sign up ! The giveaway ends August 15th, so make sure to join soon if you want to win ! 


Those are some of my picks from the sunglasses and bathing suits that you could win but here is some links to some tops, shorts and hats to complete your look for days when you aren't at the beach ! Check them out here Tees&Shorts ( I love that criss cross detail black one and those frayed denim shorts ) Hats ( my favourite is the colour blocked blue & brown one ).

Anyways I hope you all decide to join the publisher program ! It is amazing I can personally say and would recommend it to all of my blogger friends for sure ! Thank you so much for reading and GOOD LUCK of course ! 


Romwe Warm Weather Wishlist

Hello Sunshines ! 

I hope you are all doing well, today I have put together a warm weather wishlist from one of my favorite online shops, Romwe. As you can tell, I have recently been really into off the shoulder things recently, mainly because they are super cute but also because they are absolutely everywhere. Along with off the shoulder pieces, this summer I have been gravitating towards neutrals (as always) as well as anything with a nautical vibe or various florals as well. All of the pieces I picked out would work wonderfully into my existing wardrobe and some are probably going to make their way in very soon, so stay tuned !

I LOVE the crochet detailing at the top of this off the shoulder top so, so much ! It takes a basic piece and just adds a beautiful uniqueness to it. The way it just sits on the shoulders as well is just to feminine as well as sexy, it could easily be worn out at night but also on a beach during the day which is something that you guys know I look for in clothing... versatility. 

As you may have noticed, I have a thing for body suits. There is something so slimming and streamlined about them and wearing them underneath high waisted bottoms (aka my entire wardrobe) is so much easier than making sure your top is staying tucked in throughout the day. I also have a thing for lace up tops and bodysuits.., it is just such a flattering detail and adds a little bit of sexiness while making a statement. I love the stripes on this one, it is so different to any that I own. 

This off the shoulder top is absolutely gorgeous as well. I love the volume that this one has to it and the double ruffle on the arm is super flattering. I like how flowy it is too, I find that the most flattering off the shoulder tops tend to have more fabric and flow better. The color of this one is gorgeous as well, and is one of those blues that you can pair with anything. 

I love the look of this cropped top, the drape across the front makes it super flattering on the bust. I have seen Kylie Jenner wear similar tops on several occasions and they always look amazing on ! I also love the color of this one as it can easily be worn with anything and is a change from my usual black and white haha ! 

Skorts are a lifesaver. Who doesn't want the look of a skirt but not have to worry about flashing anyone or finding their own shorts to wear under !? I love the origami, cross style of this one as well as the graphic print. It is so modern feeling and would work so well in any monochromatic look... maybe with some metallic as well... I can see it already ! 

I have been looking for a dress similar to this almost for the entire summer. I wanted something that was a long maxi wrap dress in a spaghetti style top that was floral... and this hits all the marks plus has the added detailing of the double slit which makes it not only easier to walk in, but cooler for the summer as well. I love the large print on this dress as well, the flowers are gorgeous and the fact that it's black and white.... well, you know I love it already. 

This ! Have you guys seen the self portrait that is identical to this but 800% the price ! I have too, and I have been lusting over it since I last saw it and searching for a dupe. Voila ! This dress looks exactly the same and is way less money, win win ! I love the gorgeous cut out floral crochet detail... it is the daintiest most feminine dress on the planet. SO Pretty. You all need this in your life !

Now, because I love off the shoulder things so much, of course I had to add in a dress too ! I love that the front of this one is straight across and doesn't bunch until the shoulders. It adds such a fresh take on it, and the fact that it doesn't have a ruffle makes it different than a lot of the dresses I have seen. I loveeee the color of this dress as well, it is so bright and vibrant... it looks like a Spain holiday in a dress ! The fact that it is a shift style as well would make it very flattering and super easy to throw on.

Thank you so much for reading guys, I hope you all got some upcoming shopping inspiration from this like I did ! If you do happen to purchase any of these pieces send me a photo of you styling them, I would love to see ! 

Have a lovely rest of the week !


Live Every Week Like It's Shark Week

Happy Shark Week Everyone ! 

It's almost over now, one more day *sigh*. As I'm sure those of you who know me in person or have been following my blog for a while would have guessed, it is extremely necessary for me to do a Shark Week outfit post. I have been repping sharks all week long in my outfit choices and this is one of them I wanted to share with you ! I love sharks more than most things, and so shark week is practically a holiday for me... literally, I am watching "Shark Bait" while writing this ( if you are watching shark week and know what I'm talking about I love you so much ). My mom even got me a present for Shark Week... it's a serious deal. 

 I am extremely fascinated by sharks, they are such strong, majestic creatures that are not just crazed eating machines that the media and entertainment industry has made them out to be. They are dangerous obviously, being such large apex predators but they don't eat humans on purpose, it is just a case of mistaken identity. You are taking a calculated risk going into their territory and nine times out of ten even if there is a shark around it won't be interested in you. So people are extremely scared of sharks for no reason ( more people die from being struck by lightning than getting attacked ) add that to the fining industry, long line fishing and people generally not caring about their welfare and you have got a species of animal that is slowly going extinct. Thankfully in the past few years with the help of shark week, documentaries et. people have come to realize that we have to protect these gorgeous animals in order for the entire ocean to sustain itself. One day I hope to be able to help the conservation of sharks, I would love to work on a tagging or research boat so much, but for now I just share knowledge where I can and hope that more people will hop on board the shark train.

Now let's talk about the outfit ! Of course I had to include one of my pieces of shark apparel into the look (which is sadly lacking and I need to add to my collection) the star this time being this gorgeous t-shirt my mom got for me from Ripley's Aquarium in Myrtle Beach. Now traditionally these type of shirts aren't deemed very fashionable, the water-effect background especially make these t-shirts something generally worn by grandparents or found in flea markets. I absolutely love it though of course because it has sharks on it and I think that styled correctly, it turns from granny chic to just a cool graphic tee. So, to keep things modern and fresh I decided to roll up the sleeves on my t-shirt and tuck it into this denim button up skirt that I am obsessed with which you may remember from the last post I did. Button up denim skirts have been a trend for the past few seasons along with lace up shoes and espadrilles. I happen to be wearing a combination of all these things here which helps to keep everything balanced.

I wanted to keep the overall look pretty casual and simple so that the star of the show could of course be the shark tee. It is Shark Week after all, and letting them shine is what this is all about. I didn't accessorize very much for that reason and just topped the look off with my everyday Dillon bag so that it wasn't too fussy and walking around the park would be easy and comfortable.

For the photos, of course we went to my number one photo spot ( mainly because it is 5 minutes away from my moms house ) High Park, but this time focusing on taking photos by water to represent the sharks lovely habitat ( even though they don't live anywhere near Toronto ). My first choice was by the fountains because as you can see from the photo 2 above this one, it turned out super cool with the fountain spray in the background, but the lighting was horrible and so we only took a few there. I wanted to actually shoot these at Ripley's Aquarium originally because, sharks duh, but we didn't have time to go there so this did just fine ! 

Outfit Details 

| Shark Tee Aquarium Gift Shop | Skirt Topshop | Purse Michael Kors Similar
| Wedges Call It Spring Similar

There you go ! Here is one of my outfits I put together for Shark Week ! I put together another one but didn't end up taking photos the day I wore it, so even though Shark Week will be over tomorrow if you would still like to see that one let me know and I will take some photos in it ! I hope you all enjoyed Shark Week as much as I did, it was a great one this year and although I am sad I have to wait until next year, some of the discoveries they made this year are sure to make next year super awesome as well ! Hopefully I will be able to swim with sharks at some point this year, I am crossing my fingers, and if it ever comes to fruition I will definitely keep you guys posted ! For now though, let us all live every week like it's Shark Week and help save the most majestic creatures of deep. 

Thank you so much for reading <3 


Sakura Hanami

Hello my beauties ! 

I hope you are all doing well ! My life has unfortunately still been extremely busy lately and I am finding it hard to fit blogging into my schedule but I am honestly trying my best ! I have a few things planned that should be coming up very soon (I have already taken photos for them so the hard part is out of the way haha) and so we should hopefully be back to our regular scheduled blog posts ! 

Today I want to share with you some photos that were probably taken about a month ago now. It was during May when all of the Cherry Blossom trees were in full bloom in Toronto ! They are such gorgeous trees but unfortunately, most years I never get the time to actually go out looking for them. This year because I was staying at my moms for the week I actually got the chance to see them in High Park, which apparently is one of the best destinations to see them because not only are there quite a few around but everyone and their mother, brother, sister and uncle were gathered around the trees. I actually went to try to take photos with the trees twice, the first time not working out because it was way too crowded. The second time I went right before sunset with my mom and it was quite enough that I was able to get some shots with these gorgeous trees. 

There is just something so magical about the gorgeous pink bunches of flowers that makes them such a popular attraction. It feels like you are taken to an exotic location with them all around you and honestly the joy I felt looking at them is just overwhelming. The day before these photos were taken, I had taken a little trip to the mall specifically to go into Topshop in hopes to get a few new things. It is one of my favorite stores as you have probably been able to tell by reading my blog and I was of course able to find a few things that my wardrobe desperately needed ! 

Both this top and skirt are two of the things I found during this little shopping trip, each piece exactly what I was looking for; a more casual bodysuit that could be worn under anything and a denim button up skirt because I still hadn't owned one previous to this one here. I love them both so much, and have gotten so much wear out of them already as well ! The wrap style cut of the bodysuit is super flattering and comfortable, and because it is black it makes it a lot more versatile and great for night time as well. I have been loving bodysuits lately as I'm sure you all have noticed, they are so easy to wear underneath high waisted pieces aka. my entire wardrobe. I paired the body with this denim skirt I picked up as well, which I thought looked so darling together, it's just such an easy casual look to wear. 

Speaking of this denim skirt, I am in love with the detail on this one ! It is an A-line skirt which in themselves are usually always flattering but if you look at the photo above you can see the stitching that goes into a v shape right below the waistline which helps slim the hips and create a streamlined look. Even though the buttons sometimes create little bulges, the stitching helps to slim and balance it out so overall it is just the most perfect denim skirt I have come across.

What I love about this look is that it is appropriate for almost any daytime occasion and could be worn so many different ways with the two pieces being the base. I wanted to keep the whole look pretty casual overall so instead of adding some gorgeous heels, more accessories and a clutch I just went for some very low heeled beige ankle booties and my everyday Michael Kors Dillon to keep things minimal and easy. On the other hand, before heading out to see these lovely trees my mom and I headed to run a few errands and instead of the booties I was wearing running shoes and my hair was up in a ponytail and it made for a very cool effortless look. I can't wait to pair them with other pieces for you guys in the future as well so you can really see how versatile they really are ! 

Outfit Details

| Bodysuit Topshop | Skirt Topshop | Booties Aldo Similar | Purse Michael Kors Similar

If you guys ever get a chance to head over to High Park to see the Cherry Trees Blossoming I highly recommend it, I have tried to explain how beautiful  they are in the words above but I definitely don't do them justice and neither do the photos. I think they are probably all fallen off now which is such a shame, but there is always next year ! There will be a few more posts coming very soon (quite possibly one tomorrow or Saturday)  so make sure to check back very soon ! One may have to do with something happening on the 26th of June... if you know me and you know what it is comment below because that would be hilarious haha ! So until then, thank you so much for reading and I hope you all have wonderful Fridays ! 

 photo s_03.jpg  photo s_04.jpg  photo s_05.jpg  photo s_06.jpg  photo s_08.jpg  photo s_09.jpg  photo s_10.jpg